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Dragnet, either version, the 1950s or 1960s, is a period piece and should be judged on that. Whether you're watching Dragnet with Jack Webb and Ben Alexander, or the '60s version with Webb and Harry Morgan you'll note a form of stilted behavior unique to all Webb productions. The earlier version featured a bit more action with youthful Sgt. Friday taking a more active part in police work.

By the time Webb produced the later version he was filming two episodes per week with less action and more of the noted lengthy repartee scenes. To achieve two shows per week Webb and cast read from teleprompters.

This is what sets Dragnet apart from other cop shows of the era. While it may be hard for the millennial generation to sit through, due to the lack of motion, Dragnet is a historical part of television that shouldn't be ignored for using actual police procedure instead of going for the more dramatic.

1 Season, 279 Episodes
December 16, 1951
Crime, Drama
Cast: Jack Webb
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Dragnet Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Friday and Smith once again investigate a series of robberies.

  • Friday and Smith set out to stop a phony police officer who's asking for donations from his victims for the police widows and orphans fund.

  • Cabbies are the victims of a series of robberies but their descriptions of the suspects don't match.

  • A young girl commits suicide after she's tricked into prostitution by procurers posing as talent agents.

  • A blackmail victim refuses to pay his blackmailer so he's beaten and robbed.

  • Friday and Smith go after husband and wife con artists.

  • Friday and Smith go after a robber nicknamed the Rattlesnake Bandit.

  • A paper boy and a bartender are the keys to finding the suspects who beat and robbed an elderly couple.

  • Friday and a postal inspector try to nab a gang using the mail to scam their victims.

  • An insurance adjuster files a report with Friday about fraudulent insurance claims.

  • Friday and Smith are after a man selling forged passports.

  • A doctor making fraudulent insurance claims is the latest quarry of Friday and Smith.

  • On bunco detail again, Friday and Smith go after con artists selling phony magazine subscriptions.

  • Friday and Smith try to retrieve a woman's stolen jade collection.

  • A gang of teens are swiping expensive sports cars.

  • Friday is assigned to undercover detail in order to nab a murderous neo-Nazi.

  • Friday and Smith pursue two escaped convicts across the Mexican border.

  • Friday goes undercover as a bar owner to smash an illegal jukebox racket.

  • Friday and Smith are after a gang of hoods in this episode.

  • It's a missing persons case for Friday and Smith who search for a child.

  • A man steals worthless objects from a woman and gets Friday and Smith on his trail.

  • Friday and Smith go after a seemingly mild and innocent con woman known as Sweet Annie.

  • Friday and Smith investigate a report of a man physically abusing his wife.

  • A husband and wife are found dead of an apparent murder-suicide. Friday and Smith investigate.

  • Friday and Smith go after a con man who swindles grieving relatives after their loved ones pass away.

  • An ex-convict is Friday and Smith's ally in taking down a forgery ring that has cashed thousands of dollars in payroll checks.

  • A supermarket bandit's calling card is leaving crackers strewn all over the floors of the stores he robs.

  • Friday and Smith investigate a man's claim that a police officer blackmailed him for money and then beat him up.

  • Friday and Smith get involved in a turf war between rival teenage gangs.

  • A crook writes bad checks to purchase clothes and then sells the duds for a profit.

  • Friday and Smith go after a bank robber known as the Gentleman Bandit.

  • A father accuses his son of stabbing him but the youth has an ironclad alibi.

  • Once again, Friday and Smith must track down a hit and run motorist.

  • Friday and Smith are on the case investigating a series of jade robberies.

  • There's a fulll moon out on Friday and Smith's night shift. That means all sorts of weird things are happening.

  • A woman picks up the wrong prescription which could lead to fatal consequences. Friday and Smith hurry to find her before it's too late.

  • A husband reports that his wife ran off with their small daughter and the man with whom she was having an affair.

  • Friday and Smith investigate a swindle that involves fake license plates.

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