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  • 2020
  • 1 Season
  • 6.0  (413)

On the night he plans to propose, Sebastian learns that his girlfriend of ten years cheated on him. Newly single, he is thrust into the world of dating and into the arms of his misfit friends who are all just as unlucky in love as he is.

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We Were a Short Story
10. We Were a Short Story
June 26, 2020
Sebastian, still in shock, and thoroughly devastated by his unexpected tragedy, attends Julieta's funeral with his friends. He is quickly pushed aside by her many ex-boyfriends and discovers several aspects of Julieta's life and personality that he was not aware of. The ex-boyfriends start a competition to determine who was the most important one in Julieta's life. Sebastian has a meltdown when he realizes that he knew very little about her. Daniel, depressed, unemployed and soon to lose his relationship, tries to make up with Mafer at the funeral. Unfortunately, both are constantly harassed and interrupted by a persistent and peculiar seller of funeral plans who refuses to let them go until they buy a plan for their significant other. The seller's insistence and the possibility of being buried together make them reflect upon their relationship's future. Gonzalo, who has not been able to get over his encounter with Fabiana, is now secretly in love with her. He tries to keep his cool during the funeral and act as naturally as possible in front of her. Fabiana, however, knows him too well and immediately notices that something is amiss, so she grasps the opportunity to make him suffer a little. Fish, who is back with Melodi after her plastic surgery, spends the whole funeral trying to keep down her embarrassing wailing, as the awkward glances of his friends and Julieta's family are all upon her.
Wrap it up
9. Wrap it up
June 26, 2020
After his movie was canceled, along with his dreams, Sebastian has a relapse. His behavior worries Natalia, while Lorenza and Lucia feel for him. When Sebastian realizes that his ex and his agent pity him, he rethinks his position and realizes that he has a lot of things to be grateful for. At home, Julieta gives him the push he needed to finally take seriously a script he wrote years ago. Daniel is caught up in a tangled web of self-inflicted problems. He keeps hiding the truth about his dismissal from Mafer, even though she tries to give him every opportunity to open up. Feeling betrayed, Mafer decides to tell Daniel that she is aware of the truth. During their fight, other lies that Daniel had told her suddenly emerge. Their relationship seems to be about to end. Gonzo treats Fabiana with indifference and introduces her to his new conquest: Sofia, a highly attractive woman who seems to outdo Fabiana in every possible way. Fabiana feels like a fish out of water after losing her financial independence and Gonzo's attention. She is going through such a rough patch that she starts to believe she is under the influence of Mercury retrograde. She doesn't want to admit that she misses Gonzo and is jealous of Sofia. However, after a long and hard self-analysis, she decides to take the bull by the horns. Fish takes care of Melodi, the broad he met in Episode 3, while she recovers from a triple cosmetic operation: buttocks, breasts, and liposuction. His nursing job turns out to be demanding, but at least he is certain that this one won't be able to run away.
F*ck me more
8. F*ck me more
June 26, 2020
Sebastian hears some lovely ukulele notes. It's Julieta, singing a song she just wrote for him. She proposes to have breakfast with the gang so that she can get to meet them. At the brunch, they all end up mesmerized by Julieta and let her into their circle. Everyone is happy, except Fish, who is sure that Julieta is hiding something, she is too good to be true. He doesn't want his best friend to end up brokenhearted again. Daniel, who is working from a caf
7. Romcom
June 26, 2020
At Foro del Tejedor, Julieta gets off the stage and Sebastian kisses her. Fabiana goes out for drinks with Rocio and Carlos, who are also polygamous and she happily partakes with the couple in bed. Meanwhile, Gonzo and Fish get drunk and enter a taco eating competition. They are not sure if they'll make it without Sebastian but end up winning regardless. Fabiana gets dressed and ready to leave but the couple stop her and ask her to stay. Sebastian and Julieta lock themselves up in the apartment and make love. Fabiana wakes up at Rocio and Carlos's place. She is about to give them a good morning kiss but they move away from her and let her know of their rules. Julieta and Sebastian start falling in love. At the street market, Fish buys
6. HIV
June 26, 2020
An incensed Fabiana tells the gang that Eustaquio, some hippie guy she occasionally bangs, won't leave her apartment. Gonzo hands her his disclaimer to help her out but Fabiana disapproves of his contract to nail people and then discard them, so she refuses to use it. Later, she bumps into Tony who surprisingly now looks like a Calvin Klein model and is dating a supermodel. Tony tells them that his life changed thanks to HIV (Highly Intense Virility), a pick-up course he designed to
Friends for what?
5. Friends for what?
June 26, 2020
The trials that Ad
Love Ride
4. Love Ride
June 26, 2020
Sebastian and Fish try their damnedest to find Julieta and distribute flyers around the city to get information about the girl with the unicorn pin. Lucia gets ready to shoot her first scene with Sebastian and finds in Fabiana a shoulder to cry on. Fabiana tries to establish a channel of communication between Lucia and Sebastian in a way that resentment doesn't ruin both their careers. While shooting their first scene, in the aftermath of their breakup, Lucia and Sebastian's emotions go overboard. Ad
3. Melodi
June 26, 2020
Tired of hearing Sebastian pine for Lucia and eager to help him get back to the dating world, Sebastian's friends organize a party to welcome him into singledom. He is not very convinced, so they help him out by creating a Swiper profile for him and getting him the perfect date. He finally caves in but under one condition: EVERYONE must go to the same venue that night. Sebastian's date seems to be going awry, so he reaches out to his friends for advice. Unfortunately, they have plans already. Gonzo tries to sabotage Fabiana's chance of meeting a well-educated professor, Fish gets tangled in a very extravagant date and Mafer and Daniel have a moment of revelation that will change their relationship forever. After a failed date, and ready to give up, Sebastian discovers that the love of his life may not be inside an app.
The Temple of Smiles
2. The Temple of Smiles
June 26, 2020
Devastated by his breakup, Lucia's infidelity, public humiliation, and a disastrous audition with the eccentric and acclaimed director Ad
1. Dumped2
June 26, 2020
Sebastian is getting ready for the biggest marriage proposal of all time. Or at least, that's what he thinks. He will propose in front of the cameras, at the 3D premiere of

On the night he plans to propose, Sebastian learns that his girlfriend of ten years cheated on him. Newly single, he is thrust into the world of dating and into the arms of his misfit friends who are all just as unlucky in love as he is. C is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on June 26, 2020.

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  • Premiere Date
    June 26, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (413)