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This comedy series gathers together viewer-submitted home videos of spontaneous, funny events. Having debuted on ABC in 1990 during era of VHS home videos, the series has remained popular even through the era of YouTube and ubiquitous funny videos online. Originally hosted by Bob Saget, the series has had several different hosts over the years; it is currently hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro.

Sunday 7:00 PM et/pt on ABC
29 Seasons, 669 Episodes
January 21, 1990
Cast: Jess Harnell, Tom Bergeron, Bob Saget, Ernie Anderson
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America's Funniest Home Videos Full Episode Guide

  • The Season 29 finale features cheerleading fails, people scared of animals

  • Nine winning videos compete for the ultimate cash prize of $100,000. Also: a music montage featuring mishaps with toys; and blunders taking place in the snow.

  • People are stumped by a simple riddle; a toddler is confused by his mom and her identical twin; unique and funny wedding proposals; and a music montage featuring treadmill mishaps.

  • A drone gets stuck in a woman's hair.

  • Funny Easter-themed videos; a wild racoon finding its way into an office and scaring workers' a dog wanting to join a family in the process of making pizza; and a gender-reveal balloon sailing away before the reveal.

  • People blow their dogs' minds with the "What the Fluff" challenge; a musical montage features the sometimes-antagonistic relationship between cats and dogs; a little boy confesses to eating his brother's cookie after his mom says his nose is growing; and the joys of parenting.

  • People surprised by Whoopee Cushions; people getting pranked, including a woman who gets scared by an inflatable alien; and funny mishaps at work.

  • A little girl claims her dog turned into a human and colored the rug; and a teen recovering from dental sugery thinks his ice pack is a juice box. Also: a music montage featuring people who get scared in funny ways.

  • Funny and unusual sneezes; dogs that are stupefied by the "What-the-Fluff" challenge; and a chocolate-covered tot who tries to blame the dog.

  • Dogs that can say "I love you," a moon-gazing little girl who is terribly upset she can't play with the ball in the sky and mishaps with kids who make their own slime.

  • Kids are pranked by their parents into eating caramel-covered onions, and a mailman climbs up a pole to escape a dog who chases him. Kids say funny things, including one who thinks gravy is a vegetable, and parents lip-synch to their kids' tantrums

  • A music montage featuring people terrified while on amusement park rides; and people saying funny things while under anesthesia.

  • Christmas-themed clips, including kids excited by their gifts; mishaps with kids driving their new toy cars in the house; dogs destroying ornaments; and people surprised by sweet holiday homecomings.

  • Stumblebums, fishing mishaps and pranks, including a remote-controlled fake alligator that goes after a woman lounging in a river.

  • A tribute to Thanksgiving. Included: "Things that Rhyme with Thanksgiving" and "Things We are Thankful For."

  • Wedding fails, including a groom who gets a phone call at the altar; a man who pranks his girlfriend into thinking motorcycles have seatbelts; and a mom who challenges her son to eat a spoonful of horseradish.

  • A forklift operator runs into a boat; a girl runs for cover as seagulls swarm her on the beach; and people who are scared by small animals.

  • A Halloween-themed installment features people being scared by Halloween costumes. Also: costume malfunctions; and a music montage featuring pumpkin mishaps.

  • A dog steals a delivery man's package and a game of chase ensues; a camel steals a bag of snacks from a shocked little girl's hand; a woman gets stuck trying to climb into a house through the window; and a man doesn't react well to getting his nose hair waxed.

  • A woman doing the "whisper challenge" learns she's going to be a grandma; a little boy who wants more money tears two dollar bills in half to make four; a young boy cuts his hair and glues it to his armpits to be more like dad; and senior citizens laugh at themselves.

  • Kids are stumped by payphones; dogs react to disappearing owners who play the "What the Fluff" prank on them; soccer mishaps; and party fails.

  • Funny pranks, a musical tribute to cats, and a deer who steals the carrot-nose from a snowman.

  • This week's videos include a collection of our host Alfonso's funniest home videos, a little girl who is so enthralled with her new whoopee cushion she doesn't want to open any more Christmas presents and a compilation of the hazards of winter featuring people falling on icy porches.

  • Nine finalists go head-to-head for a $100,000 prize.

  • A little girl asks Siri for the passcode to her dad's phone, people fainting during special occasions, whale watchers are surprised by a whale that gets too close, and people who just got their wisdom teeth removed think they've lost their tongue.

  • Kids drop their new phones right out of the package, a dad pranks his teenager with a stuffed raccoon hiding in a pantry and kids make funny faces after eating sour foods.

  • It's parents lip-synching to their kids' tantrums, sisters who get emotional when they discover their new puppy and a mother discovering her twins covered the house in flour.

  • It's a winter-themed episode full of blunders involving snow skiing, sledding and snow angel mishaps, basketball tricks, and a bear walking into a house to steal a bottle of ammonia.

  • Children afraid of the Easter Bunny, egg hunts and birthday mishaps including a dog who makes off with a mouthful of cash his owner just received.

  • An excited dog tackles a kid when he gets home from school, a stubborn bird refuses to budge from a car hood even while driving, and parents lip-synching to their kid's tantrums.

  • Don't miss hilarious football follies, adorable hamsters and curious bears.

  • Annoyed siblings; dogs in slo-mo; and a girl who believes her dad's laser pointer is Tinkerbell.

  • This week's videos include a little girl who thinks a photo of George Washington is her Aunt Marsha, a little boy ordering "Alexa" to play music until his mom informs him he doesn't own an "Alexa," a baby accidentally orders $900 concert tickets from his aunt's phone, and hilarious goats caught on camera.

  • Kids say the darndest things, don't they? This week's funny clips include a little boy who describes his girlfriend as being a bit prehistoric; a dog who leaps from a boat to join a dolphin for a swim; and a squirrel who has its eye on a birdfeeder but has a difficult time making it up the slippery pole.

  • Holiday-themed clips include an ugly Christmas sweater that lights up and shorts the electricity in the house, and a toddler who tries to jump on the photo of the mini-trampoline she got for Christmas. Also, a little boy obliviously walks around his Christmas gift without realizing it's right in front of him, a little girl is afraid of a face filter that turns her into a witch, and a dog's collar gets entangled in the dishwasher causing a kitchen calamity.

  • This week's video highlights feature holiday-themed clips

  • Clips include folks with bad luck, such as a runaway tire and a leaky sunroof in a car wash. Also: kids impressed by magic tricks; a macho guy confronted by bats in his attic.

  • Clips include a "Kids Say" package, which features a birthday girl whose wishes for a better cake; and a brother whose piano practice is interrupted by his sisters with their funny dance interpretation. Also: mishaps between dads and their daughters.

  • Halloween-themed clips include kids' reactions to scary decorations; pets in funny costumes; a battle between a trick-or-treater and an animatronic hand; and a musical tribute to people getting scared. Also: Funny Face Swaps; a jealous monkey at the zoo.

  • Clips include snow-themed blunders and talented cats. Also: a boy who thinks he got his dimples at the library; a little girl who prefers the local drug store over an amusement park; and mishaps occurring while people wear virtual-reality goggles.

  • Mishaps in the Great Outdoors.

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AFV Part 160 - (Funny Clips Fail Montage Compilation) | OrangeCabinet Clip (12:18) AFV Part 126 - (Funny Clips Fail Montage Compilation) | OrangeCabinet Clip (10:48)

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