Beakman's World

Science may seem boring, and dull with daunting facts, but not while watching "Beakman's World". Welcome into the zany and fun place that is "Beakman's World"; a children's educational show that makes science and learning a relatable, hands on, experience. The show explains the science behind things such as levers, bubbles, and electricity, and yes, flatulence.

Each episode of "Beakman's World" begins with two sarcastic puppet penguins, Herb and Don whom introduce the show and exchange snappy remarks to one another as they turn on their TV that leads the viewer into the world of Beakman.

The host of the show; Beakman, is a man with a high top hairdo, a green professor's lab coat and sneakers. The host answers questions from kids about snow, mirrors, paint, yo-yo's etc. with the aid of props and cartoons. Beakman also performs experiments with lots of funny sound effects and slapstick comedy.

Beakman is joined by his sidekick Lester the Lab Rat, who is a guy dressed up in a large rat costume. Lester is not as enthusiastic about science and all its wonders as his friend. Lester approaches experiments with smart remarks and jokes, until food is involved. Lester was once enticed into an experiment after being offered the jelly from a plate of donuts.

There is also a female character named Josie. Josie clothes are colorful and funky. It was Josie's job, to read the letters from viewers. Josie also announced commercial breaks and teasers for what happens next on the show. Liza later replaced the role of the female assistant, and in the last season, Phoebe followed Liza.

This show is great for the whole family to watch. Not only does it make learning fun for the little ones but also has some mild adult humor for the older viewers to enjoy. It's no wonder this series ran for four seasons and went on to win many awards for day time television.

4 Seasons, 91 Episodes
September 12, 1992
Learning & Education, Children
Cast: Paul Zaloom, Mark Ritts, Eliza Schneider, Alanna Ubach
Beakman's World

Beakman's World Full Episode Guide

  • Beakman gets his hands on some facts about fingerprinting and then gives a crystal-clear recipe for crystalline formations. Finally, the science crew gets gassed up on some interesting information about flatulence.

  • Beakman horses around with some facts about horses. Horses were tamed and ridden more than 5,000 years ago and used for sports, in war and as transporters.

  • Beakman discovers a zoo of animals in a drop of water and reveals the delicate diet of baby birds in "What's for Lunch?"

  • Beakman toys around with Newton's third law of motion by building his own toy Beakmobile. Beakman and his trusty science team crack open a question about egg-laying mammals, and Nurse Phoebe uses nature's healer -- ice -- to cool Lester's wounds.

  • Beakman gives the long and short about growing pains and the human body. Then, the science team discovers why it's so easy to strike out in baseball. Beakman clears up some facts about chemical reactions and the science of solutions and suspensions.

  • Beakman barks up the science tree of knowledge to discover some amazing facts about man's best friend. Then Lester is challenged to put his paw in a jar of water without getting it wet. Finally, Beakman rises to answer a monster of a question.

  • Beakman melts away some chilling facts about the North and South Poles. Then, in Beakmania, the crew discovers the bloody details about the lamprey. Finally, Beakman spins circles around a question about how ice skaters spin so fast.

  • Beakman breaks the sound barrier to find out what the famous "boom" has to do with speed. Then, Nurse Phoebe soothes an ailing foot blister and Beakman gives some sound advice about healthy living.

  • Beakman makes a splash answering a whale of a question about the importance of these great mammals. Then, in Beakmania, Beakman finds out how spiders don't eat their victims, and contestants on "What's for Lunch?" have the life squeezed out of them.

  • Beakman dives into the deep blue sea of science to uncover the mysteries behind sunken treasures. Then, Chef Art Burn gives away a delicious science recipe for Punch à la Art, complete with dancing raisins.

  • Beakman gives us the facts on pigs and hogs and wrangles up the science behind the lariat. Then Lester croons the blues while Beakman investigates how the harmonica works.

  • Beakman pulls more than a lucky rabbit out of his science hat to answer a question about magic. Then the science team gives us a hair-raising look at the naked mole rat and unveils the science behind all those cosmetics in your medicine cabinet.

  • Beakman monkeys around with a question about apes and humans with a guest appearance from Eddie the chimpanzee. Then Phoebe uses science to turn one glass of water into six glasses.

  • Beakman is drawn to answer a very magnetic question about electromagnets, and Chef Art Burn brings a touch of dinner theater to demonstrate the uses of gelatin. Then the science crew gives us a feel for all of the senses in our body.

  • Beakman feeds a viewer's hunger for knowledge with plenty of facts about bread. Beakman continues his feeding frenzy on the game show "What's for Lunch," showing the complexities of the food chain.

  • Beakman gives us the skinny on the largest human organ -- skin. Nurse Phoebe treats Lester's sunburn and offers cool remedies for sun-baked skin. Finally, Beakman reveals some breathtaking facts to answer a quintessential question about breathing.

  • Beakman reaches into his science trunk and pulls out some large facts about elephants. Beak-Mom proposes a challenge to Lester, and in the tradition of the Beakman family, wins a sweet victory.

  • Beakman and the crew go down under to answer some high-flying questions about boomerangs. Then they dish out the dirt on soil and bacteria, and find out just how disgusting the dung beetle can be.

  • Beakman and his trusty assistants quench a viewer's thirst for facts about camels and water storage. Then Beakman busts open the mystery behind the painless art of karate chopping.

  • A viewer question about rubber puts a bounce in Beakman's step, and Chef Art Burn gives away a flowery recipe for changing the color of carnations. Then, the science team combs through some hair-raising facts about hair and nails.

  • Beakman clears the air about the science behind car smog and enzymes in our bodies, then stays cool under the pressure of aerosol cans.

  • Beakman belts out a lot of hot air about stinky breath. Then, the science crew wiggles their way into the world of slimy worms. Finally, Beakman gives us the secret strengths behind the mathematics of size and scale.

  • Beakman untangles the mystery behind cats and their incredible nine lives. Nurse Phoebe gives us helpful hints on getting rid of pesky lice, and Beakman demonstrates the dynamics of dynamite and even creates an explosion with household products.

  • Beakman fires up to answer questions about flames. With amazing footage of basketball superstar Michael Jordan, he reveals the science behind the illusion of hang time. Then Beakman journeys into the depths of a toilet to follow the plight of sewage.

  • Scientist Beakman soars with a viewer question about bird migration. He reveals why thousands of animals migrate every year. Beakman meets a challenge about weight lifting and sheds some light on the mystery of toilets in space.

  • Sweat, Beakmania & Weighing a Car

  • Beakman explains why islands don't float and how springs work.

  • Beakman answers questions about lobsters, crabs and Swiss scientist Daniel Bernoulli.

  • Beakman explains the differences between alligator and crocodiles, and then takes a peek at robots.

  • Beakman looks at geysers and explains the function of kidneys.

  • Beakman looks at sleep and what makes sounds loud and soft.

  • Beakman and company look at snow and natural selection.

  • Beakman reveals how vacuum cleaners work and how cloth is made.

  • Beakman discusses the sun and how some animals change throughout their lives.

  • Beakman and company look at the origins of steel and how photographs are made.

  • Beakman discusses the usefulness of gyroscopes and explains how to keep a healthy heart.

  • Beakman discusses the wonders of carbon and interviews young inventor Thomas Edison.

  • Beakman examines balance and how animals use camouflage.

  • Beakman explains how seeds grow and discusses the evolution of bridges.

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