Candid Camera

This show centers on laughter and different situations that are presented to random people in the area. People are approached and asked questions that seem to be irrelevant to anything and suddenly the situation changes and often times people are scared out of their minds. The characters set up different events in the general public and try to get a response out of people. People on the streets react in many different ways to the events that are planned. Some get mad, others laugh and some even cry. They create stunts and act them out and utilize the people in the general area also. The people in the area have no idea they are being set up for a stunt or even being recorded for a television show. The ideas and stunts used always involve people who have no clue they will be involved.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on TV Land
1 Season, 10 Episodes
August 11, 2014
Comedy, Reality
Cast: Allen Funt
Candid Camera

Candid Camera Full Episode Guide

  • Shoppers are perplexed by a TV that has 11 inches of picture and 49 inches of ads. Carnie Wilson pretends to be a waitress who tastes customers' food. Video producers must work with the world's laziest cat.

  • Diners are shocked to see restaurant employees wearing germ masks. A snack machine advertises candy but makes an unexpected delivery. A beauty salon serves both humans and dogs! Kids primp in the mirror for the first day of school.

  • Featuring an un-tanning machine that removes your tan; an in-store purchase fee for customers; making change for a dime.

  • Featuring unsuspecting members of the public in candid situations.

  • Workers at a call centers are squirted during a video chat and a movie theater uses scanners to check for illegal snack foods being consumed.

  • Carnie Wilson (from the band Wilson Phillips) plays a comical nervous tattoo artist. Patrons at a New York restaurant are served dishes which are entirely foam. Golfers get upset when balls magically fall off the tee.

  • A store in Arizona denies service to straight customers. Employees at a supermarket in Connecticut are shocked when they're traded to a rival store. Baseball great Reggie Jackson makes a guest appearance at dry cleaning shop.

  • Volunteers in Denver sample what they believe is marijuana, but the "buzz" is from merely water vapor. Drivers are stopped for going 8 MPH in a 5 MPH zone. At dinner, a guy dunks his donut in strangers' coffee.

  • New York freestyle rappers get prompted with words that don't exist, and a Chicago apartment appears to be a great deal, but it doesn't have a bathroom.

  • Megan Hilty drives a car that doesn't have an engine, and online exams for dental patients. Mayim Bialik and Peter Funt host.

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