Buck Rogers

The television series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century features astronaut Capt. William Buck Rogers as the lone passenger on the last of Americas deep space probes Ranger III launched in 1987. A meteor storm damages Ranger IIIs life-support system, freezing Rogers and sending his ship into an orbit so great Rogers isnt rescued for 504 years. When revived and back on an Earth scarred from a nuclear war, Rogers finds his planets interstellar trade lanes under attack by the evil alien Draconian Empire. Now a member of the remnants of humanity, Rogers joins Colonel Wilma Deering, AI counselor Dr. Theophilis, and the robot Twiki to help protect the earth aboard Deerings spaceship Searcher.

Glen A. Larson, who developed Magnum, P.I., The Fall Guy, and Knight Rider, created Buck Rogers in the 25th Century to capitalize on the popularity of his 1978 science fiction TV program Battlestar Galactica. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was released theatrically on March 30, 1979 by Universal Pictures, and debuted as the two-hour pilot episode Awakening on NBC on Sept. 20, 1979. Buck Rogers stars Gil Gerard as Captain William Buck Rogers, the lovely Erin Gray as Colonel Wilma Deering, the unparalleled work of Mel Blanc as Twiki (Blanc was the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig and almost every Loony Tunes character from 1937 until his death in 1989, as well as The Flintstones Barney Rubble and The Jetsons Mr. Spacely), and William Conrad (Cannon, Jake and the Fatman) as the narrator.

Although the first season of Buck Rogers pitted Rogers, Deering, and the survivors of Earth against the invasion forces of the Draconian Empire, during an actors strike in 1980, NBC decided to push the crew of the Searcher farther from Earth to look for the lost tribes of Earth that escaped into space after the nuclear war. Transformed into more of a Battlestar Galactica-type program, NBC canceled Buck Rogers in the 25th Century during Season Two after 13 episodes.

2 Seasons, 37 Episodes
September 20, 1979
Science Fiction
Cast: Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Felix Silla, Mel Blanc
Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers Full Episode Guide

  • After Buck rescues disaster survivors and a young woman captured by Dorian ruffians, Dorians attack the Searcher, determined to recapture the woman. As the situation becomes life-threatening, Buck learns some surprising facts about the Dorians.

  • A 500-year-old videotape implicates Buck in a conspiracy against Earth, and he's promptly tried for treason. Determined to prove his innocence, Buck undergoes a mind probe, but his memories don't contradict the evidence.

  • Buck, Hawk and Wilma return from a mission on a nearly deserted planet, only to discover that their crewmates' personalities have drastically changed in their absence. Dennis Haysbert guest stars.

  • When Buck and his crew encounter a dilapidated spacecraft, they escort the seven little aliens they find aboard the ship safely onto the Searcher. But the mischievous aliens may drive everyone crazy before they get to their destination.

  • When Buck attempts to rescue the few survivors of a colony that was swept by plague, he contracts the disease himself and turns into a satyr -- a beast who is half man and half goat.

  • After Buck and his crew discover both a woman who's lost her memory and a mummy-like creature while searching for fuel crystals on an alien planet, they try to determine the connection between the two.

  • Buck tries to help an alien boy reconnect with his companion on a nearby planet. But upon arrival, they discover the companion has been captured by a greedy man who is eager to profit from his power to turn things into gold.

  • When a Saurian boards the Searcher disguised as a human in the first stage of a planned takeover, only the feverish Buck, who has an odd virus, can see his true form. But Buck's crew members dismiss his warnings as lunatic rants.

  • After a dying man on a remote planet gives Buck a glowing jade box with mysterious contents, a series of problems besieges the Searcher and its crew. Harry Townes and Dennis Haysbert guest star.

  • Buck and his crew escort an alien ambassador to a peace conference aimed at preventing an intergalactic war. But when their shuttle crashes in the desert, they must walk to their destination, facing fierce creatures along the way.

  • Buck and his crew escort an alien ambassador to a peace conference aimed at preventing an intergalactic war. But when their shuttle crashes in the desert, they must walk to their destination, facing fierce creatures along the way.

  • Buck, Wilma, and Twiki set off into deep space aboard the Searcher, a starship on a mission to find the lost tribes of Earth -- humans who fled to the stars after a nuclear holocaust that all but destroyed the planet. The Searcher encounters a severely-damaged spacecraft with one survivor, who tells them of a savage attack by a bird-man named Hawk. Searcher sets course for the planet where it is believed Hawk lives, and Buck soon becomes involved in a desperate battle of wits and piloting skills with Hawk. Hawk's mate, who was a passenger in Hawk's ship, is mortally wounded in the battle and Buck and Hawk form a shaky alliance to seek medical aid for her. Eventually, Hawk joins the crew of the Searcher, looking for others of his kind.

  • Searching for humans who escaped after a nuclear holocaust on Earth, Buck and his crew encounter an angry bird-man named Hawk who engages them in a game that tests both their wits -- and their flying ability. Dennis Haysbert guest stars.

  • Leaders on the planet Pendar ask both Buck and Princess Ardala for help in defending themselves against the evil witch Zarina. But the bitter rivals must join forces if they want to be of assistance. Julie Newmar, Vera Miles and Sam Jaffe guest star.

