Yidio Video of the Day: Radiohead Releases Album a Day Early, Thom Yorke Officially Gets Down

Thom Yorke may not be a pretty man, but hot damn does he have soul.

Radiohead gave its fans a bit of a Friday surprise this morning and released their eighth album King of Limbs digitally a day early, and along with it, a video for the track “Lotus Flower,” a sultry and soulful little diddy that picks up right where their last album In Rainbows left off.

The video features frontman Thom Yorke shaking his thing like a crack-addled southern preacher with snakes in his drawers. Wearing a bowler hat. That's about it, yet still, it's strangely alluring. Check out the video for Lotus Flower below.

As far as King of Limbs goes, fans will actually have to pay for the album this time, at $9 for a digital download of an MP3 file or $14 for a higher quality WAV version. Always willing to test out new ideas, the group will also release a special-edition “Newspaper Album,” which will include a CD, two vinyl 10-inch albums, and a ton of artwork.

The album is available through Radiohead’s website.

Watch the Radiohead Lotus Flower Video: