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The television series Degrassi High is a continuation of Degrassi Junior High. Those junior high kids are now older teenagers, navigating their way through the high school years trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be. Degrassi High has all the typical components of a show about high school, friendships being tested, relationships being made and broken, and each student's decision on whether or not to give in to the peer pressures they are faced with.

Degrassi High is a Canadian television series that was popular both there and in the United States. Between the original Degrassi Junior High and the later named Degrassi High, the show ran from 1987 to 1991. Kit Hood and Linda Schuyler were its creators. The main characters of the show included Joey, Snake, and Wheels, three best friends who tried being in a band, which they named The Zit Remedy. The band had only one song called Everybody Wants Something, but it was a hit.

Other characters included Spike, Caitlin, twins Heather and Erica, Lucy, Arthur, Yick, Alexa, Nancy, Melanie, Alex, Kathleen, and many others. With so many main characters of the show, several story-lines were often detailed and brought into one in each episode. All of their paths crossed at some point, most quite often, whether they were friends or not, and whether they were in the same grade or not.

At the time, most shows on TV would skip around the real-life dramas, but Degrassi High certainly did not. The show told it like it was, depicting real-life scenarios that most would truly be faced with. Sex, teen pregnancy, abortion, AIDS, abuse, suicide, death, depression, bullying, racism, and being gay were just a few of the controversial issues that were discussed throughout the series. Near the end of the series, Spike got pregnant and had her daughter, Emma. Later, Emma and her friends would go on to be the focus of a new show, Degrassi: The Next Generation. Many characters from the original went on to play the parents and teachers of this new generation of students at Degrassi High.

2 Seasons, 28 Episodes
November 6, 1989
Cast: Pat Mastroianni, Stefan Brogren, Duncan Waugh, Maureen Deiseach
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Degrassi High Full Episode Guide

  • The Degrassi kids are preparing for the semi-formal, and everyone is looking for dates. Spike has a date with Snake, but she finds out that he likes her only as a friend. Yick wants to be Tessa's boyfriend and couldn't care less about Alex.

  • Snake is recovering after he discovered the dead body of Claude Tanner- the student who shot himself in the bathroom stall. Meanwhile, Joey is having difficulties in Science, so his teacher assigns Caitlin to tutor him. Caitlin, however, is depressed because she thinks it was her fault Claude killed himself.

  • Joey asks Wheels to leave after he discovers that he has been stealing from Joey's mother, but Wheels has nowhere to go after his Grandparents won't take him back. Michelle decides to move back in with her father after they work out their differences in a contract.

  • Kathleen surprises her friends by bringing marijuana to Diana's birthday party. Joey continues to be frustrated by Wheels, who is still staying at his house. Arthur, Luke, Joey and Yick play poker for money while Alex stays home and does homework during the night.

  • Joey finds out that it was Dwayne who told Raditch about him streaking in the cafeteria. Meanwhile Dwayne finds out he is HIV positive. Michelle finds out a devastating secret about why BLT broke-up with here.

  • Dwayne brags about his summer girlfriend, but doesn't brag about his awful news. When the school installs condom machines, Lucy makes a documentary about the peoples reactions. Joey raises money for his car payment, but he will have to walk through the cafeteria...naked.

  • Michelle takes caffeine pills to stay awake during final exam time. Caitlin thinks that her favorite teacher is fired, so she writes a protest letter. Snake struggles with the fear of retaking his driving test.

  • Lucy writes and directs a feminist horror film, and she enlists the help of her friends. Shane is back, and Spike, who tries to avoid him at first, finally suggests that they still can remain friends.

  • Joey finds out that he has a learning disability, and wants to drop out. Caitlin comforts him, and tells him she's epileptic, and also has a disability. When all the kids get an "A" on the test, the Mr. Walfish doesn't count the test, and gives them an even harder one.

  • Michelle tries to juggle her job and school. Alexa plans her sixteen birthday party, but the party is canceled after Simon and Michelle say they can't come.

  • Michelle is unhappy about her current living situation and decides to take action, while Joey and Snake are excited about beginning driver's ed. Spike questions Patrick's feelings for her, to prevent from being heartbroken once again.

  • Joey, Snake and Wheels plan a night of debauchery at the local strip joint, but things don't go the way they expected. Diana and Melanie want to change their nerdy image by planning a party, but will Diana's old fashioned brother catch her?

  • Lucy helps her friend LD cope with her leukemia, and Heather sets her sights on Wheels as a romantic interest. LD is upset, and stops her schooling.

  • Spike ventures back into the world of dating and meets Patrick. Kathleen finds that her new boyfriend is older, popular, affectionate, but also physically abusive.

  • The Zits need help to make their music video, so they ask Lucy if they can borrow her camera, reluctant at first thinking the plans for the video were sexist, Lucy agrees to film it. Erica discovers the mystery person who has been harassing her about her abortion.

  • Arthur has a crush on Caitlin, but both she and Kathleen are falling for older men. Caitlin is starting to like Claude, and Kathleen is starting to like Scott.

  • Michelle discovers the complicated nature of divorce when her parents decide to go their separate ways.Joey proceeds with his plan to revive the band, and suggests a video clip which should be "the best one ever"

  • Erica is confirmed to be pregnant. She wants to terminate her pregnancy, but Heather thinks it is murder. Simon's girlfriend, Alexa, doesn't like his latest modeling job.

  • The kids are back to school in a new building. Erica had her first "serious" boyfriend, and think she may be pregnant after a night of unsafe sex with her boyfriend Aaron. Joey and Caitlin are still going out but his priorities are the promotion of his band.

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