Daniel Boone

Acting as a follow up to the Walt Disney classic Davy Crockett series, Daniel Boone featured Fess Parker as the famous frontiersman, Patricia Blair as Rebecca Boone, Albert Salmi as Yadkin, Ed Ames as Mingo, Dallas McKennon as Cincinnatus, ex-NFL football player Rosey Grier as Gabe Cooper and featuring famous guest stars such as Jimmy Dean.

Shot in color starting in 1965 and shot in California and Utah (standing in for Kentucky), it features the fictionalized adventures of the brave pioneer and explorer, Daniel Boone. Once again popularizing the raccoon skin cap for many a generation. Set in 1770 Boone is commissioned by George Washington to build a fort in the territory of Kentucky wilderness. The show followed Boone, his wife Rebecca (Blair), their son Israel (Darby Hinton) and their half-Cherokee friend Mingo (Ames) and their adventures in Boonesborough as they face Indians (friend and foe), poachers and outlaws in the time period just before and during the Revolutionary War.

6 Seasons, 165 Episodes
September 24, 1964
Cast: Fess Parker, Patricia Blair, Darby Hinton, Dal McKennon
Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone Full Episode Guide

  • It's young love, first love for Israel who falls for the daughter of a woodcarver who has lost his inspiration to carve and is drowning himself with false shots of courage at the local crawl and fall.

  • The Onondage tribe mistake Rebecca for a fabled red-haired goddess in their folklore.

  • An old man discovers that he is now the last of the Piqua tribe which once lived in the area where Boonesborough now stands. He plots to avenge the demise of his people by destroying the settlers.

  • An exiled French prince changes places with his chef because he's growing tired of fawning receptions everywhere he goes.

  • The children of Boonesborough want schoolmaster Pickering to teach them about Native American culture but their request is opposed by both the teacher and the their parents.

  • Two moronic assclowns are swindled by a man who claims ownership of Boonesborough and sells them the deed.

  • Mason Pruitt is convinced that a visitor to Boonesborough is the killer of his parents.

  • Daniel and Gabe Cooper search for Gabe's mother so that he can purchase her freedom before she dies.

  • Josh Clements and Gabe Cooper resemble 18th century versions of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor as they bumble, stumble, and fumble their way through a spy caper in Williamsburg.

  • Daniel and Gabe are joined by young Sam Weaver on their way homeward from a mission behind British lines. The only problem is that there's a bounty on their heads and someone appears to know the exact location of the route they're traveling back to Kentucky.

  • Josh once again finds himself in a full blown mess as he and a Catholic nun struggle to stay alive in hostile Native American territory.

  • Hannah, a white woman captured by Native Americans in a raid 15 years before, is ransomed and returned to her husband in Boonesborough. The reunion is complicated by the fact that Hannah gave birth to a son during her captivity and he wants no part of the white man's world.

  • Daniel and Gabe do battle with a trio of nasty assclowns who have taken Israel hostage and stolen a chest of Army gold they were transporting.

  • Josh could be headed for Kentucky's highest hanging tree when a trapper is found knifed to death near his campsite. It might take a bigger man than Daniel to get Josh out of this predicament.

  • The Boones befriend Jamie Blue, a young indentured servant who was born in prison and whose heart has been hardened by a lifetime of living in poverty. Can they melt Jamie's heart of stone?

  • Adam Jarrett and his sons are after Daniel's hide. They blame him for the death of Adam's wife in a river boat accident which involved a boat on which Daniel was traveling.

  • The Spanish are planning an invasion of United States territory. Only Josh Clements, Gabe Cooper, and a Spanish pirate with a grudge against his own government can save the day. Heaven help us all.

  • Daniel guides the wife of a British commander to Fort Detroit to rendezvous with her husband who says he plans to surrender the fort to the Continentals.

  • Daniel must disable a British cannon which threatens to sink a Continental detachment coming up river. His only help comes from two assclowns, a British deserter, and Gabe Cooper, an escaped slave who's now a Tuscarawa chief.

