Yidio Emmy Spotlight: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama

Yidio Emmy Spotlight: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama In the Yidio Emmy spotlight we take a gander at some of the toughest races in this year’s Emmy Awards. Today, we’re looking at a category that sports badass private investigators, boardwalk power players and Christina Hendricks. It's time to talk about Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama.

Past Winners:

Last year, newcomer Archie Panjabi from the legal procedural "The Good Wife" walked away with Emmy gold. She's nominated again this season and everyone knows Emmy loves a repeat winner. Is this her year again?

The Nominees:

Kelly MacDonald, "Boardwalk Empire"
Christina Hendricks, "Mad Men"
Michelle Forbes, "The Killing"
Archie Panjabi, "The Good Wife"
Margo Martindale, "Justified"
Christine Baranski, "The Good Wife"

Handicapping the Race:

Archie Panjabi won this award last year for her twisty, complicated turn as a private investigator and best friend on "The Good Wife". Since then her role has only gotten juicer and more interesting. She should definitely be seen as a real threat to take home a statue again this year.

Panjabi's good odds might be bad news for Christine Baranski, also from "The Good Wife". This is her second nomination so Emmy voters might feel like it's her time to be recognized. It's more likely, however, that if anyone from "The Good Wife" is taking home an Emmy win it will be Panjabi, making Baranski a long shot.

While Michelle Forbes turned in impressive work (and so many tears) as the mother of a murdered teen in "The Killing" the show might be a bit too divisive for her to take home a win.

Margo Martindale's first shot at an Emmy might just give her a win. Coming off a great performance, voters might want to reward her hard work. They might also want to reward "Justified", a great show that will most likely get shut out of the other categories in which it's been nominated. 

Christina Hendricks is a pernianal favorite of both viewers and the Emmys for her portrayal of sassy, sexy Joan on "Mad Men". This is her second nomination and frankly it's shocking that she hasn't won before now. This season Joan's storyline was a bit sparse, however, so voters may decide to hold off giving her the prize until Joan gets a more meaty storyline. This is the Emmys though, and you can never count "Mad Men" out.

Coming off a fantastic first season and a bundle of Emmy nominations, Kelly MacDonald is sitting pretty for a shot at winning for her work on "Boardwalk Empire". The show is the exact kind of high caliber piece that the Emmys love, with beautiful production values and great work by actresses like MacDonald. She's in a great position to take home the award this year.


Unless there is a huge upset, I feel pretty safe ruling out both Michelle Forbes for "The Killing" and Christine Baranski for "The Good Wife". Both have done great work on their respective shows but have to contend with either the uneven quality of their show or a costar contender.

That leaves Margo Martindale, Christina Hendricks and Kelly MacDonald to battle it out for supporting actress. Although she would be my pick, Christina Hendricks will probably be hindered by Joan's scaled back storyline in "Mad Men's" fourth season. While voters may want to reward "Justified" in the one category the show has a chance, I think they'll ultimately be unable to resist the old school glitz and glamor of "Boardwalk Empire". Between Martindale and MacDonald I'd say it'll be MacDonald by a hair.

What do you think? Who do you think will win Outstanding Supporting Actress? Who do you want to win? Sound off in the comments!

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