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It's a hard knock life for Yoon Mi So (Park Sun Young). A destitute young Mi So was brought up in an orphanage, yet eventually found good fortune in the form of Lee Min Jae (Heo Tae Hee), a rich heir. But what appeared to be a storybook ending with her prince turns into tragedy when Tae Hee leaves her high and dry as a young divorcee. Cast away like a used toy, Mi So hits her all-time low: after a life of abandonment and betrayal, can she reset and find love again?

Monday - Thursday 9:45 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 100 Episodes
April 8, 2013
Korean Drama
Cast: Min Choe, Dae-Hoon Choi, Dean Dawson, Taehee Heo
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Crazy Love Full Episode Guide

  • A year later, it's time for everybody to get back to as normal as possible and for Mi So to try and love again.

  • Things move forward on Mi So's plan for revenge as Oh Tae San, Hae Ryung and Na Young get ready to pay for their crimes.

  • It appears Mi So's dad's condition worsened out of the nowhere but Jae Hyuk finds out Oh Tae San may have been involved.

  • Kyung Soo continues to miss Mi So and Oh Tae San finally begins to feel the heat of the investigation.

  • Mi So learns Jae Hyuk has been helping Na Young hide and Mi So's dad may be coming out of the coma.

  • Since Kyung Soo is still reluctant to give up on Mi So, she gives him a new reason to forget about her.

  • Kyung Soo finds out about Mi So's deal with Director Jo and Na Young is considering turning herself in.

  • After finding out from Na Young where Hae Ram is buried, Mi So finally gets to visit Hae Ram's grave.

  • Worried about going to jail Na Young goes on the run. Vice President Go finds out Mi So is her real biological daughter.

  • Mi So confronts Na Young about Hae Ram and more of Na Young's lies are falling apart.

  • What happened to Hae Ram continues to become clearer. Chan Ki and Jong Hee admit their feelings for each other.

  • Mi So's new position causes those who want to see her fail to join forces.

  • The path to Mi So's revenge begins with her getting a surprising position at CK Foods.

  • Mi So decides to pretend she still hasn't got her memory back and recruits help in her plot to get revenge.

  • With her memory back Mi So decides she must make those who have wronged her, pay.

  • Mi So is struggling to regain her memory as she is closer than ever, to finding the truth about Hae Ram.

  • Oh Tae San finds out where Kyung Soo and Mi So have been hiding and sends his guys to kill them.

  • Mi So and Kyung Soo plan a promise ceremony before Kyung Soo goes to battle with Oh Tae San.

  • Tae San threatens to bring down Mi So's family as a way of making Kyung Soo do his bidding. Mi So follows a new lead about Hae Ram's whereabouts.

  • Mi So and Kyung Soo have to go into hiding due to a death threat from Tae San.

  • Oh Tae San will no longer stand Idly by as Kyung Soo looks to bring him down. Can Kyung Soo keep himself and Mi So safe?

  • Yoon Mi So's relationship with Attorney Seo is badly strained when Han Na Young suggests that she and Attorney Seo were having an affair.

  • Kyung Soo declares war on Tae San Capital, even at the cost of his job. To Na Young's delight, Mi So decides to hand in her resignation.

  • Mi So is determined to be with Kyung Soo, despite her father's forbidding.

  • With the knowledge of who killed his brother Kyung Soo declares war on the dangerous Oh Tae San.

  • The truth about his brother is almost too much for Kyung Soo to handle. Na Young looks for a way to use her relationship with the Vice President to her advantage.

  • Kyung Soo finds out who killed his brother with the help of Manager Baek.

  • Vice President Go's meeting with her long lost daughter gets canceled and Hae Ryung plans her next move to get rid of Mi So.

  • Mi So and Kyung Soo continue to meet disapproval over their relationship. Vice President Go may have found her long lost daughter.

  • Mi So's father finds out about her relationship with Kyung Soo and is vehemently against it.

  • Fueled by jealousy, Na Young schemes to create a company scandal involving Mi So.

  • As more people find out about Mi So and Kyung Soo, even more obstacles pile on top of their current troubles.

  • Na Young confronts Mi So about her relationship with Kyung Soo. Kyung Soo and Na Young decide to get a divorce.

  • With their secret now out, Mi So and Kyung So must deal with the fall out.

  • Jong Hee strongly advises Mi So to end her relationship with Kyung Soo in light of the potential dangers involved.

  • Jong Hee and now Jae Hyuk continue to disapprove of Mi So's relationship with Kyung Soo.

  • Jong Hee connects the dots on Mi So's relationship with Kyung Soo. Can they get her to accept them as an item?

  • Mi So learns about the attorney's unfortunate past

  • After almost suffocating in a warehouse fire Kyung Soo gets closer to Mi So.

  • Mi So's accomplishments are causing President Huh and Min Jae to become more desperate as they are at danger of losing CK.

