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Mary Jenkins, who was played by the actress Marla Gibbs, was the main actress in a NBC sitcom show which aired for approximately 5 years. It was centered around a quick wit, down to earth, middle-class housewife, her family, and the tenants in a Washington D.C. apartment building. Most of the time the women in the building would sit around and gossip a lot, and in those gossipy conversations is how got to know and come to love the characters of the sitcom.

The husband, Lester Jenkins, who was played by actor Hal Williams, supported his family by working hard and usually at the end of his work day, he would come home just to get a run down of everything that had happened in their apartment building throughout the day. Mary made sure that she kept him up to date with everything that went on. She stayed in the daughters business all of the time. Her daughters name was Brenda, who was played by Regina King.

Some of the neighbors ranged from a sultry Sandra Clark, who was played by Jackee, to the single mother Rose Halloway, played by Alaina Reed who ended up being the landlord of theses DC apartments where they resided. We surely can't leave out the feisty, humorous, elderly single grandmother Rose Shay, played by Helen Martin. She loved to sit in her window all day just so that she could get a birds-eye view of everything that happened, and not just concerning the tenants in the building.

But she loved to see what everyone in the streets were doing also. She kept tabs on everyone in the neighborhood and was determined to let anyone who was listening know what was going on in the neighborhood. She also was the single grandmother of who was raising her grandson Calvin Dobbs, played by Curtis Baldwin. Of course he could not get away with much because whatever he attempted to do his grandmother would find out about it. This show dealt with real life topics that happened to everyone, everywhere.

4 Seasons, 92 Episodes
October 26, 1985
Cast: Helen Martin, Marla Gibbs, Hal Williams, Alaina Reed-Hall
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227 Full Episode Guide

  • Rose moves ahead with the sale of the building. The new company wants to tear down the building but it is saved when Eva finds something that gets the building on the Historical Societies protection list.

  • Sandra moves to New York City and has to find new employment.

  • Pearl, Rose, Sandra, and Mary get locked in the laundry room at the same time and find themselves reflecting on what brought each of them to 227.

  • Lester takes a chance and gives an ex con a job. He is doing good work, but Mary and Lester start to wonder when he asks Brenda on a date.

  • Sandra, Mary, and Rose make a bet with each other. Can Sandra stay away from men or can Mary and Rose stick to their diet?

  • Mary and Sandra are placed on the same jury for a murder trial. Things get sticky when Sandra is the one vote that holds things up.

  • Mary tells the kids that she has a connection to Run DMC to play at their prom. They loose all the money they had and have to have their prom as a street party. Mary and Dylan find a way to convince Run DMC to show up and play at the street prom.

  • Sandra's new boyfriend spoils her, but when everyone meets him they find that he is the same age as Pearl.

  • Mary's cookie recipe is making money and a local baker wants to buy her recipe. She backs out of the deal in the hopes of getting more money. She then discovers that her grandma's recipe is really just Famous Amos'.

  • Sandra goes on The Love Connection and choses Gary. Things get a little crazy when Sandra's date with Gary turns into an accidental run in with Gary's ex.

  • Things get a little exciting when Mary takes Alexandria on a Buttercups hike. Sandra comes along to flirt with the leader.

  • Sandra is set up on a blind date, but asks Rose to attend instead. Little do they know that he is a prince that falls for Brenda.

  • While Mary and Lester are on their way to the airport a thief nabs their plane tickets. As Lester peruses the thief with the cops, Mary imagines them in Casablanca.

  • Pearl's purse is snatched. Rose, Mary and Sandra put a plan in place to try to snatch the mugger.

  • Sandra tries to help Alexandria feel the spirit of Christmas by bringing a Santa in off the street. Things go wrong when Santa steals all the gifts.

  • Mary cleans out her photos and Mary, Sandra, and Rose spend time remembering the past.

  • Mary and Sandra end up on a special episode of Family Feud, a neighbors special. Sandra's team wins, but they split the winnings in the end.

