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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 6.1  (99)

Catalina Creel, a woman as beautiful as evil, hides a terrible secret she can kill her own family for. A bisexual son, a stepson that tries to bury her and an innocent mislead girl are the pieces that Catalina will move in her lethal game.

Cuna de Lobos
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The Fall of the Crown
25. The Fall of the Crown
November 8, 2019
Catalina gets rid of Francisco. Following Catalina and Francisco's steps, Leonora finds out that her ex-mother in law and her son are in the yacht. Catalina subdues her, but the police and Jose Carlos arrive with a great operative to rescue Leonora and the boy, and to neutralize Catalina. Things don't turn out well, because Catalina makes the yacht explode with her and Edgar on board.
The King is Dead, Long Live the King!
24. The King is Dead, Long Live the King!
November 7, 2019
Catalina tells Alejandro that there is a bomb in the plane, but it is too late to do anything. The plane crashes. Catalina is devastated because she killed her own son, and starts to organize her getaway. Desperate, she cuts out a mule to get the diamonds, killing him. She shoots Vega because she thinks he is responsible for Alejandro getting on that plane. Catalina kidnaps Leonora's son and calls him "my little Alejandro".
Pearls, Moon Tears
23. Pearls, Moon Tears
November 6, 2019
Francisco tells Catalina that he will run away with her. Ambar and Alejandro find out that the investigator that knew about Catalina and Francisco's relationship killed himself. Catalina orders to put a bomb in the plane that will take Jose Carlos to Sierra Leona, but finds out Alejandro has taken his place at the last minute.
Brilliant Revelation
22. Brilliant Revelation
November 5, 2019
Leonora walks free. Jose Carlos tells her that he loves her, but she is not ready. Alejandro gives the baby back to Leonora. Francisco gives Jose Carlos information about the diamonds traffic, and Luis gives him evidence that his father was murdered. Gelica dies in prison, while Catalina is about to kill Francisco.
Perfect Cut
21. Perfect Cut
November 4, 2019
Alvaro gives Jose Carlos his cellphone with the video of Catalina pushing Miguel, although it can't be clearly seen. Catalina cuts Alvaro's tongue. The police arrives looking for Catalina, but Gelica takes the blame, saying that she killed Miguel.
20. Indiscretion
November 1, 2019
Leonora is desperate because they took away her son. Vega tortures the watchman of the construction so he declares against Leonora. By orders of Catalina, Leonora gets beaten up in her cell. Alvaro leaves a message for Alejandro, saying that he saw Catalina killing Miguel.
Hate is Always Pure
19. Hate is Always Pure
October 31, 2019
Vega tells Catalina that they found Leonora's ring and some hair where Miguel was found dead. Alejandro is devastated and tries to shoot himself. To stop him, Catalina tells him that Leonora killed him. Leonora is arrested, and Alejandro takes her son, full of anger.
Gold Alliances
18. Gold Alliances
October 30, 2019
Leonora leaves home, leaving her wedding ring to Gelica. Catalina asks Vega to get rid of the DA. Bustamante is killed by hitmen in front of Jose Carlos. Catalina decides to get rid of Miguel, and throws him from the top of a construction site.
Of Pure Amber
17. Of Pure Amber
October 29, 2019
Jose Carlos goes to the DA Bustamante to report Catalina. Ambar tells Alejandro that his real father is Francisco. Alvaro calls Leonora and tells her where to find Alejandro with his lover. She arrives and finds Alejandro kissing Miguel.
Lost Diamonds
16. Lost Diamonds
October 28, 2019
Leonora's baby is born, and she is out of danger. They find the mule's body with the diamonds within. Ambar gets out of the coma. Alvaro discovers the relationship between Alejando and Miguel. Diego makes an appointment with Jose Carlos to show him the evidence against Catalina, but he finds him dead.
Precious Heir
15. Precious Heir
October 25, 2019
The police rescues Catalina, but Diego runs away. Jose Carlos tells Leonora that Gothier is involved in the diamonds traffic. After a few months, Miguel returns to Mexico and Alejandro decides to go with him. Leonora is in labour, but things get complicated and she is about to die.
Stones of Passion
14. Stones of Passion
October 24, 2019
Ambar calls Alejandro and tells him that Carlos was not his father. Catalina leaves her in a coma. Jose Carlos finds out that Gothier is involved in the traffic of diamonds from Sierra Leona. Leonora realises that she thinks a lot in Jose Carlos. Diego kidnaps Catalina and rapes her viciously.
The World's Most Expensive Body
