Yidio Video of the Day: The Swayze Pitches PBR, Disco Style!

Every now and then, two things come together that are almost to great too imagine. Like the zombie Muppets (or even the Muppets parodying "Breaking Dawn"), or peanut butter and jelly time.

In this case, the combination is so unlikely yet dazzling that it's truly staggering. We've got two words for you: "Swayze" and "PBR." How would you feel about a third word? How about "disco"?

That's right. In this jaw-dropping commercial from the 70's, Patrick Swayze - he of "Road House" glory and the man who simply wouldn't let anyone put baby in the corner in "Dirty Dancing" - pitches the simple, All-American joy of Pabst Blue Ribbon using the greatest persuasive tool he has at his disposal - some positively scintillating disco maneuvers.

Seriously, all we can say about this one is "wow."

No wonder the Chinese are willing to pay like a bazillion and a half dollars for a gulp of the Blue Ribbon.

Watch Patrick Swayze sling PBR. For reals, y'all: