1 vs. 100

Game shows are a popular thing that people like to watch on tv these days. There are hundreds of game shows that come on television. 1 vs 100 is hosted by a well known actor named Bob Saget. One person goes against 100 people called the mob. The contestant must answer questions right to win money. As with most game shows, the more questions answered correctly then the more money that the contestant will win. Ask the mob, trust the mob, and poll the mob are the three helps that she will get. Trust the mob is when the contestant chooses the answer that most mob members agree on. Ask the mob lets the contestant speak to two mob members. One has the correct answer and the other one doesn't. Each mob member must explain why they think their answer is right. Poll the mob helps the contestant in picking one of the three answers and see how many mob members agree to that one answer.

The object of the game is to defeat all 100 members of the mob. Mob members are eliminated when the answer is wrong. The more mob members the contestant can get rid of then the more money she will receive. If the mob wins then all remaining mob members must split the money equally. The show is great for people of all ages. Viewers will enjoy trying to see how many questions they can answer correctly. Viewers also will like to see if they could defeat the mob themselves. 1 vs 100 still comes on as re-runs but new episodes aren't made anymore. The show is destined to teach everyone that watches it new stuff that they didn't know before hand. It's a good show to compete against friends and family to see who is smarter as well.

3 Seasons, 88 Episodes
October 13, 2006
Cast: Koen Wauters
1 vs. 100

1 vs. 100 Full Episode Guide

  • A woman from Chicago returns to challenge the mob as season 2 comes to a close.

  • An expert at pop culture trivia from L.A. and a beauty queen from Texas are this week's contestants against the mob.

  • Contestants from Ohio and Los Angeles take on the mob. Also, a special appearance by Jeremy Miller and Charlene Tilton.

  • Kristin Moran from Villa Park, CA is this week's challenger against the mob.

  • A thinking man from Montana will take on a single mom from California, versus the mob.

  • A contestant from Brooklyn takes on "the Mob," consisting of Sommore, Ross "The Intern" Mathews, Richard Rubin and Oscar the Grouch. Also, a woman from Chicago gets her turn as a contestant.

  • Contestants hailing from Baltimore and Brooklyn take on the mob which contains actress Sommore, Ross Mathews (Tonight Show), Richard Rubin (reality personality) and Oscar the Grouch (Muppets).

  • Actor Barry Williams and actress Dawn Wells make guest appearances on this episode.

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