Yidio Summer Blockbuster Guide: The Movies, Trailers, and Release Dates for May 2012

Ready to hit the theaters for this year's big summer blockbusters? Sure you are, and you might not have to wait long, either: the crop of big summer movies starts good and early this year, with one big title (hint: it has a lot of superheroes in it) coming out in early May.

So grab your popcorn and your absurdly large plastic bucket of cola, settle into a nice air-conditioned theater, and check out this first batch of summer blockbusters.

"The Avengers"
Release Date: May 4

The first big summer blockbuster (we'll call "The Hunger Games" a spring blockbuster) might end up being the biggest: Marvel's "The Avengers" is currently tracking to open even bigger than "The Hunger Games." Of course, it will have to also beat "The Dark Knight Rises" to take the crown of the opening weekend box office gross, but with projections currently putting it over $150 million, that might just happen.

And why not? It has all the heroes that Marvel has been buttering us up to over the past few years: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor have all had their own movies, and Black Widow and Hawkeye have appeared in them as well. Put them all together in one film, and you have yourself a surefire hit.

The movie is likely to be a hit with critics as well, as director Joss Whedon tends to turn out some well-liked products. Just look at "Cabin in the Woods."

"The Dictator"
Release Date: May 16

It's tough to say exactly what will happen to "The Dictator." Sacha Baron Cohen's "Borat" movie did well at the box office, earning about $125 million over its run, but his follow-up "Bruno" earned about half that. However, "The Dictator" seems to be changing up formula (it's much more scripted) and is employing a star-studded cast including Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley and Megan Fox, so maybe that will fill some seats.

However, considering that "The Dictator" moved its release date to avoid competing with "Dark Shadows," it seems there's a lack of confidence in the movie to compete. Still, Sacha Baron Cohen's characters are always good for some laughs, and "The Dictator" should be no exception.

Release Date: May 18

Can't get enough "Transformers?" Missing another installment this year? Try "Battleship" instead. The movie adaptation of the famous board game (yes, that's really what this is based on) has the US Navy fighting against an invading alien force with superior technology and some very nasty marbles.

"Battleship" may not do as well as the "Transformers" movies, but the cast, which includes Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgard and Rihanna, might entice some people to go see it. Full expect someone, at some point, to say "you sunk my battleship!" They pretty much have to.

"Men in Black III"
Release Date: May 25

After many years off (a decade, to be exact), the "Men in Black" franchise returns to the screen with a new installment, rounding out the trilogy. Will Smith returns as Agent J, who must travel back in time to save his partner Agent K, who is played in this movie by both Tommy Lee Jones (in the present) and Josh Brolin (in the past).

Production on the movie has been marred by delays, reports of an unfinished script throughout shooting, and Alec Baldwin dropping out of the film. Knowing that, we could get a product that is much closer to "Men in Black II" in quality than the original film. But that won't stop you from seeing it, right?