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Call The Midwife is a period drama that follows the goings-on within a 1950s East London community. Told primarily from the vantage point of a young nurse, Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine), it co-stars Pam Ferris and Judy Parfitt as fellow midwives of Nonnatus House, a nursing convent. The series features the voice of Vanessa Redgrave as the mature Jenny Lee and was created by Heidi Thomas.

Jenny Lee, a newly qualified midwife, arrives at Nonnatus House and is surprised to discover it is a convent. Through Jenny's eyes, the other midwives are introduced and also the Sisters of St. John the Divine, an Anglican order of nuns. The Sisters include Monica Joan (Parfitt), Bernadette (Laura Main), Evangelina (Ferris), and Julienne (Jenny Agutter). The other midwives are Cynthia (Bryony Hannah) and Trixie (Helen George). Jenny is overwhelmed at first but soon reclaims her equilibrium, settling into daily life at the convent and on East End.

Jenny is seemingly tossed at once into the daunting task of caring for Mrs. Conchita Warren during the woman's 23rd pregnancy. Conchita's husband is a veteran of the Spanish Civil War, and Conchita is not only his wife, she is his grandest war souvenir. She speaks no English and cares for her gargantuan family. During inclement weather, she slips and falls, not only concussing herself but going into labor at seven and a half months. On her own, Jenny must keep Conchita alive and safely deliver her premature baby.

Into Nonnatus House moves Chummy, an idealistic young woman whose goal of becoming a missionary arouses Sister Evangelina's dislike. Chummy is eager to please and tries a little too hard. She cannot ride a bike, and the other midwives attempt but fail to teach her. One such outing results in a collision with a police officer, PC Noakes, who subsequently asks Chummy out on a date. While Chummy negotiates her new surroundings and case load, Jenny meets Mary, a 15 year old Irish girl who is a bit lost and very pregnant. Mary has run away from an abusive home, and she has recently escaped the clutches of a brothel owner. Mary's care with a religious charity is arranged by Sister Julienne, and Mary is sent off to her new life, though she unfortunately miscarries.

The times comes for Jenny to deepen her experience with community practice, and for a month she is placed on the district nursing roster. She begins to provide in-home care to a variety of community members, among them Joe, a onetime soldier. Joe, a nearly blind octogenarian, lives in squalor, his flat filthy and much in need of cleaning. He and Jenny become friends. When Joe's building is declared condemned, Jenny devises a plan to rescue him from this horrid fate, arranging residency for him within a retirement home. In a contrapuntal story, Ted and Winnie are a married couple getting on in their years. Ted is thrilled to discover he will be a parent. Winnie is petrified, having three kids from a previous marriage, and many other secrets to boot. Ted, beside himself, escorts Winnie to and from her doctor's appointments, and is a perfect gentleman when Winnie's baby turns out to be black, clearly not sired by the very Anglo Ted.

Jenny delivers a girl to Shirley Redmond. Shirley is overjoyed at the arrival of her bundle, Gilian, as her previous bundle was stillborn. Gilian is kidnapped outside the Redmond household during a commotion one day, and the entire community commences a search. It's later discovered Gilian was taken by Mary, the Irish runaway Jenny assisted at a previous time. The police threaten to charge Mary, but Jenny urges Sisters Julienne and Evangelina to intervene, which they do to great effect. Sister Mary Joan is accused of theft and the other Sisters fear the future of Nonnatus House. Chummy considers breaking with PC Noakes, but the Sisters convince her otherwise. Mother Jesu appears to give testimony on Sister Mary Joan's behalf, and Sister Mary Joan is exonerated. Chummy marries PC Noakes, and Jenny rekindles a romance with an ex-boyfriend as Christmas approaches.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on PBS
8 Seasons, 62 Episodes
September 30, 2012
Cast: Vanessa Redgrave, Laura Main, Jenny Agutter, Judy Parfitt
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Call the Midwife Full Episode Guide

  • As Poplar prepares for Christmas, the nuns leave for the Mother House to vote in a new mother superior and to help care for a group of Chinese orphans. Meanwhile, Trixie returns to Poplar refreshed and is shocked to discover that many mothers no longer want to give birth at home.

  • The team must rally to prepare for Sister Monica Joan's birthday. Meanwhile the closing of a nearby maternity home brings an influx of expectant mothers onto the team's books. Lucille meets Olive Mawson, whose father Stanley Hodgkiss has a secret he can no longer keep.

  • The team rallies to prepare for Sister Monica Joan's birthday.

  • Barbara helps a pregnant mother-of-two whose husband has recently died, and is on hand to give her support when a further tragedy drives her and her children from their home. Lucille teaches a health and relationships class at the youth club, only to encounter a furious mother who objects to her daughter attending. Sister Monica Joan goes into hospital for cataract surgery.

  • Barbara gets involved with a recently widowed pregnant woman. Sister Monica Joan has her cataract surgery.

  • Nurse Crane and Trixie investigate when a mother abandons her children at the clinic, fearing they were being abused or neglected. Her husband admits that she has been behaving strangely lately, and when she is referred to a neurologist by Dr Turner, the truth proves devastating for the whole family. Christopher admits that Alexandra has been unhappy since his divorce, and Violet and Fred organize a beauty contest to raise money for charity. Valerie and Magda both sign up and quickly become close friends - leading to the sharing of a terrible secret.

  • Lucille faces racism and prejudice when a new mother falls ill. Sister Winifred is keen to have fathers be more involved in the care of their babies.

  • Owing to the snow, Lucille is two days late and her start is bumpy when she falls ill. Lucille is called out from her sick bed to assist Trixie with a breech birth. Nadine Mulvaney, a single mother and exotic dancer in Soho, plans to give the baby up for adoption. But Trixie is concerned that Nadine's Rhesus Negative blood type might cause problems for baby.

  • It’s 1963 and Poplar is covered by a thick blanket of snow as the nuns and nurses of Nonnatus House face the challenge of the coldest winter for three hundred years. Battling against snow, ice, power cuts and frozen pipes, the midwives brave the elements to provide the best possible care for their patients. Valerie helps a young couple newly arrived in London, who experience a traumatic birth. Sister Julienne strives to reunite a family torn apart by a tormenting father.

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