Beauty and the Geek

The television series Beauty and the Geek is a show that pairs very beautiful women with geeks. These beautiful women have relied on their looks primarily to skate through life. The geeks on this show have not relied so heavily on their looks in life rather their astounding intellect. Once the beauties and geeks are paired up they compete against other paired couples for cash and prizes.

Beauty and the Geek was created by Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg and Nick Santora. Jason Goldberg is known for producing the film The Butterfly Effect. Nick Santora is highly known for producing and writing for The Sopranos. Ashton Kutcher has appeared in numerous comedy movies and is known for playing the unforgettable Kelso on That 70's Show. The host of Beauty and the Geek is Mike Richards who has appeared as a host on numerous television series. This television series first aired in 2005 on the WB. By 2007 the series aired on CW.

During the initial plot lines of Beauty and the Geek, both the beauties and geeks were introduced to one another and then paired as couples. Cheryl Elliott the waitress was paired with Eric Chase a programmer. Erika Rumsey who was referred to as the barbie doll of the beauties was paired with Joe Hanson who never went out on a date. Krystal Tini a dancer for the NBA was paired with Brad Hooker a member of the Mensa. Lauren Bergfeld a model for lingerie was paired with Bill Lambing VP of a fan club. Scarlet Garcia a model for beer was paired with Shawn Bakken an assisting scoutmaster. Mindi Emanuel the beauty in a sorority was paired with television personality Richard Rubin. Caitilin Stoller the beauty expert on fashion was paired with Chuck Munyon the medical student focusing on neurology. Both the beauties and the geeks were put to the test when competing against one another as a team. The challenges for the beauties were knowledge based while the challenges for the geeks were far from intellect.

The CW
5 Seasons, 60 Episodes
June 1, 2005
Cast: Mike Richards, Sam Horrigan, Nicole Morgan
Beauty and the Geek

Beauty and the Geek Full Episode Guide

  • The beauties and geeks go to Big Bear Mountain in California and participate in a sled building challenge; a geek's crush on his partner blows up in his face.

  • A surprise makeover for one eliminated geek; profiles of the year's most colorful characters; never-before-seen footage; unseen moments from casting tapes; the inside scoop on all of the clashes, catfights and love connections.

  • A geek loses his cool with one of the beauties when a practical joke falls flat; the geeks must become firefighters and rescue the beauties from a burning building; the beauties face a challenge involving two of their least favorite things.

  • All ten teams are back for a very special reunion. America votes Jasmine David and David Olsen the winners of the $250,000 prize.

  • The final two teams make a surprise visit to their partner's hometowns. When they return to the elimination room, they learn that the winner will be chosen by the home audience.

  • With only three teams left in the competition, the Beauties and Geeks visit a vineyard for a wine-making challenge. Dave and Jasmine win the challenge and gain a spot in the final two. Nicole and Sam win the elimination challenge. Jennifer Carter and William McDonald are sent home.

  • For the Beauties' challenge, they must pick up and identify seven creepy reptiles and insects. Sam easily wins his fifth win out out of the seven challenges so far. The Geeks participate in a bartending challenge, which Dave wins. With tension running high in the mansion, the teams are beginning to second guess their decision to keep William and Jen in the game, because their bickering is ruining everyone's fun. But when …more

  • The Beauties and Geeks travel across the border. Dave emerges from his shell, winning the salsa dancing contest, while male Beauty Sam wins the memory challenge. For the elimination, the two winning teams are forced to choose which team will be leaving; a change from previous weeks when the winning teams merely chose which teams will head into the elimination challenge. The winners see Natalie Reeves and John Gardner as t…more

  • The competition is quickly whittled down to two teams after taking a pop quiz. One last night in the mansion causes a flare up over one of the men's affections. A winner for season five is chosen.

  • A group of plain looking women receive a stylish makeover from the men as their challenge for this episode, while the women's challenge involves plumbing skills.

  • The group is challenged with sled building in Big Bear Mountain in California. Meanwhile, one of the guys develops a crush which ends horribly.

  • A look back at the seasons first six episode's most dramatic moments. Included is a makeover for one of the eliminated contestants, casting clips, and a look at the unseen portion of the mansion.

  • One of the females plays a practical joke on the guys which upsets one of the fellows. This week's challenge finds the men rescuing the women from a burning building.

  • The men receive makeovers before making a trip to the set of "The Young and the Restless," and are judged by actors Michelle Stafford and Joshua Morrow on an acting competition.

  • The beauties create science projects in which they will present to experts, while the geeks appear on a national radio call-in show offering advice on relationships.

  • One player is injured when the contestants play a game of flag football between the men and women.

  • A talent show is held between each of the teams. Meanwhile, one woman proves she will do anything to remain in the competition.

  • The newest group of nine men and women arrive at the mansion and are surprised to learn that they will be working as a team of beauty's against the geeks in this season's twist. The women are challenged by being made to look unattractive, and sent to get the phone numbers of men at a bar. The men will be sent to a new quiz room, where one contestant will be eliminated.

  • Season 4 finishes with the announcement of a winner. Later, the cast is reunited in a reunion.

  • The two remaining contestants go back to their hometowns to have their partner meet their parents. The contestants are shocked at the announcement of how the winner will be chosen.

  • The three remaining contestants are off to a wine making contest at a local vineyard.

  • Pressure is rising as the teams are down to four. This weeks challenge for the geeks includes bartending.

  • With only five weeks of competition left, a recap of the season until now, along with never-seen before scenes, are shown.

  • The teams go to a comic-book convention, where they each must create a comic-book hero. The geeks design the costume, while the beauties come up with the story.

  • It's makeover time and the Geeks are each given shocking new looks. The Beauties head back to school -- well, third grade -- and the Geeks strut their stuff at the first Beauty and the Geek Prom.

  • The beauties and geeks work out a plot to dethrone "King Geek," while the romance between two houseguests threatens one team. After America votes which challenge the contestants will compete in, the geeks must give a massage to their partner while the beauties build rockets.

  • A celebration leads to the groups playing a wild game of Truth or Dare, and before the night is done, two housemates begin a romance. The second challenge is announced and the Geeks must create a romantic gift while the Beauties must study anatomy in order to locate organs on their partner. In the end, one couple is sent home.

  • The male beauty and female geek move into the mansion as the beauties and geeks study for their first challenge. The geeks must write and perform an autobiographical rap song for 3/6 Mafia while the beauties must study up on politics for a political debate about current events. After the winners are announced, one team is eliminated.

  • The twenty contestants move into the mansion together and are shocked by the season 4 twist -- they will be competing against one opposite pair, a hot guy and geeky girl. Later, the teams are chosen at a backyard barbeque.

  • The fourth-season opener adds some new twists as the third season's couple, Nate and Jennylee, join host Mike Richards to conduct a nationwide search for the contestants. The chosen 20 meet in the mansion and realize that they have to compete against their opposite---a geek gal and a hot guy. The housemates then pick their partners during a barbecue.

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