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All About Marriage is a Korean television show that delves into the lives of four South Korean families dealing in situations that can prove comedic, yet hit home with families and their problems world-wide. As the Kim, Han, Nam, and Pyo families and their individual characters are introduced to the viewer living under the same roof, the viewer will start to understand all the drama, stress, and comedic mishaps that can happen when many people live in tight quarters.

In the first episode, aired in 2010, we are taken on a roller-coaster ride of laughs, as Jeongim accidentally finds out her husband is cheating, shamefully ends up in a fight with teenage k-pop fans, and finishes by finding romance with an entertainment agency executive. Follow this series through the twists and turns of a modern day, over-bearing family in South Korea trying to deal with their daughter's love, loss, and ultimate triumph to her own love story.

All About Marriage stars actors Lee Jong Hyuk and Oh Yoon-Ah. Jong Hyuk gained sudden mainstream fame through his successful role in the 2012 television show, A Gentleman's Dignity. Not leaving Oh Yoon Ah behind, this lovely woman made her name known for her successful supporting role as Mi-ja's friend in the 2004 popular hit television show, Old Miss Diary. Both actors have been successful in their previous acting ventures, and continue to have success today.

Directed by Park Man-Young, and Written by Jung Yoo-Kyung, All About marriage will settle into the lives of a sardine-packed household, and explore the love, marriage, infidelity, and divorce that can arise when people are forced to work and live together as a familial unit. In this drama that articulates the all-inclusive language of families striving to maintain sanity in an ever-changing world, All About Marriage stakes a fresh take on the subject.

1 Season, 56 Episodes
June 19, 2010
Korean Drama
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All About Marriage Full Episode Guide

  • Da Hye gives birth to a daughter. In Seon adores her new granddaughter.

  • Soon Ok has a successful surgery. Yeon Ho breaks off her engagement.

  • Jeong Im finds out that Soon Ok has cancer. She rushes to the hospital to see her.

  • In pyo realizes he missed having Jong Nam hanging around.

  • Tae Ho gets a call from the hospital, he finds out that his mother has cancer.

  • In Pyo tells Jong Nam that he only see her as a "big brother". Tae Ho resigns from his radio talk show.

  • Kyung Ju continues to be unkind toward Yeon Ho. Tae Ho gets into altercation with a group of people over a comment about Jeong Im.

  • News of Jeong Im being a professor's wife gets leaked to the public. Her fans are furious

  • Jeon Ho starts to get uncomfortable by her wealthy future mother-in-law's generosity. Meanwhile, Jong Dae drags Jong Nam out from In Seon's house.

  • Tae Ho falls and injures himself while following Jeong Im and Hyun Wook on their hiking trip. Yeon Ho gets a formal proposal from Kyung Hoon.

  • Tae Ho is jealous of Hyun Wook's close friendship with Jeong Im. He suggests to Seo Yeong to start dating.

  • Kyung Hoon brings Joon over to the Kim family for a formal dinner.

  • Jong Nam threaten to move into In Seon's place if In Pyo don't pay back her money.

  • Jeong Im becomes an overnight sensation. She gets labeled as the "Korean Susan Boyle."

  • Jeong Im goes on Seo Young's talk show and announces she's going to quit singing.

  • Jong Dae and Soon Ok meet Kyung Hoon's mother. Jeong Im embarrassed herself on live radio broadcast.

  • Jeong Im's song gets featured on an upcoming film. Hyun Wook gets her vocal coach to improve her singing skills.

  • Jin Seok and Ae Ran see Tae Ho out with Seo Young on Jeong Im's birthday.

  • Soon Ok is still upset that Tae Ho and Jeong Im are divorced. Jeong Im's demo song gets played on the radio station.

  • Da Hye tris to help with the housework. Hyun Wook asks Jeong Im to sing a demo.

  • Soon Ok finally agrees to allow Yeon Ho to date Kyung Hoon. Jeong Im and Tae Ho officially filed for divorce.

  • Gang Ho and Da Hye are on their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Hyun Wook hears Jeong Im singing and wants to help her.

  • Jeong Im overhears Tae Ho confessing his feelings for Seo Young. Gang Ho and Da Hye are finally getting married.

  • Jeong Im starts working at her new job. Yeon Ho founds out that Kyun Hoon is from a wealthy family.

  • Joon gets sick because of his appendicitis. While taking care of Joon at the hospital, Yeon Ho finally meets Kyung Hoon's mother.

  • Yeon Ho is surprised by Kyung Ju's sudden visit. She wants to know what are Kyung Hoon's and Kyung Ju's relationship.

  • Soon Ok meets Kyung Hoon and she wants him to break up with Yeon Ho. Yeon Ho's boss worries about rumors about Kyung Hoon and her.

  • Jeong Im works hard to increase sales at her rice cake store. She tries to have a promotional event and opens a stall on the street.

  • Tae Ho resumes his relationship with Seo Young and changes his car.

  • After Tae Ho said he "allowed" his wife a vacation on live broadcast, Tae Ho's popularity rise. He also warns Seo Young about the difficulties in a marriage.

  • Jeong Im's independent life begins in earnest and that upsets Tae Ho.

  • Tae Ho is afraid of getting divorced, but Jeong Im makes up her mind and goes to the family court with Tae Ho.

  • Yeon Ho is uncomfortable with Kyung Hoon's peculiar tastes. Meanwhile, rumors of Tae Ho's and Seo Yeong's relationship are spreading fast.

  • Tae Ho and Jeong Im's marriage are still falling apart. Meanwhile, Seo Yeong gets scolded by her father about her relationship with Tae Ho.

  • Tae Ho is conflicted. He's attracted to Seo Yeong, but he doesn't want to divorce his wife.

  • Tae Ho receives the divorce paper from Jeong Im. He tries to change her mind, but she is determined.

  • Kim's family is surprised by Da Hye's appearance. In Seon tries to take her home. Soon Ok and In Seon have a big fight.

  • Jong Dae suffers the indignity from In Seon and Soon Ok finds out Da Hye is pregnant.

  • Jeong Im discovers Seo Young at the seminar that Tae Ho is attending. They are also having a good time together.

  • Yeon Ho hurts her pride because Kyung Hoon said he has no interested in her.

  • Tae Ho is attracted to Seo Young and he tries to put a bold face on this situation.

  • Gang Ho and Da Hye run away from airport. They promise to get their parents' permission to marry each other.

  • Jeong Im reaches the end of her patience with Tae Ho, she demands a divorce.

  • When Jeong Im starts feeling nauseous, she suspects she's pregnant.

  • Suh Young confides in Tae Ho with her relationship problems, bringing them closer.

  • Jung Im and Tae Ho are interviewed about their relationship for a magazine.

  • Jung Im suspects Tae Ho of having an affair with his younger coworker.

  • Seo Young and Tae Ho attend a black tie event without Jung Im's knowledge. Yeon Ho meets her student's father after her student falls sick during a school trip.

  • Jung Im tries to reconnect with her husband despite his growing aloofness towards her.

  • Tae Ho's double lives start to cross paths when he calls out for his mistress rather than his wife.

  • Jung Im leads a cheerful but difficult life as the daughter-in-law to her husband's overbearing family members.

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