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Set in what is vaguely termed as the near future, this show chronicles the lives of an alien species that crash landed in the Mojave desert and were somewhat welcomed to the city of Los Angeles. The aliens in question were of a slave race bred for intelligence and strength as well as to be able to work in any environment they encountered.

As the show takes place, these aliens were assimilated into society and took on a lot of the jobs no one else could or would do, until there was an uproar and they were granted the rights to work in any career they chose to pursue.

Alien Nation centers around a police detective and his alien partner whom he has been forced to work with despite feelings of animosity toward their species. The natural progression of enemy to friend takes place while they are out solving crimes, both of the human and Newcomer variety.

Behind the efforts of the newcomers to build a life based on freedom and the ability to choose for themselves is the fear of the overseer class taking control of their lives again. This was accomplished with a drug that was used to pacify and control the Newcomers and is being manufactured on Earth.

The differences in these Newcomers are touched on in nearly every episode, one of which is that spoiled milk has the same effect on them as alcohol has on humans. Some of their diet is repulsive to the people they interact with, and inter species dating is frowned upon by most of the society they live in. Salt water also has the same effect on them as acid does to humans which causes their extreme fear of being near the ocean.

The aliens face prejudice and discriminatory treatment as they try to build a life on their new home planet. Viewers get a look into the family dynamic of the married alien, who's marriage survives the fact they were selected to breed but would have chosen each other in any case. His human partner develops an attraction for an alien woman, which leads to all sorts of problems for him and his partner.

Alien Nation is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 1989.

Alien Nation is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Alien Nation on demand atAmazon, Vudu, iTunes online.

1 Season, 22 Episodes
September 18, 1989
Science Fiction
Cast: Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint, Michele Scarabelli, Lauren Woodland, Sean Six
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Alien Nation Full Episode Guide

  • Cathy is reunited with a friend from the Newcomer slave ship, but when he exhibits bizarre behavior and appears emotionally troubled, she attempts to intervene.

  • George's investment in a Tenctonese fabric company is jeopardized when one of the firm's corporate executives meets with foul play.

  • Following a life-after-death experience, Sikes is convinced that a Tenctonese criminal has the ability to bring the dead back to life.

  • Sikes's vacation plans are thwarted by the return of the Doctor, a ruthless serial killer who eluded him years ago.

  • Sikes and a pregnant Francisco track a thief who is stealing Newcomer blood to sell Tenctonese hormones to human bodybuilders.

  • When Francisco is implicated in a scandal involving an illegal narcotic known as Jack, it is up to Sikes to clear him.

  • While George is featured on a news show as a model Newcomer, Sikes investigates an attack on a Tenctonese porno star.

  • A mysterious Tenctonese artifact is passed along from person to person, leaving a trail of dead in its wake.

  • As Newcomers lobby for the right to vote, the violent kidnappings of prominent campaigners are blamed on the Purists.

  • Sikes and Francisco join the search for an elusive killer, a Newcomer trained in the quarantine camps to be an assassin for the CIA.

  • Francisco goes undercover to track down a murderous female Newcomer who has been using a dating service to lure victims.

  • George is forced to confront his past when a Russian Roulette-style game once played on the slave ship resurfaces to plague Newcomer society.

  • Someone has been murdering Binnaums, a unique caste of Newcomers required in Tenctonese procreation, and Sikes and Francisco fear it is the work of Purists intent on preventing Newcomers from multiplying.

  • In the wake of an astronomer's murder, George and Matt must prevent an Overseer from sending a signal into space which could result in Earth's enslavement.

  • A series of grisly murders is patterned after the mythical Tagdot, a Tenctonese boogeyman who severs the hands of his victims as they bleed to death.

  • Behind on his taxes, Francisco accepts a loan from a Tenctonese businesswoman, only to discover that she is involved in a drug ring plaguing Slagtown.

  • Amidst a bloody, city-wide riot, Sikes and George must stop the hoodlums who lay siege to the police precinct in order to raid its evidence locker for contraband.

  • Matt and George struggle to cope with their rebellious children while simultaneously protecting a sex-crazed witness from a mobster.

  • George and Sikes go undercover to investigate a prostitution ring, and Uncle Moodri convinces Buck to confess to a murder committed in self-defense.

  • A pair of surgeons has been killing Newcomers for their spartiary glands and implanting the life-lengthening glands into humans.

  • As resentment toward the Tenctonese Newcomers builds, Sikes and Francisco investigate a string of murders that appears to be the work of a giant, insect-like creature.

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