Yidio Summer Blockbuster Guide: The Movies, Trailers, and Release Dates for June 2012

The month of May had its share of big blockbusters, as "The Avengers" surprised everyone by shattering opening-weekend records and reaching $1 billion worldwide in only 19 days. So now, the question is whether or not anything in June will match. The answer is "probably not," but there's still an interesting slate of potential hits coming out.

"Snow White and the Huntsman"
Release Date: June 1

The month kicks off with what has the potential to be the biggest movie in June. "Snow White and the Huntsman" re-imagines the story of Snow White, this time with with usually comatose princess strapping on armor and taking back her kingdom by force from the evil queen.

The kicker here is that the movie stars Kristen Stewart in her first big role following the wrap on the "Twilight" movies. That might fill some extra seats, especially considering that this movie is aimed mostly at the same demographic. However, "Huntsman" should also be helped by the promise of action and special effects, which could draw a younger male crowd as well.

Release Date: June 8

Non-franchise sci-fi is always a risky endeavor, especially when it has a mythology-laden title like "Prometheus." That will elicit a reaction in those who know who Prometheus is, but for the masses (who are usually the ones who buy all the movie tickets, it seems), it might not say much.

That said, "Prometheus" sort of is a franchise film, as it supposedly serves as a prequel to "Alien." With Ridley Scott at the helm, that will make fans of the "Alien" franchise very excited. But will it resonate with non-fans? The answer to that will determine whether this is a big hit or just a modest sci-fi outing.

"Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted"
Release Date: June 8

Yes, it's a kid's movie. But the first "Madagascar" opened to about $47 million, and "Madagascar 2" opened to $63 million, each of them accumulating about $200 million in their domestic runs. Given that trend, it's not hard to imagine a scenario in which this third installment in the franchise earns another $50 million or so in its first weekend at the minimum.

Is it "The Avengers?" No. Will it still probably make a bunch of money? Yes.

"Rock of Ages"
Release Date: June 15

Broadway has been in love with the jukebox musical for a long time, and why wouldn't it be? The music is already written. That's why "Rock of Ages" exists, as this movie takes off of the musical, translating it to the big screen. The question is, will it work?

"Glee" has legitimized the jukebox musical for the screen and made it a commercially viable option, so it just might work. Plus, there's the fact that the cast is loaded with stars, including Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin. And who would pass up the opportunity to hear Tom Cruise's heavily auto-tuned singing?

Release Date: June 22

Disney has been a bit uneven in its animated offerings of late, especially with the disastrous "Mars Needs Moms." But Pixar is almost always a home run, especially when a new original comes out. Though the "Toy Story" sequels were the most successful endeavors financially, movies like "Up," "The Incredibles" and "Wall-E" were well loved by critics and audiences alike, and made some good money to boot.

So, "Brave" looks to follow in those footsteps. The story centers on a young Scottish princess who wishes for independence and flees to the wild to avoid an arranged marriage, but finds herself faced with a terrible curse. The Disney touch seems to be here (our princess has a bear sidekick), but this is still mostly a Pixar endeavor, and should be creative and have wide appeal.