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Gang members. Immortal beings. Alchemists. Criminals and outlaws. An elixir of life. These are just a few of the types of characters found in "Baccano!" "Baccano!" is an anime (Japanese cartoon) that was made and based on the Japanese manga (comics) of the same title. A relatively short series compared to other shows that run into 20-some episodes in length, "Baccano!" features just 16 episodes, each of which clocks in at just over 20 minutes.

"Baccano!" takes place in a fictional United States (the equivalent of telling a fictional story in an alternative timeline of a real place). The general storyline in the show is that a number of individuals are brought together over a long period of time thanks to the gift (or curse) of immortality bestowed upon a group of travelers decades in the past.

Critics have highlighted the fact that the show's story telling style is notably different than the typical TV show or cartoon. "Baccano!" reveals its plot in a very non-linear way; a single episode will feature a time-jump multiple times, bouncing anywhere between the 18th century and the 21st century. Most of the episodes, though, take place in the 1930s.

"Baccano!" also differs from other shows in that it does not have a main protagonist. It features at least 20 main characters (maybe more depending on how a viewer defines a main character). Just a handful of characters the audience must follow during the duration of the show include two comedic criminals, a murderous immortal child, multiple members of competing gangs, and the psychotic guardian of the railroads known as the "Rail Tracer."

"Baccano!" has been summarized by critics as a "fantastic" (i.e. fantasy filled) show that asks an audience to understand and follow a lot of information in a limited amount of time.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
July 26, 2007
Cast: Michael C. Pizzuto, J. Michael Tatum, Caitlin Glass, Akemi Kanda
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Baccano! Full Episode Guide

  • Here's all you need to know: The mouse might be the main character. After so many centuries, they are reunited. The barrel is empty. After only moments, they say goodbye. The story never ends.

  • Here's all you need to know: She recalls the monster with fondness. He didn't bring the money. His story is unbelievable. She's the wrong girl. He didn't always have a tattoo on his face. She wasn't always scarred.

  • Here's all you need to know: His story starts. The psycho meets a maniac. Sometimes it's fun to make others miserable. There's no joy in killing a guy with a death wish. She saw him die, but which time?

  • Here's all you need to know: The story ends but it doesn't. He's the last bomb. The puddle of blood is alive. He gains centuries of knowledge. Manhattan is a big place. He'll drown for half a century.

  • Here's all you need to know: An explosion shakes the train. He gets shot in the knees. He didn't expect a flame thrower. He gets shot in the head. A big car can take more damage. He wants to torture him forever.

  • Here's all you need to know: Monster meets immortal. There are very few strangers left aboard the train. Monster meets maniac meets mute. A young man chases a girl. The enemy of a friend is the enemy.

  • Here's all you need to know: His toys include high explosives. The man who was dead gets killed again. A man of power finds himself powerless. A child's head explodes. The first kiss is always special. Act casual.

  • Here's all you need to know: The art of torture is alive and well. Most freaks spend some time with the circus. Some jerks think they're bulletproof. Some jerks are bulletproof. A monster still has standards.

  • Here's all you need to know: A month's worth of robberies can be taken care of in a day. Someone finally thinks to ask the monster to leave. Spitting food on your hostages is acceptable even if they are children.

  • Here's all you need to know: In 1711, some guys from 1930 chop his face in half to check if he's immortal. There's a demon. A life of regret is longer for those who will never die. Bottom's up. Man overboard.

  • Here's all you need to know: Some guys just ain't worth eating. She's the right kind of backstabber. He forgot his important box. If you suggest kidnapping a girl, don't be surprised when she's kidnapped.

  • Here's all you need to know: A bomb to the head is no way to go. Even criminals fear monsters. The best knife fights are between friends. Heroism is more heroic when coming from a coward. He eats him.

  • Here's all you need to know: When everyone's shooting a gun, it's difficult to surmise who's killing who. They're dying to create an immortality elixir. If you dance in the streets, you get hit by a car.

  • Here's all you need to know: His toys include high explosives. The man who was dead gets killed again. A man...

  • Here's all you need to know: A journey begins which was recently completed. Sometimes the bad guys wear white. Most of the people on the train have shady agendas. People get hit with baseball bats.

  • Here's all you need to know: A turf war is raging. He takes a bullet to the head. She takes a dip. He's got a bloody stump. He loses some fingers for a second. Friends new, old, and immortal wait at the train station.

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