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Fairy Tail is an anime, or Japanese animation show, based off of a manga. Manga is something like a Japanese comic book. This fantasy show originally aired in Japan. Later, it was translated into English and aired in the United States in 2011. The story centers around the main character, Lucy Heartfilia. Lucy is a wizard who has left home to find and join a wizards

TV Tokyo
8 Seasons, 277 Episodes
October 12, 2009
Cast: Tetsuya Kakihara, Aya Hirano, Rie Kugimiya, Brittney Karbowski
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Fairy Tail Full Episode Guide

  • Lucy, Natsu, and Happy catch up after their unexpected reunion. Natsu is surprised to learn that Fairy Tail has disbanded, but he won't let the shock keep him down!

  • A year has passed since Fairy Tail disbanded. Its members have left the guild and gone their separate ways. Lucy, working as a reporter-in-training, attends the Grand Magic Games. There, she makes a new fateful encounter...

  • Yuri is absorbed the by Tenrou Orb's power and merges with a dragon skeleton! Everyone gives up hope on Yuri as he runs amok and destroys Magnolia, but Mavis is intent on saving him... even if it means sacrificing herself.

  • It's time to strike back! Mavis and friends challenge Blue Skull once more to free the city of Magnolia... and this time they know how to use powerful magic.

  • After being defeated by Blue Skull, Mavis and friends hide in the forest west of town. There, they come across a lone wizard surrounded by death. This fateful encounter will forever change Mavis' life and lead to the founding of Fairy Tail...

  • Mavis and friends arrive at Magnolia only to be greeted by a giant dragon skeleton atop Kardia Cathedral! The team then wanders the town in search of information about the Blue Skull wizard guild. What they find instead is a dying city...

  • During their trek to Magnolia, Mavis and friends decide to spend the night in a forest. Mavis hears a story about one of Yuri, Precht, and Warrod's past adventures and the strength of the bond they share.

  • Mavis and company arrive at Hargeon after a long trip. Mavis is enamored by all the new sights and sounds of the city. She then acompanies the silent Precht as they begin their search for information about Blue Skull.

  • Mavis and Zera set sail with their three new friends. As they journey, Mavis is excited to meet sea creatures she's only seen in books. But when she learns about her companions' troubles, she decides to help by searching for undersea treasure!

  • Mavis and Zera have survived all alone on Tenrou Island for seven years. Suddenly, one day, a trio of treasure hunters arrive in search of something precious... And one of them has a clever game up his sleeve!

  • Natsu and Happy set off on their journey to train and grow stronger. They eventually head for Tenrou Island, where the story behind Fairy Tail's creation began.

  • The humans have achieved victory, but at a great cost. The dragons reveal a shocking truth about their past before saying their final farewell.

  • The dragons have revived and destroyed all the Faces! The humans' excitement is cut short, however, when unexpected harbingers of despair arrive...

  • Just as Mard Geer puts an end to Natsu and Gray, all 3000 Face bombs detonate. People across the land can only stare in horror as magic vanishes from the world forever...

  • Sting and Rogue are forced to fight their former master, who has been transformed into a demon. Elsewhere, Natsu and Gray battle Mard Geer in his powered-up form!

  • Mard Geer simultaneously fights Natsu, Sting, and Rogue without breaking a sweat. Just as he reveals the truth about the Books of Zeref, a surprising reunion takes place!

  • Natsu challenges Mard Geer to battle, in an attempt to take the Book of E.N.D. from him. Sting and Rogue arrive to lend support, but the situation quickly escalates beyond their control...

  • Kyoka has powered up and become the key to detonating all 3000 Face bombs. Erza must take her life before the countdown ends... but Kyoka grows stronger with every passing second!

  • Igneel rises up to fight the legendary Acnologia in a dragon battle! Filled with confusion and mixed feelings, Natsu intervenes with countless questions about what happened on the fateful day of July 7, 777.

  • Erza and Kyoka face off against each other in an intense battle. Suddenly, an unexpected visitor arrives... and brings utter despair to all!

  • Laxus and the immortal Tempester face each other in one final battle. Meanwhile, Erza and the others finally reach the Tartaros control room... but are shocked by what they find!

