Ali G Rezurection

The Ali G form of comedy is a collection of skits and satirical real life humor centered around Ali G's interaction with people, places, and the areas that Ali G travels. Ali G is a satirical fictional character created and performed by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. The Television series Ali G Rezurection is basically the Ali G show and more.

The Ali G show was originally created and aired on English Television's Channel 4 as a satirical commentary for their 11 O'clock hour TV show. This was then spun into the Ali G show which places the fictional character Ali G in street scenes and interviews throughout various cities. The Ali G show was then picked up by HBO and went on to produce multiple award winning episodes.

Ali G Rezurection essentially gives audiences even more Ali G. Each of the 18 Ali G show HBO episodes including the English episodes are introduced and commented on by Ali G himself. In essence, Ali G Rezurection is Ali G commenting and creating more comedy relief on his own hysterics and comedy.

Wednesday 10:30 PM et/pt. on FXX
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
March 1, 2014
Ali G Rezurection

Ali G Rezurection Full Episode Guide

  • Ali G interviews Gore Vidal. Borat encounters a realtor. Bruno attends a barn dance.

  • Ali G discovers the art of art. Bruno interviews fashion guru Leon Hall.

  • Ali G discusses guns and visits the NRA's headquarters. Borat tours Cambridge.

  • Ali G examines the media.

  • Ali G talks about the human body and health with C. Everett Koop. Bruno hits up Melrose Avenue.

  • Ali G and Professor Sue Lees discuss feminism. Borat spends time at a British bowling club.

  • Ali G talks immigration with James Ziglar. Borat is educated about self defense and new-age dance.

  • Ali G interviews James Lipton to discuss acting. Borat visits a southern plantation.

  • Ali G learns about the efforts of the FBI to maintain America's safety. Borat visits the English Countryside to try hunting.

  • Ali G pitches book ideas to publishers in New York. Borat gets educated on country music.

  • Ali G questions Pat Buchanan. Borat is educated about American politics.

  • Ali G gets relationship advice and is educated on women's rights. Borat goes job hunting.

  • Ali G sits down with astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Borat is educated in American hobbies.

  • Ali G tours CBS Studios. Borat stops by the Henley Regatta.

  • Ali G tours the United Nations. Borat attends his first baseball game.

  • Ali G meets with potential investors about a business plan. Borat studies acting.

  • Ali G participates in a protest. Borat is educated about etiquette.

  • Ali G interviews Sam Donaldson.

  • Ali G tours the Philadelphia Police Academy.

  • Borat learns how to be an English gentleman.

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