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The television series Answer Me 1997 is a South Korean drama series created by Shin Won-ho and Rhee Myung-han, and written by Lee Woo-jung, Lee Sun-hye and Kim Ran-joo. Answer Me 1997 was filmed in Busan, South Korea. The show premiered in South Korea on tvN in 2012. Season 1 ran for 16 episodes.

Answer Me 1997 focuses on the experiences of six high school friends who graduated in 1997. The story advances forward and backward in time to follow the group of friends from their year as high school seniors to their current lives as 33-year-old adults attending their high school reunion in 2012. The series examines their growth as well as the popular culture and music of the 1990s.

Answer Me 1997 stars Jung Eun-ji, Seo In-guk, Hoya, Shin So-yul, Eun Ji-won, Lee Shi-eon, Sung Dong-il, Lee Il-hwa and Song Jong-ho.

Although Answer Me 1997 premiered with little fanfare, the show rapidly gained in popularity. Critics and fans alike praised the series for its humor and earnest storylines. The first 14 episodes ran for half an hour each, but due to the depth of their respective plots, episodes 15 and 16 each lasted 1 hour. The final episode received the highest ratings of any Korean cable drama.

The cast of Answer Me 1997 was comprised largely of popular Korean singers with very few acting credits. But shortly after the first episodes premiered the show began building a massive following. Word of mouth helped spread the popularity of the series, and ratings quickly soared. The coming-of-age series was praised for its accuracy in its portrayal of 1990s culture and ideals. References to the fashion and popular culture of the decade were made in every episode of the show.

Answer Me 1997 was popular among adults who grew up in the 1990s, but its appeal also extended to older generations of viewers. The show's universal themes of nostalgia, the struggles of adolescence and the challenges of growing up caused it to resonate with a wide base of fans.

A production of CJ Entertainment. In South Korea the series was shown on tvN, Mnet, OCN, O'live, Ongamenet and OnStyle. Each episode lasted between 30 and 60 minutes.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
July 23, 2012
Korean Drama
Cast: Sun Ah, Ji-won Eun, Hoya, Eun-ji Jung
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Answer Me 1997 Full Episode Guide

  • The identity of Shi Won's husband is exposed.

  • Reveling in his relationship with Shi Won, Yoon Jae is thrown into confusion when he's challenged by Tae Woong.

  • Joon Hee calls Yoon Jae out on avoiding Shi Won for the past six years, while overheard conversations lead to surprising discoveries for both Yoon Jae and Tae Woong.

  • A tragedy in Yoo Jung's family brings the old group back together in Busan, reigniting the feelings each of them have tried to forget in the last six years.

  • Misunderstandings and confessions put a dark cloud over Shi Won and her friends as they prepare for life after high school.

  • Yoon Jae continues giving Shi Won the cold shoulder, but the concern he betrays for her safety during a dangerous night-time walk causes Shi Won to question the nature of their friendship.

  • Joon Hee finally musters the courage to profess his love for Yoon Jae.

  • Shi Won's parents' love story is explored, giving insight on how their family's fate is intertwined with Yoon Jae and Tae Woong's.

  • The day of the entrance exams for college arrives, and it brings along life-changing experiences for everyone.

  • Tae Woong helps his students figure out what their life goals and dreams are to prepare them for college.

  • Yoo Jung uses Hak Chan in an attempt to get Yoon Jae jealous, but in turn causes Hak Chan to like her.

  • When Shi Won's father gets admitted into the hospital for false injures from a car accident, he discovers a much worse diagnosis than he anticipated.

  • When everyone gathers at Shi Won's house to watch a soccer game, Yoon Jae gets jealous of Joon Hee and Shi Won's closeness.

  • Hak Chan, a new transfer student from Seoul, befriends the gang but mysteriously keeps his distance from the girls.

  • Shi Won is furious when she finds out Yoo Jung is a Sechs Kies fan and stops talking to her.

  • In present day, Shi Won reunites with her high school classmates and reminisces about high school in the 90's.

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