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Birdman and the Galaxy Trio is one of the more iconic examples of classic Hanna-Barbera animation. The main premise can be dived into two parts. The first centers around segments in the show focusing on a super hero named Birdman. Birdman is a heroic do-gooder who receives a variety of super-human powers from the rays of earth's sun. Some of the major powers he invokes include use of solar rays which he can fire from his hands, flight, and the ability to heal from injuries or exhaustion. And while not a super power itself, he is also well known for bellowing out the title of "BIRDMAN" as he flies through the sky. While Birdman is the show's main heroic focus, he's also aided by a number of other characters. These include an obedient and loyal eagle, a young boy named Birdboy who flies with mechanical wings, and a head of command named Falcon 7.

The other segment in the show focuses on a trio of super beings who fight crime and injustice in outer space. The trio consists of Vapor Man, Meteor Man, and Gravity Girl. While they fulfill the role of super hero, they are also part of a galactic police force which entrusts them with the legal right to apprehend criminals.

While the two segments have no real interaction, they do share a thematic similarity. A low frame-rate style of animation is used among both segments. As well, a number of voice actors lend their skills to various characters in each. Above all, however, the segments showcase a shared sense of morality. Both attempt to teach children a basic sense of honor, justice, and the necessity of honoring one's moral code.

Saturdays at 11:00 am on NBC
1 Season, 20 Episodes
January 1, 1967
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Keith Andes, Don Messick, John Stephenson
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Birdman and the Galaxy Trio Full Episode Guide

  • An outlaw who can walk through walls and direct shadows takes a secret defense formula to a subversive organization./ Hovering above them on Plastus, Plaston threatens to freeze Planet Z-11 by blocking out the sun./ Escaping from captivity, the evil Morto mobilizes mechanical "knight of evil" to devastate the country.

  • A fantastic pirate ship swoops down on a luxury cruise ship, loots it, and takes hostages for ransom./ Gravity Girl's father asks the Galaxy Trio to help him defeat Gralik./ Birdman and Avenger are attacked by an unidentified space ship and enter caves to evade it.

  • Mixing together a special concoction of chemicals, a prisoner blasts himself free, and at the same time gains the power of fantastic speed./ The Galaxy Trio rescue the last ranger on outpost A-15 from a nearly indestructible spore monster./ Evil super-human raiders attack a western town for material gain and revenge.

  • When a village in Tibet is regularly terrorized by a monster, Birdman and his friends follow the tracks and encounter him!/ Using all their powers together, the Galaxy Trio conquer the insects of the planet Nova./ An old enemy begins "operation revenge" by luring Birdboy to his laboratory.

  • A foreign gang plots to divert an American solar capsule to their landing station by changing places with the astronauts./ When Gravity Girl disappears, Vapor Man and Meteor Man trace her displaced molecules to the Crimson Zone./ The rescue of kidnapped nuclear scientists who are being forced to work on an atomic reactor in a secret underground laboratory.

  • Birdman and Avenger are called in to help when a non-human replica of an army defense general stirs up trouble./ Disguised as the Galaxy Trio, the last survivors of the planet Magnetron rob other planets of their precious elements. / As the inventor of a device capable of making people disappear is showing it off to his colleagues, Prof. Nightshade whisks it away.

  • After they scamper off with high security missle plans, Birdman pursues frightening prehistoric creatures that Dr. Millenium has brought back to life./ The geologist Edon is captured by a huge rock monster controlled by Braton, an escaped convict./ When Birdman catches him rummaging through inter-nation security files, Dr. Freezoids turns the whole city to a block of ice.

  • Birdman devises a scheme to learn the identity of kidnappers who have abducted three ambassadors from the U.N./ Zakor and his raider sack the treasury planet./ Birdman resuces a young boy from a shark-threatened raft and finds him near death.

  • Hannibal captures Birdman's longtime friend, Prof. Demetrius, to lure Birdman to his secret island./ Disguised as people from Primevia, the Galaxy Trio defeat the aliens who had enslaved them./ The legendary Medusa and her Amazons capture a young prince on a hunt and demand a king's crown jewels for his safe return.

  • A cunning man uses a serum to change himself into any kind of thing./ A cosmic storm above th eearth is a time tornado./ When Birdman goes out looking for Metallo, he becomes danerously trapped in his dark metal scrap warehouse.

  • Reducto threatens to shrink the country to the size of a matchbox unless he is give ultimate power./ Computron refuses to obey the soldiers who've reactivated him./ Vulturo suddenly appears at an astronomic conference and threatens the whole assembly unless Birdman agrees to meet him in a duel.

  • Birdman's number one enemy schemes to steal away his energy for use in a pirate satellite./ The Galaxy Trio rush to Earth to stop the three world leaders from declaring war on each other./ Birdman's reputation is suddenly challenged by the appearance of Bird Girl.

  • Birdman and Avenger go after a kidnapper who "dematerializes" scientists and puts their combined knowledge into his evil machine./ Titan, who made himself invincible in his plot to conquer the universe lures the Galaxy Trio to his off-limits planet./ Birdman reluctantly surrenders his golden eagle companion Avenger, to his enemy.

  • Fed by rays from a hovering metal sphere, a suffocating purple moss is spreading over the countryside./ The Galaxy Trio are sent to investigate the disappearance of pioneer ships in space's last frontier./ Three super-villians decide to combine their powers to accomplish what each of them has failed to do individually.

  • A turncoat nuclear scientist takes on three destructive tasks to gain power in an underground organization./ The Galaxy Trio's vacation is postponed by an uprising on the prison planet./ Mentor first turns Avenger against Birdman by cerebral suggestion and uses the bird to bring Birdman back to his secret laboratory.

  • Cumulus, who has learned to direct the elements, is attempting to enslave the country with them. When the Trio go the Planet K-7 they find all the inhabitants in a deep trance while machines go about stealing their valuables./ Birdman and Avenger go after the cunning Dr. Shark to retrieve a government gold-extracting bathysphere.

  • Birdman tracks Kyrov, who has been engineering earthquakes./ Moltens are driving the inhabitants off the planet with underground explosions and molten lava./ Birdman is forced to steal secret plans from the government by a kidnapper who is holding Avenger captive.

  • The Ringmaster steals the government's three most advanced weapons./ Lotar directs powerful heat rays at earth to melt the ice caps and cover the planet with water./ An imposter at a peace conference purposely stirs up mistrust leading to war between two countries.

  • Determined to get rid of the Birdman forever, X the Eliminator causes an earth-to-Mars cargo van to go down at sea./ The Galaxy Trio, responding to an S.O.S. from Orbus Four, where the servant robots have revolted against the people./ Wearing a suit of super armor fashioned in prison, Morto escapes, and vows to destroy Birdman.

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