  • Levy tries her best to assist Gajeel as he struggles in battle against Torafuzar. Elsewhere, Tempester finds himself face-to-face with an unexpected opponent!

  • Sting and Rogue continue their intense battle with Mard Geer. Meanwhile, Natsu and Gajeel face off against Tempester and Torafuzar... but things heat up when everyone starts transforming!

  • Silver reveals his true past to Gray, once and for all. Juvia is tasked with defeating Keyes to stop the Faces and save the day, but she's clearly outmatched!

  • Juvia continues to battle with the enigmatic Keyes. Elsewhere, Gray faces off with Silver in a showdown that's been ten long years in the making!

  • Sabertooth members arrive to lend backup in the war against Tartaros! While Erza rushes to find the guild's control room, Gray learns the shocking truth about Silver...

  • Out of strength and on the verge of defeat, Lucy makes a great sacrifice to summon the Celestial Spirit King. Tartaros' base is quickly decimated, and soon the Celestial Spirit King and the Underworld King reunite...

  • Everyone in Fairy Tail has fallen victim to Mard Geer's Alegria technique... except for Lucy. Unfortunately, that means she must face off with the mighty Tartaros guild all alone!

  • Mirajane struggles against the demon Seilah, whose full potential has been unleashed. Elsewhere, the Underworld King takes control of the chaotic situation by showing everyone who's boss!

  • Rustyrose of Grimoire Heart suddenly appears before Jellal, Meldy, and the Oracion Seis. He shares his encounter with Tartaros' formidable Kyoka... but things aren't quite what they seem.

  • After the secret of Tartaros' strength is revealed, Mirajane and Seilah face off in an intense battle. The only problem: they're immune to each other's powers! Meanwhile, Erza reunites with an old foe with new strength...

  • Wendy has unleashed a new power from within herself, but can she master it in time to stop the doomsday Face weapon?! And what of Natsu and friends, as they face a grotesque version of the almighty Master Hades?!

  • Natsu must fight a demon that can absorb other beings' souls and take their form... including one of a surprising character! Elsewhere, Wendy and Charle rush to stop the Face from detonating, but they're greeted by a formidable foe.

  • The legendary Zeref has a special one-on-one meeting with Natsu. Other members of Fairy Tail discover that the terrifying Face weapon has been activated. They quickly set out to stop it, but they meet with heavy resistance!

  • Elfman's attempt to blow up Fairy Tail reaches its explosive conclusion! Elsewhere, Lummy begins to transform Mirajane into a hideous creation meant to do Tartaros' bidding. This looks like the end for the Fairy Tail guild!

  • Jellal's life is the final key to unsealing the devastating Face weapon. But Tartaros is bent on finding him, and the Oracion Seis already have him in dire straits...

  • Natsu and Happy find where the Tartaros guild has been hiding! Happy rushes to alert the rest of Fairy Tail, but little does anyone know that an unexpected trap has been set. Elsewhere, Jellal singlehandedly fights the members of Oracion Seis.

  • Erza and Mirajane rush to protect Crawford, the former Magic Council chairman. Meanwhile, Doranbolt frees the Oracion Seis, and Natsu has a shocking realization about Tartaros...

  • Multiple Fairy Tail teams rush to protect former Council members from the deadly Tartaros guild. But things look bleak even for Natsu's team...

  • Jackal is bent on taking the life of former Council member Michello, but Fairy Tail stands in the way. Natsu and friends try to stop Jackal, but quickly learn that they're facing no ordinary foe!

  • Laxus fights a mysterious and powerful Tartaros enemy who's out to kill an old Council member. And, after everything that's happened, Fairy Tail declares war on Tartaros!

  • Peace has returned to the Fairy Tail guild, but trouble is brewing for the Magic Council. At long last, the powerful Tartaros dark guild springs into action with full force!

  • Sun Village has been saved, and its inhabitants restored. With their job now done, Natsu and friends head back to Warrod's house to receive their reward and celebrate.

  • Natsu and Gray work together to restore the Eternal Flame. Little do they know that the Eternal Flame houses something familiar to everyone there...

  • Gray has been transformed into a child, but must somehow defeat Doriate in battle! Doriate has the ability to reduce everyone's abilities, though, so it won't be easy!

