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Better Off Ted was a sitcom produced in the U.S. by 20th Century Fox and ABC Studios that was cancelled by the ABC network before the end of its second season. The show revolved around the character of Ted Crisp, played by Jay Harrington and his quest to stay morally correct as he worked for a large faceless corporation with questionable attitudes to its employees and customers.

The show was created by veteran television writer and executive Victor Fresco; the shows created by Fresco have regularly gained cult status despite low viewing figures, such as the sitcom Andy Richter Controls The Universe. Despite being a critical success in the U.S. Better Off Ted failed to build on low viewing figures through its two season run on the ABC network.

Better Off Ted highlighted the difficulty in trying to raise a family and keep a high moral standard when a parent is employed by a morally questionable corporation. Ted Crisp works for the Research and Development department of Veridian Dynamics, a company that meddles in politics and tests its new products on its own employees. The titular character of Ted struggles to balance his employment with his role as a single parent to daughter Rose. Ted's character is further challenged by his relationship with his department head Veronica, played by Portia de Rossi and his relationship with love interest Linda Zworling.

Some of the most entertaining and funniest moments in the show came through Ted's interactions with scientists in his research department. Dr. Phil Myman and Dr. Lem Hewitt, played by Jonathan Slavin and Malcolm Barrett respectively; both scientists avoid conflicts at all cost and follow the instructions of Veridian without question. In total 26 episodes of Better Off Ted were produced during the two seasons of the sitcom.

Following the cancellation of Better Off Ted the main characters in the cast were reunited in a music video for a song performed by Malcolm Barrett. Performing under the pseudonym Verbal the five main cast members performed in the video for Revenge Of The Nerds.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
March 18, 2009
Cast: Jay Harrington, Portia de Rossi, Andrea Anders, Jonathan Slavin
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Better Off Ted Full Episode Guide

  • Download this never-before-seen episode now! Ted learns how to navigate the "kid mafia" after Rose is invited to a play date with Chet's daughter and Veronica is forced to find her own way into the club. Lem and Phil believe they've taken their friendship with Linda to the next level after they agree to lend her $2500 but are taken aback when they discover she's throwing a party and they didn't make the guest list.

  • Download this never-before-seen episode now! Ted is put in charge of a new employee rewards system where the company doles out tickets exchangeable for prizes. Trouble ensues when he is scrutinized for unfairly favoring Linda because he has a crush on her. Lem and Phil seek respect at work and develop a mafia-like ticket counterfeiting system. Veronica is visited by a "ghost of Christmas future" in the form of a board member who devoted his life to the company but is being forced out.

  • Ted uses his influence to have a Veridian supply company hire his brother as a salesman, but things don't go as planned. Meanwhile, a charity for girls gives Veronica an award.

  • Ted is able to communicate with a beautiful German executive who doesn't speak English using Veridian's new translation device, but the fact that the voice the device uses is Phil's puts a damper on the mood for Ted.

  • Ted's enemy at work has developed an identical project that Ted's team has been working on, but he decides to take the high road. However, Veronica gets Linda and Rose to help sabotage the rival team's project.

  • Veridian sends out a memo to the employees about inappropriate behavior, but a typo demands that they now use offensive language. Ted tries to convince Veronica to resolve the issue, but it comes a little to late as the insults are already underway. When she realizes the power of a memo typo, Veronica wonders if her promotion memo was intended for W. Palmer.

  • While Ted tried to deal with a security guard turned stalker, Phil and Lem discover they'll have to face their ultimate nightmare: working directly for Veronica.

  • A Veridian employee dies due to overwork while trying to finish Veridian's next major project, a machine that will help people get more sleep. Instead of mourning the loss, Veronica tries to use the incident as a way to inspire the employees to work even harder.

  • Wen Ted and Linda are both falsely accused of sexual harassment, Veronica comes up with a novel defense: sexual harassment is a disease and no one can be held responsible for it. However, once Veridian accepts that reasoning, people start running amuck.

  • While Lem tries to figure out why Veridian wants him to wear a red lab coat, Ted is forced to step in when Veronica spends all of her time with boyfriend magician, Mordor.

  • Linda makes a small suggestion on Ted's biggest project, a light-bulb that will burn forever, and suddenly gets all of the credit, much to his dismay. Meanwhile, Lem's mother, a brilliant and intimidating scientist, comes for a visit and begins having an affair with Dr. Bhamba.

  • Veronica tries to get information on Veridian layoffs from Rose, who knows a friend in her playgroup. Meanwhile, Lem has an affair with a lawyer who bills him by the hour, and Linda unwittingly makes Phil the main character in her children's book.

  • Ted and Linda find their perfect matches thanks to Veridian's new genetic compatability program. Meanwhile, Veronica and Lem are matched genetically, and she insists he make a sperm donation for him.

  • Ted creates a phony project for Linda after she hears that Veridian is going green, which becomes problematic when other staffers want to join the cause.

  • Ted and Veronica deal with father issues: Ted's team discovers a cure for male-pattern baldness that he hopes will please his father, and Veronica gets news that will change her relationship with her father, the CEO of a rival company.

  • Linda becomes a scapegoat when Veridian is sued over a perfume that causes hornets to attack people. Elsewhere, the depositions for the case affect Phil's friendship with Lem.

  • Tensions mount when Ted, Linda, and Veronica end up sharing offices.

  • With daughter Rose out of town, Ted tries socializing with Lem and Phil. They reluctantly invite him to their Medieval Fight Club, held in Veridian's basement. Once Ted's sucked into the action, he finds he can't stop, oblivious to the fact that his presence is making everyone else feel like they're still on the clock. Meanwhile, Linda attempts to befriend Veronica and realizes they might be better off staying in a boss/employee relationship.

  • Veronica works on improving morale at the company and reinventing herself as someone more likable after a survey reveals that the staff is miserable. Meanwhile, Ted tries to win over an older demographic.

  • Ted inadvertently deletes himself from Veridian's system when he tries to fix his employee ID, and, as the lab falls into chaos, his peers try to remedy the situation.

  • Linda is exposed to Veridian's newest drug and suffers peculiar side effects.

  • Ted discovers Veridian has a problem when their new facial-recognition software proves unable to recognize black people.

  • When Ted's nanny calls in sick, he is forced to take his daughter Rose to work where Veronica bonds with her. Meanwhile, Ted learns where he stands with Linda when her ex-boyfriend arrives in town.

  • Veronica worries about legal problems after Phil suffers problems after the cryogenic experiment. Phil and Lem try to create meatless beef.

  • Ted Crisp works at Veridian Technologies in the research and development department and loves his job. However, Ted is taken aback when he learns the company has cryogenically frozen one of the scientists in his department.

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