Athena: Goddess of War

Athena: Goddess of War is a dramatic television series that focuses on the life of a spy. The series centers around the introduction of a nuclear program in South Korea. The government is attempting to launch the program, but one of the country's primary scientists has refused to help and is trying to leave the country. Dr. Kwon is the South Korean spy who has been tasked with tracking the scientist down.

Dr. Kwon was successful in his mission and now is leading the country's counter-terrorism task force. Dr. Kwon also faces difficulty from a rival who is now working with an American spy agency. There are many double agents and cross dealings back and forth.

Dr. Kwon's rival is ruthless and he ends up having the President's daughter kidnapped. The goal of kidnapping the President's daughter is to use her so the President will hand over the nuclear scientist in exchange for his daughter's life. The spies fake Dr. Kim's death in an attempt to get Dr. Kwon's rival to release the President's daughter, but his plans fall through. The spies then fake a hostage situation which also fails to work, and the scientist is killed.

Before he died, it is discovered that the nuclear scientist performed a lot of work on the secret government project. There are many dramatic back-and-forths between the two rival agencies. One spy from the counter-terrorism task force falls in love with another spy from the rival agency and their relationship tends to complicate things. The rogue agency ends up infiltrating the counter-terrorism unit and killing many agents. The female agent who was in love with the male agent attempts to kill herself because she is so embarrassed at betraying her countrymen. However, her life is saved and she is granted amnesty and leaves the country. After the battle has ended, her male lover decides to track her down. The couple reunites in New Zealand and they end up living happily ever after.

Mondays, Thursdays at 9:55 pm et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 23 Episodes
December 13, 2010
Action & Adventure
Cast: Woo-sung Jung, Soo Ae, Seung-won Cha, E.jiah
Athena: Goddess of War

Athena: Goddess of War Full Episode Guide

  • This behind the scenes episode has interview with the cast and an insider look at how the stunts are done.

  • Jung Woo and Son Hyuk have a final showdown.

  • Son Hyuk warns Hye to get out of Seoul before he launches his nuclear missile.

  • Hye In helps NTS bring down Athena because he feels guilty about Sung Chul's death. All former agents of the North Korean Government are to be eliminated, including Kim Sun Hwa.

  • Son Hyuk goes to drastic measures to get Hye In back while Jung Woo tries to stop him.

  • Jung Woo takes on Son Hyuk and his men. Hye is captures and taken for treason by Jae Hee.

  • Son Hyuk keeps Hye in his safe house while he takes on his largest attack against the South Korean government.

  • Hye decides if she wants to carry on as an Athena agent, while Jae Hee discovers some very shocking truth about her father.

  • Son Hyuk's past with history is being investigated by Jun Woo, Jae Hee and Joon Ho.

  • Son Hyuk is being track down by the DIS and NIS after having been discovered as be part of Athena. Ki Soo works on decoding Dr. Kim's final message.

  • Jung Woo betrays his country but Kwon still believe in him and sends him on a lead to follow his suspicions about Dr. Kim's last message..

  • Jung Woo agrees to do whatever it takes to save Hy In even give then the SNC. The hunt for the mole continues.

  • Jung Woo continues to be the bodyguard for BoA.

  • Hye In is questioned by Jung Woo until he gets a new assignment to be a bodyguard.

  • Hye gets caught hacking the computer system. Jae Hee investigates Kwon's suspicion that there is a mole in NTS.

  • The mission to rescue Soo Young is continued by NTS and DIS. Hye goes for a new job, while Jae Hee meets with her estranged father.

  • Kwon leads the NTS team that is out to rescue the president's daughter. A Japan researcher visits Son Hyuk.

  • Jae Hee goes after a Russian gangster by herself, Son Hyuk goes to Hawaii and Jung Woo has a new partner for his Italian mission.

  • The NTS has a new director. Jung Woo trails a Russian Gang Leader name Victor Sevchenko who is planning to smuggle weapons.

  • Agent Kwon gets detention and Lee Jung Woo gets a new partner from NTS and an overseas assignment.

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