Animal Cops: Detroit

Cats, dogs, and other animals are rescued every single day by a special team of police in Detroit, Michigan. Get to know and follow the team as they witness terrible animal neglect and experience joy when an animal is saved. Often there is a happy ending to each episode as a success story is shared about a rehabilitation or pet adoption to a loving family.

Animal Planet
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
May 13, 2002
Cast: Michele Santopietro
Animal Cops: Detroit

Animal Cops: Detroit Full Episode Guide

  • Property with five extremely underweight dogs; injured dogs seized; puppy thrown from car and infected with worms; cats must be captured from a closet and basement after their elderly owner moves to get assisted living.

  • Husky is shot in the chest; extremely underweight dog living outside for two years without provisions; two weak, extremely emaciated dogs; dog trapped in manhole filled with cold sewer water.

  • 247 cats removed from house ("House of Cats"); dog and her 14 puppies abandoned in house ("Abandoned Puppies"); dog with tow chain embedded in neck ("Embedded Chain"); dog trapped in freezing river; agents search house for dogfighting paraphernalia and find seven scarred pitbulls; cats rescued from a trash-filled house along with an emaciated, matted dog locked in the basement for its entire life ("Trapped in Trash").

  • Agents recall cases in which animals made amazing recoveries.Dog on brink of death ("From the Brink"); dog with severe burns on head; stray dog is shot ("Rush Hour Rescue"); Pekingese with eye injury from play-fighting with a Rottweiler ("Heat Wave"); Chow-mix puppy used as bait for a fighting pit bull ("Trapped in Trash"); puppy running loose in alley in freezing temperatures ("Task Force Action").

  • Husky allegedly beaten with metal broom handle for accidentally knocking out a van window; two abandoned labradors with mange; kittens living on roof of abandoned house; underweight Rottweiler and terrier puppy living in terrible conditions.

  • House full of cats; dog found on an island; kittens stuck in underground pipe; abandoned dog; two dogs running loose.

  • Home suspected to have housed pitbull fights is raided; emaciated dog outside in cold weather; underweight Rottweilers; python removed from home after fire.

  • Dog wrapped up in embedded wires; kitten with injured hind legs after being hit by a car; house full of reptiles.

  • Rottweiler chained to a pole in below freezing temperatures without food or water; dogs seized after a pitbull fight; elderly couple hoarding cats and dogs.

  • House overrun by cats; puppy with fish hook in nose; skinny Shepherd-mix.

  • Dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals seized from a filthy home; skinny dogs kept in a backyard in cold weather; pregnant dog too young to give birth.

  • Teens attempt to use a stray puppy as bait for a pitbull; homeless man using his old, abandoned home to house his dogs; report of dogfighting leads to discovery of a thin Boxer chained to a fence.

  • Skinny Boxer; elusive cat abandoned in apartment; dog injured after being stuck in mud.

  • Filthy house full of cats and cat corpses searched after owner dies; extremely skinny Husky-mix; two-foot baby alligator and a box turtle found after drug raid.

  • Dead pitbull found in backyard; dog apparently suffering from nerve damage; duck with injury that is determined to be a dog bite.

  • Dog with embedded collar; large snapping turtle kept in small cooler; hot and dehydrated puppies.

  • Dog with tow chain embedded in neck; Chow-mix with bullet wound; extremely matted dog abandoned in backyard.

  • Chow-mix puppy used as bait for a fighting pitbull; cats rescued from a trash-filled house along with an emaciated, matted dog locked in the basement for its entire life and a matted dog with a massive tumor on its rectum; dog trapped in empty in-ground pool.

  • Two bulldogs brutally attack a pitbull; raccoon captured under bucket for three days; report of cat being prevented from nursing her kittens.

  • Cat thrown out of third-floor window; Rottweiler and alligator removed from house after drug raid; dog with head stuck in a tire rim.

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