  • Josh Clements once again becomes involved with a scheming woman who hides a stolen diamond inside his guitar to keep her co-horts in crime from finding it.

  • Israel helps slaves George and Jimmy Hill escape from their owners.

  • Johnny Appleseed acts as a peacemaker between the settlers and the Cherokee when a young Cherokee is accidentally shot by a young settler.

  • Daniel and artist David Scott are on a land survey and become drawn up in the love spat between a rifle-wielding woman and a domineering hulk of a man.

  • Daniel and Rebecca are matchmaking again. This time it's for former Continental Army soldier Molly Malone and tinker Herman Bloedel.

  • Israel gets snatched by a band of Native Americans who want twenty rifles in exchange for releasing the boy.

  • Young Luke Slater swears to avenge the self-defense killing of his father by a friend of Daniel's.

  • It's a race between Daniel and the British to get to a bridge that spans a gorge. The British need the bridge to transport a shipment of guns to their Native American allies.

  • Wandering minstrel Prater Beasley returns to Boonesborough and ends up defending himself on charges of witchcraft.

  • Daniel, Rebecca, and Israel become involved in the scheme of five soldiers who survived a massacre to steal an Army payroll.

  • Jimmy McGill wants to win the hand of lovely Miss Charity and asks Daniel for some help in doing so.

  • Daniel receives orders from the Continental Army to destroy all bridges in the path of the advancing British Army but stubborn James Bickford and his sons have rebuilt their bridge and refuse to let it be destroyed again.

  • Josh's late uncle, who wanted him to give up his carefree ways, leaves him an inheritance--a plot of land near Boonesborough and an educated slave named Jonah. Josh, who doesn't believe in slavery, frees Jonah but he refuses to leave until he's made a proper gentleman out of Josh. Needless to say, this one could take a while.

  • An aging gunsmith tries to prove to himself and others that he can still be useful and productive.

  • In this re-telling of Oliver Twist, Israel visits his uncle in Williamsburg and becomes involved with a group of orphans who are forced to steal for their living by the Fagin-like Dr. Samuel Morton.

  • Prater Beasley is a wandering minstrel and teller of tall tales who travels with an invisible bear. Prater and his invisible friend try to help a crippled boy learn self-reliance.

  • When Gideon is accused of murder, Daniel must clear him quickly before some of the settlers turn into a lynch mob.

  • Israel becomes involved in the theft of the King's dispatch box when he travels to Virginia with Daniel.

  • Daniel does battle once again with his friendly enemy, Joe Snag, who has taken to robbing freight wagons with a gang known as the Cumberland Buckaroos.

  • A former Loyalist who's been living in exile in Canada returns to Boonesborough. His presence re-opens a lot of old wounds from the Revolutionary War especially with his own son who fought against the British.

  • Daniel is sent by the Army to arrange a treaty with the Wyandotte tribe. He's unaware that a general wants to use this pretext to arrest and hang their chief.

  • Gideon has conflicting loyalties when he and Daniel track down a runaway slave who has been stealing from the settlers.

  • Daniel tries to track down an 18th century frontier version of Bonnie and Clyde who just held up a stagecoach.

  • Josh Clements probes the disappearance of a German guitar maker in a xenophobic community that is suspicious of foreigners and outsiders.

  • Daniel and Mason Pruitt try to aid two nuns who are actually a French noblewoman and her maid. They are fleeing a nasty group of Jacobins who intend to kill them.

  • As a favor to an old friend, Daniel tries to educate a young fop in the ways of a woodsman. This one could be a tough task especially when a band of Shawnees get on their trail.

  • Bounty hunter Lute Purdy mistakes Gideon for an escaped slave. Things then go from awful to good grief for Gideon when Mason Pruitt, a deserter from a slave ship, falsely confirms that Gideon is indeed the escapee.

  • Josh Clements makes his debut and he's in the type of trouble that would become his norm. He has to find a husband for a pretty bondservant he accidentally bought or marry her himself. Daniel, for the first of many times, tries to help Josh extricate himself from his predicament.

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