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The series entitled A Gentleman's Dignity is a comedy comprising a series of attributes intended to make people laugh. The series is all about the lives of some working professionals living in an urban environment and how they work hard to strike a balance between work and their love lives. These four guys were all aged above forty and had been very good friends since high school. Due to their long friendship they had shared each experiences through achievements, failures, breakups and through love.

Kim Do-jin was the playboy among the four friends. He had a lot of money and squandered it enjoying himself with women. He had a great personality and was always sure of himself. He fell in love with a pretty lady Seo Yi-soo whom he met someday but was disappointed when he found out she was in love with his best friend instead. Kim was so in love with her so much so that he was determined to do anything to make her love him.

Choi Yoon was an advocate among the four guys. He had lost his wife some years back and was still trying get over it. He had a crush on his friend Tae's sister Meari who had always been interested in him.

Im Tae was in love with Yi-soo's roommate known as Hong Se-ra. They started having problems when Yisoo revelaed who she was interested in and Sera also revealed he was not interested in marriage.

Lee Jung was the only married one in the group. he had a wealthy lady for a wife. But he had extramarital affairs with other ladies and his wife Park found out about it and this led to serious problems in their relationship.

The main characters in the series include Jang Dong-gun starring as Kim, Kim Ha Neul as Seo Yi, Kim Min-jong as Choi Yoon, Kim Soo-ro as Im Tae.

The series which was written by Kim Eun-sook was directed by Shin Woo-chul.

1 Season, 21 Episodes
May 25, 2012
Comedy, Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Woo-bin Kim, Dong-gun Jang, Ha-neul Kim, Su-ro Kim
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A Gentleman's Dignity Full Episode Guide

  • While everyone's relationships are advancing, Yi Soo has a hard time believing in Do Jin's "half-hearted" proposals.

  • Yoon begs Tae San to accept him and Me Ah Ri's relationship. Meanwhile, Jung Rok tries to prevent getting divorced.

  • When Yoon stops Me Ah Ri from returning to America, Tae San is furious at both of them.

  • Yi Soo puts all her faith into Do Jin returning to her, one last time.

  • Yi Soo struggles to come to terms with Do Jin's situation; meanwhile she becomes Colin's new homeroom teacher.

  • Jung Rok, Yoon and Tae San are all determined to be good uncles to Colin while unknowingly embarrassing him in the process.

  • Everyone is curious as to who Colin's biological father is, creating a mess of misunderstandings and accusations between the guys and their significant others.

  • The guys decide they can't ignore Colin anymore and set out to send him back to Japan.

  • Tae San and Se Ra get into their biggest fight yet, which might mean the end of their relationship for good.

  • Do Jin creates a "one-sided love" checklist for Yi Soo to complete so that they're even.

  • In an unexpected twist of events, Yi Soo is chasing after Do Jin in order for him to accept her apology.

  • Do Jin gets closer to Yi Soo as he takes over the job of remodeling her kitchen.

  • Me Ah Ri publicly confesses her feelings for Yoon, putting Tae San and Yoon in an awkward position.

  • Jung Rok tries to get back into Min Sook's good graces so he can move back into their home.

  • Me Ah Ri reunites with Colin, making Yoon jealous.

  • Se Ra catches wind of Yi Soo's feelings for Tae San and tries to get her to admit it.

  • In order to keep their contracts from becoming void, Do Jin, Tae San and Yoon struggle to keep Jung Rok from getting divorced.

  • Do Jin uses Yi Soo's secret to tease her and as an excuse to see her more.

  • Tae San's younger sister, Me Ah Ri, returns to Korea and stays with her former teacher, Yi Soo.

  • Do Jin falls in love at first sight with the very woman that teaches the high school students he wants to sue.

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