Yidio Fans Tell Us Who Should Play Steve Jobs in the Biopic

When news broke that Sony had acquired the rights to the Steve Jobs biopic, we made our suggestions as to who should play the Apple CEO in the movie.

All of you Yidio fans on Facebook put in your two cents as well, and your suggestions ranged from spot-on perfect to way out of left field. Your answers were so great that we decided to put some of them up here!

A quick note: Noah Wyle was mentioned a few times, and is a great suggestion... in fact, Wyle said today that he would "give my eye" to play Jobs again in the upcoming movie. But since he has played the role before, I left him out of the running here. Props to those who mentioned him, though.

Here are some of the suggestions from Yidio fans on Facebook in casting Steve Jobs:

Stanley Tucci

I literally smacked my forehead in an "oh, DUH!" moment when I saw this one, as suggested first by Stephanie S. and seconded by Maggie B., Emily B., Emily M., Sally S., Brandi C., Sarah R. and Shirelle L. in the comments. Why didn't I think of it? Tucci is one of the best character actors out there, and he's a spot-on look-alike for Steve Jobs. We've seen the range he can play from "The Lovely Bones" to "Julie and Julia" to "The Devil Wears Prada," and he's fantastic every time. Provided they can make him look young enough for Jobs' early life if needed, Stanley Tucci is the frontrunner for the role in my book.

Liam Neeson

There were almost as many suggestions for Liam Neeson as there were for Stanley Tucci, and it's easy to see why. The dude's pretty talented, and he has those angular features that could allow him to pass pretty easily for Steve Jobs. Neeson might just be a little too manly for the part, though... or maybe I'm just stuck seeing him kicking people's faces in "Taken." Nonetheless, a solid suggestion first brought up by Virgie C. and followed by Katherine K., Amanda L., Eric S., Becca G., Emily B., Evelyn T. and Michael N.

Edward Norton

Also a good choice. Jose C., who brought up Norton first, put it best: "Edward Norton...so versatile." Believe it. Since his breakout performance in "Primal Fear," Edward Norton has proven himself to be useful in just about any kind of role. He can do comedy, he can definitely do drama, he can play The Hulk or a cop or a neo-Nazi skinhead. As for looks, it might take a bit of work but you could see him playing Jobs. After all, it's all about suspending our disbelief... just so long as the actor does a good job. Sam S. and Anissa D. also put in a vote for Norton.

Other suggestions:

Tom Cruise: Mentioned by a few of you, noted first by Danielle S. He could pull off the look. Is Tom back in our good graces enough to play a beloved figure?

Hugh Laurie: First mentioned by Shawna T. Yep, I'll pretty much watch that guy play anyone. "House" 4 lyfe!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: I want some of what Jeff K. was smoking when he suggested this one. Also, this would make for an amazing biopic, because there would probably be a car chase of some kind, right?

Johnny Depp: First mentioned by Terrell G. Depp is a talented character actor... but can you imagine what kind of weird spin he'd put on the role?

Will Smith: Mentioned, perhaps jokingly, by Tony A., but I like the non-traditional casting. Way to think outside the box. Gold star for you, sir.

Jude Law, Mark Strong or Tom Hanks: Mentioned first by Dee E., John K. and Sarah W., respectively. Interesting. I don't hate it.

Robert Pattinson or Ian Somerhalder: Stop it. Stop it right now.