13. The World's Most Expensive Body
October 23, 2019
Catalina finds out that Diego left some of the diamonds in the mule's body. Francisco decides to go to the gas station from where Ambar escaped, and asks for that night's videos. Luis gives Jose Carlos his contact in Sierra Leona so that he can investigate. Catalina arrives at Diego's house ready to kill him.
Bright Heart of Ice
12. Bright Heart of Ice
October 22, 2019
Francisco y Catalina get out unharmed from Ambar's attack. She tells her husband what Catalina did, but he does not believe her. Jose Carlos is more and more in love with Leonora. A mule who transports diamonds for Gothier dies, and they get rid of the body. Luis is threatened with Matias life if he doesn't stop investigating Gothier.
Amber Reflexes
11. Amber Reflexes
October 21, 2019
Catalina tricks Vicky into getting an abortion, and Jose Carlos suspects that his stepmother had something to do with it. Leonora decides to work at the jewellery. Catalina uses Ambar's earring to provoke her. She presents herself in front of Catalina and Francisco with a weapon. She shoots them.
The Most Precious Jewel
10. The Most Precious Jewel
October 18, 2019
Jose Carlos tells Francisco that he started to remember, and Catalina listens. Catalina orders an attack on Luis, not knowing that Leonora will be with him. They have a motorcycle accident, that puts the baby's life at risk. A girl named Vicky claims that she is expecting Jose Carlos' baby.
9. Alliance
October 17, 2019
Alejandro decides to marry after learning that Leonora is pregnant. Jose Carlos remembers Catalina making love with a man. Miguel arrives to stop the wedding, but he can't do it. Alejandro, devastated, tries to kill himself. Jose Carlos finds Ambar's earring.
18 Carats
8. 18 Carats
October 16, 2019
Miguel leaves Alejandro and goes to Chile. Catalina convinces him to marry Leonora. One month later, we learn that Ambar is alive and ready to get revenge. Alejandro goes after Miguel, ready to get back together, and tells his mother that the wedding with Leonora is off.
Mortal Gem
7. Mortal Gem
October 15, 2019
Catalina pretends that she will cede to the blackmailing. Leonora gets the blackmailer address because she thinks there is a news to pursue. Catalina goes to Mr X's apartment and kills him, just when Leonora arrives.
Pending Accounts
6. Pending Accounts
October 14, 2019
Catalina has dinner with Alejandro and Leonora, and gets her to feel comfortable. Gelica finds out that Catalina has Ambar's cellphone. Catalina gets threatened: she has to give them 500 thousand dollars, or her secret will be revealed.
Lady of the Rings
5. Lady of the Rings
October 11, 2019
Miguel goes to the jewellery looking for Alejandro. They have a sexual encounter, and Jose Carlos discovers them. A jealous Luis warns Leonora about the dangers of that family. Catalina keeps Ambar locked up, but she gives her an overdose and asks Diego, her accomplice, to get rid of the body.
The Emerald
4. The Emerald
October 10, 2019
Catalina plans a trip to Acapulco with Francisco, her brother in law and lover. Alejando and Leonora make love, and he starts a double life. Leonora meets Jose Carlos and feels the attraction. Ambar, Francisco's wife, has a fight with Catalina and she ends up kidnapping her.
Blood Red Ruby
3. Blood Red Ruby
October 9, 2019
Catalina lays a trap to Jose Carlos, her stepson, who is arrested for beating a woman. Alejandro introduces Leonora to her mother, and Catalina thinks she is perfect to give Alejandro a son.
Black Diamonds
2. Black Diamonds
October 8, 2019
Carlos' will states that his fortune will be for the child that gives him his first grandchild. Luis, a journalist, learns that Carlos was murdered. Catalina kills the coroner to shut him up. Catalina runs the traffic of diamonds from Sierra Leona.
Pearl of the Sea
1. Pearl of the Sea
October 7, 2019
Carlos Larios gets an anonymous phone call, revealing the relationship between his wife and his brother. He tells Catalina that he will ruin her. She kills him. We discover that Alejandro, her son, has a homosexual relationship.

Catalina Creel, a woman as beautiful as evil, hides a terrible secret she can kill her own family for. A bisexual son, a stepson that tries to bury her and an innocent mislead girl are the pieces that Catalina will move in her lethal game. Cuna de Lobos is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on October 7, 2019.

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Cuna de Lobos is available for streaming on the Televisa website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cuna de Lobos on demand at Amazon Prime.

  • Premiere Date
    October 7, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    6.1  (99)