  • While traveling through a black hole, Buck discovers a peaceful planet that's being threatened by an evil witch. Elsewhere in the universe, Princess Ardala is determined to find her dream man. Julie Newmar, Vera Miles and Sam Jaffe guest star.

  • Buck steps in when a villainous warlord terrorizes an entire planet. But the warlord's unexpected special powers may prove to be too much for the heroic astronaut.

  • When the act of listening to the music of the rock band Andromeda starts making teenagers violent, Buck tries to stop the villain who's planning to broadcast their upcoming concert. Jerry Orbach and Richard Moll guest star.

  • Invited as a special guest, Buck attends the 2492 Olympics. But he soon finds himself in the middle of a political situation as one of the athletes from the planet Lozira tries to defect to Earth.

  • Buck races to the rescue after a malevolent mining magnate abducts Twiki with plans to duplicate him and create a non-human workforce for his mines. All the while, a giant asteroid is headed straight toward planet Earth.

  • Since she can't have Buck as her lover, the ardent Princess Ardala entices him onto a fake 20th century spacecraft. She then captures him and proceeds with a plan to clone him. Michael Ansara guest stars.

  • When someone sends Buck a mysterious gift, he looks back on his career using a mind probe in an effort to unravel the mystery. Gary Coleman, Jack Palance, Jamie Lee Curtis, Buster Crabbe and Frank Gorshin guest star.

  • Buck is homesick as his 534th birthday draws near, so Dr. Huer and Wilma plan a surprise party. Meanwhile, a villain who can turn people into marble sets his sights on Dr. Huer.

  • After a string of gruesome deaths on Space Station Theta, Buck and Wilma begin to suspect it's the work of a space vampire. The trouble is, nobody else wants to believe them.

  • Buck and his crewmates climb aboard a cruise ship to try and locate the kidnappers who attempted to snatch the reigning Miss Cosmos. Dorothy Stratten guest stars as the glamorous beauty queen in question.

  • Convinced that Buck is the perfect man, Princess Ardala vows she will one day marry him. But she bolsters her desire with brute force when she threatens to use a powerful weapon against Earth if she doesn't get her way.

  • Buck tries to help after the president of the planet Genesia -- a child genius from the 20th century -- is captured and held on a faraway planet by a kidnapper asking for a huge ransom. Gary Coleman and Ray Walston guest star.

  • When the Ruathans capture all their men, Amazon women start abducting mates -- and Buck is a prime target. But after he's auctioned off to the prime minister's daughter, he makes a deal: If his captors free him, he'll help them get their men back.

  • Buck goes undercover as a prisoner to rescue a woman who was wrongly locked up in an extraterrestrial jail. Once she's free, the Earth Defense Directorate hopes she'll supply information about her pirate boyfriend. Jamie Lee Curtis guest stars.

  • Buck and Wilma join forces with a previously retired fighting squadron to stop two interstellar criminals who plan to attack Earth with chemical weapons. Peter Graves, Elizabeth Allen and Woody Strode guest star.

  • When the Legion of Death captures Buck, he must figure out how to escape and prevent the group from wiping out New Chicago -- and all of its residents -- with an antimatter explosion. Frank Gorshin and Markie Post guest star.

  • Buck infiltrates a group of assassins intent on destroying New Chicago by pretending to be sympathetic to their plot. But things go awry when his cover is blown. Frank Gorshin and Markie Post guest star.

  • When the corrupt leader of a Las Vegas-type city kidnaps a woman with intentions to remove information from her brain and use it to destroy a competitor, Buck flies in to rescue her. Cesar Romero guest stars.

  • Most of Earth's defense squadron becomes incapacitated after ingesting poisoned food discs. Buck travels to the planet of the food's origin, Vistula, with Wilma and flight instructor Duke Danton (Groh), an old boyfriend of Wilma's. On the planet, they trace the plot to a man named Kaleel (Palance) who has been selling slaves to the planet's governor (McDowall) and secretly building an attack fleet. With so few fighter pilots, Earth's defense force is now outnumbered 10-to-1. Buck must rescue Wilma from Kaleel's mountain fortress and destroy the fleet before they can reach Earth. This episode was initially aired as

  • After most of the fighter pilots defending Earth become ill, Dr. Huer and Buck investigate to determine whether someone has tampered with their food supply. Roddy McDowall, Buster Crabbe, Jack Palance and David Groh guest star.

  • In the year 1987, NASA launched space probe Ranger III, with astronaut William "Buck" Rogers, on a 5-month trip around the solar system. However, the craft runs into a meteor storm, which disrupts its life support system and sends it into a long elliptical orbit of the Earth. In the year 2491, Ranger III again approaches the Earth, and is intercepted by the alien flagship Draconia, which is on a peace mission to Earth. Aboard the Draconia, Buck is revived by Princess Ardala and her second-in-command, Kane, whose true plan is to attack and conquer Earth. Buck is sent to Earth with a hidden homing device, which is soon discovered by Earth's Defense Directorate. After Buck convinces the humans of his true identity -- a man from the past -- he helps them to repel the Draconians' attack, with the aid of the mechanoids Dr. Theopolis and Twiki.

  • Princess Ardala revives astronaut Buck Rogers from a state of suspended animation 500 years after he set off on what was supposed to be a 5-month space journey. Learning he's now in the 25th century, Buck heads toward Earth.

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