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Camp Lazio is an animated cartoon show geared towards young viewers through school aged children. The main characters are a group of anthropomorphic animals that visits a summer camp. They are always finding adventure and rival a neighboring summer camp of all female characters, although all the main characters in this show are male.

Camp Lazio follows Lazlo, a quirky Brazilian spider monkey as he tries to bring peace to every situation, although he often finds mischief while reeking havoc on the summer camp. Children of all ages are sure to love the off the wall characters, fun adventures and goofy story-lines that Camp Lazio brings to life. Adventure and fun are around every corner with this prank filled animated cartoon.

Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 57 Episodes
July 8, 2005
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny, Jeff Bennett, Steve Little
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Camp Lazlo Full Episode Guide

  • Lumpus's Last Stand - Lumpus is hailed as a hero upon discovering that painting your clothes on is better than washing them. Peace Frog - When Scoutmaster Lumpus' new smoke-belching super truck sickens all of the frogs being trained for the great Frog jump, Lazlo strikes a deal that proves a far leap for the manly moose.

  • Chip and Skip wreak havoc on the camp as they search for their favorite penny; labor-saving gadgets leave Raj weak as a baby.

  • Almondine searches for the true meaning of beauty; Clam encounters both heroes and outlaws in the hills.

  • Slinkman organizes a group to address camp complaints; Scoutmaster Lumpus is brokenhearted after Jane Doe is wooed by Mayor Pothole McPucker.

  • An odd sleeping bag spices up a camping trip; Edward must complete a list of good deeds as penance for accidentally injuring Lazlo.

  • Skip and Chip bond with a surrogate mom.

  • Edward attempts to gain a friend; the gang imagines a perfect place called Camp Dinkey.

  • Samson fibs and tells the campers he has a famous friend; Slinkman's coffee-table creeps him out.

  • Lazlo and Raj fall for the same girl; after some convincing from Lumpus, Lazlo starts to dislike Camp Kidney.

  • Samson's chemistry experiments cause problems; Edward is critical of Lazlo's tour of Camp Kidney.

  • Lazlo champions Camp Kidney's addition to a place-mat map at a nearby restaurant; Harold shows off for Raj.

  • Edward enjoys parenthood after he lays an egg; Slinkman follows the 'Squirrel Scout Manual Book.'

  • Camp Kidney is overrun by award mania; Samson finds a friend in a frozen caveman.

  • A Valentine's card is wreaking havoc throughout Camp Kidney! / The Dungs have to earn their keep if they want to stick around.

  • Samson has more grief in store after he is kidnapped by three aliens; Squirrel Scout Camp becomes the aliens' new haunt as they cause trouble between Patsy and Nina.

  • "Where's Lazlo" - When Lazlo goes missing from Camp Kidney, a nostalgic Raj and Clam recall life at camp before and after Lazlo arrived. Through flashbacks, we see how what had once been a dreary existence for the Bean Scouts of Camp Kidney, was drastically altered with the mere ARRIVAL of our favorite little monkey.

  • "Where's Lazlo" - When Lazlo goes missing from Camp Kidney, a nostalgic Raj and Clam recall life at camp before and after Lazlo arrived. Through flashbacks, we see how what had once been a dreary existence for the Bean Scouts of Camp Kidney, was drastically altered with the mere ARRIVAL of our favorite little monkey.

  • Scout master Lumpus becomes obsessed with the camp newspaper in the first half of the show. Later, on the second half the show, Edward tries to mail himself out of Camp Kidney.

  • Lumpus discovers that he and Lazlo are related he reluctantly decides to leave camp Kidney to him. So veeeery reluctantly.

  • Nurse Leslie goes on an overnight hike; Edward fakes a Yeti attack.

  • The Squirrel Scouts put Slinkman through the ringer when he takes over the Acorn Flats as the scoutmaster.

  • Lazlo wants to make the best float for a parade; Samson decides to fight back after he's continually assaulted by rubber balls.

  • Spacemates: Chip and Skip are Nina's soul mates and she is repulsed, until they build a spaceship.Temper Tee Pee: During a checkers tournament, Edward gets angry because he lost most of the games of checkers. So angry, that Slinkman had to kick him out of the tournament and send him to the Temper Tee Pee, which is a tee pee Chef McMueseli made. There, Chef McMueseli tries several attempts to calm Edward down. By the time Chef McMueseli is done with Edward, he becomes very calm and is now called Little Happy Rock. Because of her checkers etiquette, Gretchen is sent to the Temper Tee Pee. There, she ruins everything and even takes away Edward's headband (Edward says she took away his "happy"). Edward becomes angry and they have a fight. In order to find their happy place, Edward and Gretchen together play a game of checkers with the scout they both hate: Lazlo. Who will win the game and will Edward and Gretchen find their happy places?

  • Sweet Dreams Baby: The Jelly Beans are invited to a sleepover with Lumpus because their cabin went up to space and it's o\n the same night as Lumpus's speech with the Legumes.Dirt Nappers: Samson cleans Camp Kidney with a vacuum cleaner, but without dirt, Chip & Skip will lay dormant for 100 years unless the Bean Scouts get their dirt back. They discover that the Squirrel Scouts have their dirt for a spa. Now how are they going to acquire it back.

  • Squirrel Seats: Patsy tries to sit with Lazlo on the bus, but ends up causing problems with the other Bean Scouts.Creepy Crawly Campy: Raj has a fear of bugs, until a bug named Elebug arrives in his cabin. Now his fear is eliminated and wants to share the bug life with Camp Kidney, but the now the camp is covered with bugs.

  • Where's Clam?: Raj tells a story about Clam being invisible when losing him in the forest.Bowling for Dinosaurs: Lazlo is tricked by Lumpus into making a bowling alley.

  • Waiting for Edward: Edward has to look after Chip & Skip.Beans in Toyland: Miss Mucus may bake Raj and Lazlo into Bean Scout cookies.

  • Lumpus tries to get a role in a play about the seven types of deadly sandwiches at Camp Kidney when he lies to Ms. Doe.

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