Your Black Friday Recovery Program: Check Out These Weekend TV Marathons

Your Black Friday Recovery Program: Check Out These Weekend TV Marathons You melted down your every last credit and debit card Friday morning. Thanks to stampeding shoppers, your knees probably resemble those of an NFL running back after five seasons. You have the thousand-yard-stare of a Marine combat veteran.

Well, suck it up: there's still a month before Christmas Day arrives. Recover while you can with choice TV fare to start the first weekend of the holiday season.. .


Think of this like that first minute on the stool between rounds of a heavyweight fight. Let TLC sponge your brow starting with three hours of "Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids" starting Friday evening from 6-9 PM (all times listed are ET/PT.)

For the rest of the story, check out how some brides got to the aisle before walking down it, with Bravo's "The Millionaire Matchmaker" marathon running from 11 AM Friday-2 AM Saturday. TBS, meanwhile, boasts one massive Tyler Perry block until 11 PM Friday night that features every "Madea" movie and episode after episode of "House of Payne" and "For Better or Worse."

BBC America will be running a 22-hour "Top Gear" marathon that kicked off Friday morning at 8 AM and runs until 6 AM Saturday. For those who just can't bear that the Halloween season gets such comparatively little hubbub, head to the Bio Channel and check out the 6 PM Friday-4 AM Saturday "Paranormal State" marathon.


In addition to all the carry-over marathons from Friday, Saturday also boasts the start of a weekend-long homage to George Lucas. Spike TV starts its two-day chronological "Star Wars" block with Episodes I-III on Saturday starting at 9 AM, and Sunday will boast Episodes IV-VI starting at the same time. Meanwhile, USA Network has an "Indiana Jones" marathon running from Noon-8 PM Saturday.

Elsewhere, TV Land has a 12-hour, 9 AM-9 PM "Hot In Cleveland" block for those who can never have too much Betty White in their lives.


OK, everybody. This is like the end-swell and quick pep-talk before the bell for the next round. Make this one count.

AMC has a three-episode, 6-9 AM "Mad Men" block that should start the day off right. Then that evening, check out the six-episode "The Walking Dead" catch-up from 2:30-9 PM leading up to the midseason finale.

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