  • Mi So's Presentation goes off without a hitch while things keep getting worse for Min Jae and his mom.

  • Mi So is busy preparing for the launch of her new item. Jae Hyuk decides he wants to be more than just friends with Mi So.

  • Mi So is able to salvage the possible merger between CK and Queen Distribution after her failed presentation.

  • As Mi So's next presentation nears, Na Young tries again to sabotage her.

  • Na Young continues to try an sabotage Mi So's project for CK.

  • Seeing Kyung Soo everyday at work may prove too much for Mi So as she tries to deny her feelings for him.

  • Mi So continues to struggle in her dealings with her former in-laws at CK.

  • Mi So and Jong Hee ace their first presentation even after Na Young tried to sabotage them.

  • Mi So and Jong Hee get their first big task for work and Kyung Soo finds out that Mi So is working at CK.

  • Mi So makes a decision to take a job at CK to pay Chan Ki's settlement and she finds out who her secret guardian angel is.

  • Min Jae is very serious about putting Chan Ki in jail, so Mi So has to come up with the settlement money.

  • Kyung Soo is learning that leaving Hae Ryung is easier said than done and Mi So once again finds her family fighting with Min Jae's.

  • As Mi So keeps move on with her life, her relationship with Kyung Soo continues to get closer.

  • Kyung Soo's lawsuit may be the end of his career and marriage. Manager Baek finds out where Eun Joo is now.

  • After the death of President Gu, Kyung Soo is more determined to proceeds with his lawsuit against his father-in-law, Oh Tae San.

  • Kyung Soo stands up to his father-in-law to avoid history repeating itself. Jong Hee moves in with Mi So's family.

  • Mi So begins to accept that she has feelings for Seo Kyung Soo.

  • Kyung Soo is able to take care of the Yoon family's problem. Na Young is closer to being the next Mrs. Lee Min Jae.

  • Mi So is trying to get out of her trouble without Kyung Soo's help, but it doesn't seem that will be possible.

  • Can Mi So and Kyung Soo face each other after the kiss and how will Mi So get out of her dad's new financial troubles.

  • Just as Mi So is learning how to make money, her dad once again finds himself in a financial mess.

  • With the divorce papers now signed, Mi So tries to figure out what she will do with her life.

  • Mi So is running out of chances to save her marriage as Min Jae has moved out and his mother has started the divorce proceedings.

  • As Min Jae continues to physically abuse Mi So, others begin to find out and someone has to step in.

  • Mi So wants to make things work with Min Jae but his hate, and the comfort he's finding in the arms of Na Young, may be too much to overcome.

  • Divorce seems to really in play now as Min Jae and Mi so are as far away from happy as ever.

  • As Min Jae's hatred of Mi So continues to grow he finds out about Kyung Soo and things reach a boiling point.

  • After Kyung Soo saves her from a moment of desperation, Mi So starts accepting the loss of Hae Ram.

  • While the rest of the family is moving on Mi So refuses to believe that Hae Ram is gone.

  • President Huh is dead set on having a funeral for Hae Ram and getting rid of Mi So.

  • The Lee family, especially Mi So, is struggling to accept the loss of Hae Ram.

  • Na Young reaches the couple fishing before Mi So and Min Jae, now they may have lost Hae Ram forever.

  • As Na Young makes her way back into CK and the lives of the Lee family, Hae Ram is found outside of Seoul by a couple out fishing.

  • With the decision to go public with their search the Lee family pulls out all the stops in trying to find Hae Ram.

  • The momentary false hope and continued stress of looking for Hae Ram is affecting the entire Lee family.

  • Mi So's mental health really begins to suffer as Hae Ram remains missing.

  • After suffering such humiliation Na Young looks to get revenge on the entire Lee Family.

  • Na Young's endeavor to hurt Mi So fails and all her lies at work are exposed.

  • Mi So asks Na Young if she really is Sun Hee. Also, Mi So makes a new friend, Kyung Soo's wife.

  • Min Jae attempts to find out who Na Young really is. Mi So learns what Kyung Soo did to her family.

  • With Mi So's family debt taken care of she now focuses o getting her family life back together

  • Can Mi So ever trust Min Jae again after she finds him hugging and kissing Na Young?

  • A work project brings Min Jae and Na Young closer as Mi So remains banished from home.

  • Mi So's mother-in-law is hospitalized after one of their confrontations. Can Min Jae and Mi So survive more strife?

  • Mi So is tormented trying to find a way to pay back her father's gambling debt.

  • Will all the forces against them finally break up the union of Mi So and Min Jae.

  • Min Jae's mother has taken her hate of Mi So to a new level.

  • Mi So runs into a familiar face at the orphanage and finds out the person she trust the most is betraying her.

  • Strife in the Lee household is reaching levels that may demand some kind of change.

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