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"All That" was a hit show that ran on Nickelodeon from 1994 until 2005. The show was a sketch comedy show for children and young adults. The show also had guest hosts and musical performances from relevant celebrities at its time. The show ran and evolved for ten seasons until it was cancelled. It was also the show that helped pave the way for many celebrities of comedy movies and shows. Nick Cannon, Amanda Bynes, Kenan Thompson, and Jamie Lynn Spears are only a few of the young comedians the show went through in its eleven years on the air.

The show was a place where the plots for many spin-off shows and movies began. Nickelodeon made changes regularly. The viewers grew with the actors, and when the viewers outgrew the show, the actors moved on as well.

6 Seasons, 42 Episodes
August 15, 2011
Cast: Soup, Josh Server, Kevin Kopelow, Amanda Bynes
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All That Full Episode Guide

  • The cast receives a complimentary letter from their biggest fan, Danny Tamberelli. They enjoy the letter so much they pay him a visit and add him to the cast, along with his friends Christy and Leon.

  • Kel, Alisa, and Tricia enter the green room and find a lifeguard on duty. They walk out only to start drowning. He rescues them one by one and they start the show. Plus, Lunch Lady and audience fishing!

  • The entire cast, except for Amanda, enters the green room and one by one they climb into a big box. Amanda comes in, hears the others in the box, picks it up and carries it out to start the show. Plus, a food critic goes to Good Burger!

  • A delivery man brings the cast their lunches. Kel gets the wrong sandwich. Amanda gets golf balls. Alisa gets a firehose. Tricia gets fried hair. Josh gets a foot. But Kenan's lunch is almost perfect. Plus, Vital Information and Whacky Class!

  • Lori Beth and the giant ear of corn are fighting. Amanda convinces them they're the best of friends by showing them having "great times." Plus, Okrah and Piganoid Swinestein!

  • Amanda pours too much popcorn into the popcorn machine, and then can't find the top. The room fills with popcorn, attracting an aquatic predator. Plus, Superdude's evil twin!

  • Kenan tries a new hairdo -- a three foot tall, cylindrical blue beehive. When the cast laughs at him, he defends himself until Kevin walks in sporting the same do. Plus, Principal Pimpell and Coach Kreeton!

  • For Kel's birthday the cast gives him his very own old lady. When Kevin says he's always wanted one, Kel offers her to him and she beats Kevin up. Plus Repairman and Mr. Glootnis's sticky shop!

  • With the show about to start, the green room doors are locked from the outside and the kids are stuck. Amanda saves the day by offering her services as a human battering ram.

  • Ed's misunderstanding the concept of Good Burger's new four-layered burger comes at the expense of GB's regular, irate customers. Plus Vital Information with Lori Beth, Ask Ashley, and Pierre Escargot!

  • Lori Beth has a horrible nightmare that the cast members are eating her best friend, the giant ear of corn. Plus Earboy, Ross Perot, Pizza Face, and Super Okrah!

  • Kel announces he is quitting the show in order to pursue his first love -- Sumo wrestling. Plus Ishboo Psychiatrist and the Island Girls meet some natives.

  • The show is about to start and Amanda can't stop dancing. Good Burger Health Inspector. Randy & Andy. Miss Fingerly.

  • Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order? It's all Good Burger sketches in this Good Burger special, dude.

All That News

Amanda Bynes is Back on Twitter

The actress reappeared this week after a long absence from social media.

Amanda Bynes Coming Back to Nickelodeon?

The troubled actress reportedly wants to return to TV.

Amanda Bynes Hit With Two Hit-And-Run Counts

Four vehicular incidents in just under six months, including a DUI - just try and process that for a moment. Somehow, Amanda Bynes is not behind bars - for now. She IS now facing two misdemeanor hit-and-run charges as of Wednesday, though. If convicted, she could spend a maximum year in jail.

Amanda Bynes Lands DUI Charge After Worst Possible Fender-Bender

Yikes. The former "All That" pretty face and "Easy A" co-star was busted early this morning for a DUI - and she couldn't have possibly hit a worse vehicle to get herself caught. Still, at least this time, she stuck around to get the ticket...

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