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Desert Punk is a dark yet humorous look at Japan in the far future. In this anime, or Japanese animation series, wars have stripped Japan of its forests and have left it a desert wasteland. The government has dissolved and now all the citizens of Japan must fight for their own survival in the harsh environment.

The main character of the series is a seventeen year old boy named Kanta Mizuno, whose nickname is Desert Punk. Kanta is a mercenary and will take nearly any job that will help him get ahead. Upon first meeting Kanta, many people believe he is lighthearted, goofy and not overly bright. However, Kanta is one of the best mercenary fighters around. He is quick on his feet and has a strong reputation as the number one man to call when you need a task completed.

As Kanta travels through the desert, he meets many people and also reunites with old friends. He is often followed by the Machine Gun Brothers. This rough band of brothers has known Kanta for many years and often helps him with his tasks, while at the same time mercilessly teasing him. Kanta also befriends another young mercenary named Kosuna. Kosuna wishes to train with Kanta and learn everything he can teach her. Although he is at first skeptical of helping her, Kanta and Kosuna eventually form a close friendship and learn to rely on each other.

As the series progresses, Kanta, Kosuna and their friends become more and more entangled in the politics of the desert. Surprises and secrets emerge that Kanta must confront. In addition, more information is revealed about the pasts of Kanta and Kosuna's friends. Kanta must begin to learn to stand up for himself. Kanta and Kosuna tackle tough issues and fight for what is right as they attempt to survive in the futuristic wasteland.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
February 26, 2006
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Chihiro Suzuki, Eric Vale, Tamio Ohki, Cole Brown
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Desert Punk Full Episode Guide

  • Desert Punk is back from the dead and ready to exact a little revenge on his former pals. He's got help on his side, but Kosuna's got muscle on her side, too.

  • As Kosuna approaches the secret lab she's supposed to protect, a mysterious cloud appears on the horizon that hides a mind-blowing secret.

  • With Desert Punk dead, it's up to Kosuna to refill his shoes. The only problem is Koid saddled her up with young Mitz as her apprentice. As she goes through the motions of abusing him the way Kanta abused her, she finds a job. An old enemy of Desert Punk has revived itself - The Kawazu Gang is back.

  • After waking from a horrible concussion, Kanta comes to realize that Stryker, Natsuko and many others are all part of the Underground Mercenaries, a group bent on overthrowing the government. But when things heat up, the Punk has only one thing in mind - saving his own hide.

  • Desert Punk's trying to get Junko back after she's kidnapped by Tech. But all three end up on the same side of a fight against a group of armed mercenaries.

  • Junko and Desert Punk are on the run from a sniper who's sporting a state-of-the-art desert suit. There's nowhere to hide and the mysterious man on their tail isn't giving up.

  • Desert Punk discovers that the load of crap he's hauling is a weapon of mass destruction. When Rain Spider's men attack, Desert Punk's plan might kill everyone for miles around.

  • When Kosuna has a near-death brush with an enemy mercenary, she sets out to arm herself to the teeth! But at fourteen she still has a lot of training to do and never mind a little growing up! Rest assured, a wise old, arms dealer teaches her a thing or two about Desert Punk and the ways of survival in the Great Kanto Desert. It's a hard knock life.

  • The legendary Night Mist Shimada and his professional team of kidnappers get their hands on a young girl who comes with a huge price tag. Legend, schmegend?Desert Punk's been hired by her Father to get the job done, and that's exactly what he and Kosuna plan on doing. But this ferocious bitchy little turd turns out to be more of a handful than our hero would like, and with Night Mist right on his ass, escape doesn't come easy.

  • After Junko's plan to take the treasures deep beneath the cities for herself is revealed, she is stopped by Kosuna and taken prisoner before Kaizuka and the Desert Punk. As Kaizuka departs with the information he needs to build an army of Guardians, Desert Punk takes Junko to his secret oasis in the desert for a bit of fun.

  • Desert Punk is once again offered a job by Junko to help an old man find treasure in a secluded part of the Great Kantō Desert. The old man, named Kaizuka, is the inventor of the Game of Life and puts the Desert Punk and Kosuna to work carrying the heavy packs and treating the man and Junko as royalty, much to the distaste of the two mercenaries.

  • Desert Punk and his apprentice Kosuna take on the extremely difficult assignment of clearing out an old relic called the Dog Rock from a new land development. For years, people have tried to remove the rock with little success and a curse has grown about the statue.

  • Kosuna, "An Ace in the Sand", meets up with the Desert Punk and begs to be his apprentice. Relenting, Desert Punk assigns her as much scut work as he can. While Kosuna works her butt off to earn her keep, Desert Punk takes a breather.

  • Desert Punk faces off against the Ido River Gang in the Battle for Village #21. As the fight begins to tear apart the town, the village folk realise that if the destruction continues for much longer, there won't be any town left in place to bring up the water.

  • The townsfolk of Village #21, a water reclamation town, are on the verge of striking water. However, it has been learned that once they do a group of bandits will try to take over the town. The Village Chief hires the Desert Punk to protect the village once the water begins to bubble to the surface.

  • After a very successful mission against Fire Dragon Kong, Kanta receives enough money from working with Junko to afford all the best mercenary gear including the M40A1, a sniping rifle that he had been dreaming about purchasing ("Fire Dragon Kong"). Testing out his new equipment, however, proves to be near fatal as he has been targeted for death by a sniper trying to move up in the world.

  • The last two missions for the Desert Punk have been costly ones. He wasn't able to retrieve the key for his client ("The Demon and the Double D's") and he lost the IOUs on the Koike family {"Rock, Paper, Scissors"). Hearing about his money problems, Junko arrives at his house and offers Kanta a job that will pay him handsomely. The mission is to destroy the large hover tank dubbed Fire Dragon Kong.

  • Double-crossed by Junko Asagiri, Desert Punk must resort to rounding up petty debtors in order to recoup the money he lost while trying to wrest the key from Makoto Kawazu and his gang. Continuing the look for Junko before she makes it back to the client, Desert Punk runs into Rain Spider for the first time.

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