EPW Perth

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Explosive Pro Wrestling is Australia's premiere professional wrestling organisation providing Perth's most uniquely interactive experience.

Powerslam Wrestling Network
4 Seasons, 22 Episodes
January 30, 2016
EPW Perth

EPW Perth Full Episode Guide

  • A hot summer's night was fitting for the first Explosive Professional Wrestling of 2019 at our new home, the Gate One Theatre. 'The Don' Michael Morleone was looking for satisfaction and the opportunity to get his hands on his former brother in arms 'The Free Spirit' Zenith, the man who cost him the EPW Championship and shattered a faction which at the end of 2017 held all the gold. Tonight there

  • For seventeen years ReAwakening has been the platform on which history has been made. From do or die battles for control to gruelling 60 minute Ironman matches ReAwakening is where every member of Explosive Professional Wrestling steps up to be remembered. On this night Julian Ward will seek to slay 'The King of Monsters' Jonah Rock 'The Don Michael Morleone will seek revenge on the man who cost

  • Explosive Professional Wrestling has one last stop at the Aberdeen Hotel for 2018 and marks the beginning of the road to ReAwakening 17. Tonight the final of the Invitational Tournament will be determined as the winners of the Block A and B qualifiers will face off. Besides being the longest running tournament in Australian wrestling, the winner is guaranteed a shot at the EPW Championship at a ti

  • When there is a point to be proven some men will go above and beyond the realms of sanity. In 2018 'The Don' Michael Morleone has sought out competition to prove he is a deserving champion rather then allow the competition to come to him. In 2018 Gavin McGavin has racked up victory after victory by any means necessary, unconcerned with the how he achieved the result but simply that he had it.At EP

  • Gavin McGavin has been in pursuit of proving to everyone that he is better then them, be it other wrestlers or fans in general, every show he has gone out and found a way to win. 'The Don' Michael Morleone has been seeking validation since winning the EPW Championship and continued to prove he was on the top of the mountain defeating name after name in the wrestling world. At EPW's Hell or Highwat

  • Evolution is a night of history, a night where everything can change and wrestlers take a stand to make or break their careers. Gavin McGavin has been on a roll in 2018 with continuous wins albet with some dubious tactics. While he took great pleasure in beating down Julian Ward it took Wards pinning him to the ground literally to accept the challenge and face him at Evolution. The only way either

  • After the success of PROGRESS x EPW a number of factions are riding the highs of success. Since forming The Untouchables have beaten a whose who of Tag Teams from around the world and have their eyes set on continuing to "derail the hype train" by taking on the faction which currently holds all the gold in EPW Generation Zero. Whilst they might be confident they weren't the only ones with victori