Zombie New Year's! AMC to Marathon 'The Walking Dead' on NYE

Zombie New Year's! AMC to Marathon 'The Walking Dead' on NYE New Year's Eve and zombies usually don't go together, unless you're talking about all the hungover partiers the next day. But this NYE, you can get your fill of cannabalistic undead fun when AMC marathons "The Walking Dead."

Those who missed the show the first time around or want to re-live all the fun will be able to catch all 13 episodes of "The Walking Dead" aired thus far, which includes the full first season and the first half of the second season.

This provides a great opportunity to catch up on the show that we named one of theĀ best shows of 2011.

The whole thing starts with with series' pilot episode, "Days Gone Bye," which airs at 11:00am on Saturday the 31st on AMC. The marathon will air for the next 13 hours, running right up to midnight and allowing you to spend the whole day fearing the worst for the gang of surviving Georgians.

New episodes of "The Walking Dead" will return on February 12th, revealing the fallout of the shocking midseason finale episode "Pretty Much Dead Already."

And hey, considering we're about to enter the supposedly foreboding year of 2012, what better way to start it off than with a zombie apocalypse?