Death, Destruction, Feathers Flying Everywhere! Are You Ready for an 'Angry Birds' Movie?

If you happen to have a smartphone or tablet computer, then you probably already know exactly how fun and addictive Finnish game developer Rovio's "Angry Birds" is. If you haven't played it, you're lucky that it hasn't sapped hours and hours from your life as it has with many of the rest of us.

For those who are unfamiliar, Angry Birds is one of the most popular games for iPhone and Android, in which you launch birds at evil pigs using a slingshot. You see, the pigs stole the birds eggs and…well, the story isn't really important.

Basically, you get to destroy stuff using exploding birds, and it's tons of fun.

Now, Rovio is planning on expanding the Angry Birds empire to include toys and board games (already in production), an Angry Birds yoga book, and yes, even an Angry Birds movie.

We have seen a lot of video games being adapted into movies lately (Resident Evil 5 is set to hit theaters in late 2012), but perhaps none of them have had as little story to work with than Angry Birds. This adaptation rings a bit of the "Battleship" movie, in which a very abstract board game is being expanded into a full film. But hey, if a theme park ride like "Pirates of the Caribbean" can be adapted into a full film, then so can Angry Birds.