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Dream On is a groundbreaking show that debuted in 1990 and ran for six seasons. It was a notable program because it took the situation comedy and was able to mix in much more adult and risqu

6 Seasons, 121 Episodes
July 8, 1990
Cast: Brian Benben
Dream On

Dream On Full Episode Guide

  • Martin and Judith learn Dr. Stone might be defrosted and revived.

  • Martin's old apartment is becoming a huge money pit, costing him exorbitant maintenance fees and so he resolves to get rid of it. He has a meeting with Irwin Bader who isn't optimistic of getting much over $1,500, even though he sold it to Martin for $2,400. Libby expresses an interest on behalf of her son, but Martin passes on the idea.

  • Martin thinks things are getting out of hand after Judith discovers "some little tricks" to improve her sex life.

  • Flashback episode: Martin's fortieth birthday is approaching fast and Eddie insists on throwing him a party. Unfortunately, Judith is planning a party of her own thus bringing them into conflict. Martin suggests compromise by urging them to plan the party together. As they argue over the details, they reminisce over their past disagreements.

  • Martin moves into Judith's high-tech apartment.

  • With their relationship rekindled, Judith suggests that she and Martin join a support group for couples on their second time around.

  • Martin and Judith visit Jeremy at college. Sparks ignite.

  • Martin's friend likes Toby.

  • Eddie learns that he was adopted.

  • Martin tries to get a homeless woman's memoirs.

  • Martin needs to make some quick money, so he writes for pornographic movies.

  • Toby is in a rut. Uses self-help book.

  • Martin dates Judith's sister.

  • Martin's building goes co-op, and to be able to afford purchasing his apartment/condo, he dates Gibby's insane sister.

  • After Jeremy chooses to go to Richard Stone's induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame instead of with Martin on a Father's Day canoeing trip, Martin reluctantly tags along. In typical Tupper fashion, he goes home with a girl named Katrina that he meets there. It turns out that she has 2 interesting, but related surprises for Martin.

  • Martin's life is examined after he dies.

  • Jeremy's math teacher is the cause for Jeremy's low math grade.

  • Martin dates a woman that acts strange in public, and yet, is an etiquette expert.

  • Under pressure from Gibby to get an elite writer, Martin attempts to lure the writer dating Toby (who coincidentally, is an award-winning author).

  • Martin looks for a new best friend, after Eddie decides to move to LA to join a sitcom.

  • Martin tries to seduce Judith's best friend from college, but she only has eyes for someone else…

  • Mickey (Martin's father) moves into Martin's place.

  • Martin tries to get his son to convert to Judaism.

  • Gibby hires Toby after she is fired by Martin.

  • Eddie plays the lead role in Martin's play.

  • Gibby desires to publish Jeremy's novel.

  • Toby nurses Martin back to health.

  • Martin feels inferior when he begins dating a member of high IQ society MENSA.

  • Martin and Eddie attend their school reunion, where Martin is eager to make up for lost opportunities with a recently-separated old flame.

  • Martin is revolted when a fragile Judith falls into the arms of his hated boss Gibby Fiske.

  • Martin's mother's will is read.

  • Martin's pleasure at having attractive new female neighbors is mitigated when he discovers that they are prostitutes.

  • It's Richard Stone Memorial Day. It's also Martins Birthday, But no one cares. Martin and lil' baby Richard are kidnapped, and the media believe that Martin is the kidnapper.

  • A brother and sister screenwriting duo kidnap Little Richard and Martin from the Richard Stone UN Memorial Service, but the police assume Martin is the one responsible for the crime.

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