Beyond the Break

Beyond the Break is a one hour teen drama show set in Hawaii. The show is about four young women who lives in a house together along with their mentor while competing in a professional surfing contest. The show was aired on the N- now TeenNick. Though the show aired briefly, the show displayed how young women can enjoy surfing and still go through struggles growing up.

The New York Times
3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
June 2, 2006
Cast: Suzie Pollard, Tiffany Hines, Natalie Ramsey, David Chokachi
Beyond the Break

Beyond the Break Full Episode Guide

  • Before the WaveSync team leaves for Australia, one teammate gets some heartbreaking news.

  • Justin's loyalties are tested when Liz asks him to kick one of the WaveSync girls off the team to make room for Riley.

  • On Lacey's birthday, she begins to suspect that DJ is cheating on her with Riley.

  • Riley, the daughter of a WaveSync investor, tries to manipulate her way onto the team.

  • DJ will be arrested on drug charges unless he leaves Hawaii but that means leaving Lacey.

  • The morning after the benefit party, the team searches for Justin and Dawn, fearing the worst.

  • As the team arranges a benefit party for the Surfrider Foundation, Dawn wonders where her relationship with Bailey is headed.

  • When Lacey hears about the surf competition, she's torn between her feelings for DJ and her allegiance to the team.

  • As the team faces the possibility of losing the WaveSync house, Lacey and DJ run away from their problems and into each other's arms.

  • Liz's father arrives to check on WaveSync's progress -- at the worst possible time.

  • Kai concocts a plan to make Vin jealous, and Bailey searches for a way to get DJ out of trouble.

  • Kai and Bailey return from the surf tour to find a new WaveSync -- and a new boss.

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  • Kai vs. Dawn II: This time it's personal. Um, again.

  • Dawn is comforted by Bailey, who is eager to take advantage of the situation.

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  • Dawn walks out of WaveSync, and it costs her more than just a place to crash.

  • A battle of wills erupts between Lacey and her mother, at the same time Dawn puts her future with WaveSync in jeopardy by fighting with Dale.

  • Lacey's mom suddenly walks back into her life and decides to make it her own.

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  • With Marcus on his way to Iraq, Birdie watches her life fall apart, and she can't do anything to stop it. Meanwhile Kai whacks away at her own life with a sledgehammer, as she pops pain pills to help her deal with her guilt.

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