Yidio Video of the Day: MTV Turns 30 Edition

Yidio Video of the Day: MTV Turns 30 Edition Believe it or not, friends, 30 years ago today, the station you now know as MTV was launched. At the time, it stood for music television, and instead of showing you how Snooki smushes, how to make a "Teen Mom" self-implode, or how to turn your favorite 80's movie into a "Twilight" rip-off (cough "Teen Wolf" cough), they introduced this novel and wonderful concept called the "music video."

It was a marvelous thing, whereby you could listen to your favorite song, watch the artists perform, and be amazed by some sort of cinematic wizardry as the band interepreted how their song might be portrayed artistically on film.

I know, I know. It's hard to believe, but such a thing actually existed, and you could watch it on MTV - home of "Jersey Shore"!

Just so you don't think we're smoking the wacky tobaccky, here's proof we dug up from a time capsule we found called a "YouTube." We gotta get one of those!

Watch the first video MTV ever ran - "Video Killed the Radio Star" from The Buggles. Happy 30th MTV! Hope we see more of these alleged "music videos" soon!