Don't Judge a Pilot by its Title: Zooey Deschanel Cast in 'Chicks and Dicks' Pilot

Zooey Deschanel has made her name over the last decade being absolutely adorable in such films as "Almost Famous," "Elf," and "All the Real Girls" before seeing a surprising breakout hit in the indie romance "(500) Days of Summer."

Now, after guest stints on "Weeds" and "Bones," she's set to have a series all her own with "Chicks and Dicks."

The series is being developed under writer-producer Liz Meriwether for Fox, and is said to deal with the sexual politics of young men and women, a subject familiar to Meriwether. She wrote "No Strings Attached," the box office hit that received surprisingly favorable reviews in younger circles, which was about a young couple that decides to have sex without any sort of commitment.

Most of the outlets reporting this note that the series will almost certainly have to change its name before going to air, a challenge that another pilot, "Don't Trust the B%&ch in Apt. 23," might be facing as well.

I'm not totally familiar with the current FCC rulings on these matters, but both shows would be better off sticking with what they have if they can.

The television market is a fickle one - many shows see cancelation before anyone has had the chance to hear of them - and titles like these separate them from the pack.

It stands to reason that "$#*! My Dad Says," about a guy watching another guy say amusing things, would have died an early death without a catchy, slightly controversial title.

"Chicks and Dicks" would instantly benefit from a similar, instant surge of press. What else are they going to go with, "Guys and Gals"?

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