Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

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This show follows Dr. Katz who is a cartoon animated therapist. He sees patients and gives his advice. When he is not working he is trying to motivate his 23 year old son to find a job. He also hangs out with his friends at the local bar and they talk about their life situations.

Comedy Central
6 Seasons, 81 Episodes
May 28, 1995
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Jonathan Katz
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Full Episode Guide

  • Conan O'Brien steals a couple of Dr. Katz's jokes, and Katz becomes obsessed with the incident. After recounting the events to Ben and Laura, Ben plots to sell some of his own jokes to Conan O'Brien.

  • Ben and Dr. Katz meet at Julie's bar for a fun night on the town, but Dr. Katz reveals some startling news: Laura is engaged. Ben insists he's fine with it, but his actions (and words) prove otherwise.

  • Ben starts working at Steve's Bakery, his very first job. He has to get up at 4 A.M. to start work, and he gets fired on his 3rd day, for being 4 hours late.

  • Katz's friend Carlton Campbell, host of radio show "Campbell's Couch," has asked Katz to fill in for him one night ("Does he know you well?" asks the typically supportive Ben

  • Ben hears about a new system of therapy called "brief therapy," wherein the patient is cured with only 10 questions. Katz is skeptical, of course, citing the example of Jonas Salk, which he then realizes is a bad example, since what he did worked. Laura brings up the Meyers-Briggs test, and Katz refers to them as "vaudeville."

  • When the paper doesn't get delivered for a few days, Ben observes that Katz is hooked on the news. Katz denies it and bets him that he can go longer without news than Ben can go without talking.

  • Tragedy strikes when the family TV dies ("Maybe you should give it mouth-to-mouth," offers Katz). Ben, of course, is most stricken by this event, unable to live even a day without it. He also can't wait for Katz to get home so they can go buy one together; instead, he has a 72-inch TV delivered to the house.

  • Katz comes in, having just gone for a walk.Ben points out that for old people, everyday things like walking, chewing and swallowing become hobbies. Katz wants to get a plot at the municipal gardens. Ben finds this odd, until Laura says that lots of old people do it.

  • Neighbor Mr. Graham (whose wife either died or left him, depending on who you ask) has asked Ben to take care of his pigeons on the roof for a week.

  • Katz goes on three dates with best-selling author and gastrointerologist Alice Webber, and -- surprise -- Ben over-reacts, fearing his dad will get married again ("I don't mention her name in the house," he says cattily).

  • Laura tells Katz she wants to buy a used car, and Katz says he can help her out by asking the dealer the right questions ("How much is this car? How much is that car?").

  • Laura tells Katz she'll be participating in a "Walk for Hunger" this Saturday, and asks him to sponsor her.

  • Looking through the P.U. class catalog, Katz encourages Ben to take an adult education course.

  • Ben's wisdom teeth hurt, which he shows his dad (along with a mouthful of cereal). He fears going to Dr. Zelbar because of his violent history with him -- apparently, Ben used to fight him.

  • Ben calls Katz at work with the shocking news that Berman's is closing, the latest casualty in a renovation of Pullman Square -- Ben's old hangout. He wants to do something about it, natch, though he does it in a misguided way.

  • While picking up a box of donuts one morning, Ben is harassed by an old bully from school, Jimmy Solaray, and by Jimmy's son. They call him a sissy; Ben retorts by saying he's going to join the military.

  • It's Thanksgiving, and something big happening: Katz's ex-wife Roz is coming for dinner

  • Katz's old ping-pong rival David Stanick calls and wants to play again -- for $750. Katz agrees and starts to train and worry.

  • Katz is auditioning for a community theater production of "Love's Retreat.

  • Katz's wedding anniversary is approaching, so Ben wants to do something for him.

  • As Katz and Ben prepare to go to Katz's niece Rachel's wedding, Katz discovers that since Uncle Morty is dead, he'll have to dance with Rachel -- and he can't waltz.

  • Ben wakes Katz up in the middle of the night, claiming to hear a noise. Katz hears it too, and they both think they're being burglarized. After first trying to scare off the burglar ("I'm sure glad they haven't outlawed semi-automatic weapons in the city yet!"), they give up ("Help yourself, take whatever you want, just lock up when you're done"). Turns out the burglar doesn't get in, but Katz and Ben over-react -- oddly, this time it's Katz who over-reacts more. They get new locks and bars on the windows, and Ben wants a hamster. Katz tells Julie and Stan that a home is burglarized every 15 minutes, and that he can't believe he called 911 and was told he had the wrong number. (Stan: "Did you dial N-I-N-E-one-one?" Katz: "OK, you win, you're the stupidest guy in the bar.") Katz suggests a lower peephole, in case the burglar is a midget. Why? Because every horror movie he's seen has an evil midget in it. (Movies mentioned: "Midget Killers," "I'm Small and You're Dead," "Too Small to Let

  • Ben begins rearranging the furniture in the apartment after picking up a book on Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy that teaches believers to arrange the objects in their surroundings to achieve inner peace. Dr. Katz is wary of Ben's new obsession with Feng Shui, but Laura finally finds something to talk about with Ben.

  • Ben points out, "When we spend time together over breakfast: boring," leading to a discussion of the old games he and Katz used to play when Ben was a kid. Katz asks him to take the London broil out of the freezer, and then goes to work. When he gets home, Ben greets him with a clue -- the first in a series of 54 -- for a game of Treasure Hunt

  • Ben's goes to visit his cousin Sarah, in an unnamed city, from whom he once stole money when he was 6 ("It was over a dollar," he says as he worries whether she's still upset).

  • Dr. Katz receives a death threat; Ben gets asked to babysit.

  • Ben gets a chain letter from a former grade school friend.

  • Ben has a "relationship" with a telemarketer.

  • Dr. Katz gets a ticket for blowing a stop sign.

  • Dr. Katz and Ben go to see a movie.

  • Dr. Katz urges Ben to grow up; Dr. Katz and Ben go on a coffee binge.

  • Dr. Katz finds a way to carry all of his electronic gadgets around, but doesn't get a very positive response.

  • Dr. Katz feels like he's slowing down.

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