  • Brenda is excelling in track at school. Her coach comes by for a visit and brings an African track star hoping to stay in the US to train. The neighborhood rallies and decides to hold a fundraiser race.

  • Sandra's cousin Conchita comes for a visit and things get complicated when her fianc├ę follows Conchita on vacation.

  • Sandra convinces Mary to enter Brenda into a beauty pageant. They soon become upset when the pageant adds a bikini aerobics portion to the televised competition. When the contestants become uncomfortable, and the producer won't budge, Mary, Sandra, Rose and Pearl intervene.

  • Lester goes into business with Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Due to Hagler's fame this partnership must remain a secret. Mary's neighbors get suspicious about her current house guest and when word gets out the Jenkins are swarmed with fans.

  • The Jenkins agree to host a college student and are surprised to meet an 11yr old know-it-all girl. The girl tries too hard to seek the acceptance of others.

  • When Mary's best friend from high school comes for a visit, everyone is excited to meet her because she is a celebrity famous for giving advice.

  • Lester is set to inherit some money from a distant relative. He is required to go spend some time with these relatives and is surprised to find out they are country white folk.

  • A Hollywood producer wants to cast a local for a part in the show they are filming in front of the building. Sandra wants the job first but turns out Mary can do it better. Mary is so upset and bothered by the fact that she took Sandra's job that her back goes out.

  • Rose and Mary enter a raffle and win a butler for a week. They quickly become annoyed at his constant presence.

  • Brenda gets a real life lesson in feeling the blues as she accidentally ruins a precious album that belongs to her grandfather.

  • Rose is looking for a Super for the building. When Manny suggests his family member, Alfonso, he finds he has to make a choice between playing the violin or taking on the job as Super.

  • Sandra needs a roommate to help her pay the rent. When the Lester's college friend comes to stay, she decides to rent a room from Sandra.

  • Mary assists in hosting a singing competition and finds housing for a visiting choir competing. Things get a little complicated as the choirs start to get competitive.

  • When Sandra hosts a dance she is determined to have all dancers paired up. She sets up Rose with Ray the mailman, but when he breaks his leg and can't go, they have to find an alternate partner for Rose.

  • Lester and Mary's trip to Hawaii is cancelled due to weather and they come home to find many fellow residents of 227 in their apartment.

  • After Sandra auditions for a weather girl and bombs it, the station manager offers her a talk show on a local low budget television station.

  • When attending a seminar, Mary meets a business man with plans of building a $50 Million museum. Mary tells him about Lester's construction company and she goes to great lengths to convince the businessman to use his company.

  • Calvin and his friend Eddie are close to failing history class. Mary, Rose and Pearly try to help them study by teaching the facts through rap music.

  • Lester's cousin and wife come to visit, and when their marriage falls apart, it takes all of 227 to help them get back together.

  • Brenda encourages Mary to submit a song she wrote into a contest. Mary submits the song with some additional input from Sandra. When the song wins first place Sandra takes Mary to court.

  • As Sandra and Mitchell get closer to their wedding date, they both confide in the Jenkins that they don't feel ready to get married. On their wedding day they both object and decide together they aren't ready.

  • Everyone has their suspicions peaked when a man with a knife moves into the building.

  • Mary decides to teach Brenda and Calvin a lesson on the seriousness of teenage pregnancy. She designs a social experiment to teach the teens a lesson.

  • Sandra has a new boyfriend that soon charms everyone in the building. Rose is tempted to sell the building to him, but the residents figure out his only intentions are to tear down the building.

  • Sandra starts dating someone who wants to open an adult night club down the street, and Mary decides to put a stop to it. Brenda does some research on black cowboys and has a wild west dream featuring her neighbors.

  • Lester has won an award at The Owl's Men Club, and Mary is excited to attend the ceremony. Mary then finds out that the only way she can attend is if she dresses as a man and sneaks into the ceremony.

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