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Founded:Established June 30, 1965
Stadium Name:Georgia Dome

The Atlanta Falcons have made a coaching change to Dan Quinn, and he brings his Seattle philosophy to Atlanta. The Falcons may have fired Mike Smith a year too late, but Matt Ryan is still in the prime of his career. The team has spent time upgrading its defense, and the team itself is going through a culture change. Arthur Blank has stopped speaking to the media as much, and the front office is being managed in tandem.

The Falcons sit in a division where the Panthers and Saints may struggle to improve, but the Bucs may get instantly better due to the addition of Jameis Winston. The Falcons are likely to contend for a division title if they can play well at the beginning of the season. The team will run into troubles when they play their NFC opponents.

The NFC East is the division the NFC South will play this year, and those games happen early in the season. The Falcons could easily lose to the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles in succession. The Falcons will likely beat the Redskins, but the team could be behind the eight ball before they ever get started.

The Falcons are a safe bet to improve over last season, but they will likely concede their division to the Panthers again this year. Dan Quinn will need another year to put in his system and culture, but that change will have a bigger effect in the 2016 season. Watch the Falcons closely to see how well they play, but do not expect a massive change until they are taking the field in 2016 with a brand new defense. Dan Quinn has not had enough time to change everything that must be changed in order for the Falcons to be competitive in the future.

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