  • Flare arrives in the nick of time to save Lucy and Wendy! Meanwhile, Erza is forced to fight Minerva to the death, and Gray has a traumatic encounter with the mighty Doriate!

  • Fairy Tail is attacked by a treasure hunter guild and two other mysterious figures while visiting Sun Village. Then, somehow, Erza and Natsu transform into children!

  • The Fairy Tail members enjoy a nice soak in the communal bath... when suddenly an unexpected guest appears! Later, a surprising job from a surprising client arrives, and a new adventure begins!

  • A horrible virus has broken out and turned everyone into smell-zombies! Is there any glimmer of hope left as Magnolia quickly succumbs to this olfactory menace?!

  • Laxus accepts a job that specifically asks for him. When he visits the town in question, mystery and intrigue strike from the sky!

  • Fairy Tail and Sabertooth investigate the mysterious island that suddenly appeared only a few days ago. What they uncover is completely unexpected?

  • Natsu discovers a strange egg of an even stranger creature. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail members visit other guilds as part of an exchange student program.

  • Mirajane teaches Natsu and friends how to use transformation magic, but things quickly get out of hand!

  • Natsu, Happy, and Lucy head up Mt. Hakobe in search of special ice. But their job won't be as easy as they expected!

  • Juvia wants to celebrate an unusual anniversary: the 413th day since she first met Gray. Her Fairy Tail friends try to lend her a hand, to mixed results.

  • While Erza and others battle the Celestial Spirit Beast from the outside, Natsu and Happy try to fight it from the inside. But both teams are running out of time!

  • Natsu and friends are faced with an intimidating new foe: the Eclipse incarnation of the Celestial Spirit King himself!

  • The Fairy Tail members must work in unison to defeat Ophiuchus, the Astral Spiritus, and the celestial globe all at the same time.

  • Worlds collide and secrets are revealed as Natsu tries to face off with the mighty Ophiuchus!

  • Natsu and friends must hurry to stop Leo and the Liberam ritual before it's too late. Leo has some new tricks up his sleeve, though...

  • Erza faces off with Sagittarius in a series of horse-related contests. Meanwhile, Natsu's group continues to struggle with Ophiuchus and her medical implements of doom.

  • Juvia squares off against the Eclipse version of Aries in a bone-dry desert. Can Juvia defeat this celestial spirit without any water to use in battle?!

  • Gray and Cancer battle it out with their hottest and coolest dance moves! Meanwhile, Natsu's group follows Loke into mysterious ruins...

  • Cana and the Eclipse version of Scorpio square off in a high-stakes card battle! Can Cana master the rules in time?!

  • Wendy faces off with the Eclipse version of Aquarius in an amusement park... but the ensuing battle is anything but fun!

  • Lucy and friends reach the Astral Spiritus and try to prevent the Eclipse spirits from completing their ritual. The spirits aren't pleased, of course...

  • Princess Hisui discovers a way to help Fairy Tail keep the Zodiac spirits under control. But Pisces is determined to interfere with their plan!

  • Lucy and friends head to the Sorcery Library to find a way to stop the Zodiac spirits. But the going won't be easy.

  • Lucy tries to summon her Zodiac spirits, but fails. When they do arrive, the spirits suddenly act very differently and cut off all ties with Lucy...

  • Lucy and Yukino show their appreciation to the celestial spirits by granting their deepest wishes.

  • The members of Sabertooth rush to find Frosch, who has gotten lost in the city and has no way of returning home alone.

  • The members of Fairy Tail triumphantly return to Magnolia. Later, Lucy and friends take on a little job to get back in the swing of things.

  • With the Grand Magic Games now over, Natsu and friends travel back to Magnolia. Meanwhile, Jellal and Meldy are left with unanswered questions.

  • With the crisis now over, the wizard guilds gather in the castle for a grand celebration. Natsu is nowhere to be seen, however...

  • The Fairy Tail wizards focus all their power on the Eclipse gate in a last-ditch effort to destroy it and change the future.

  • Ultear uses her ultimate time-manipulation spell to try to undo recent events... but at great cost.

  • Millianna finally confronts Jellal in the middle of the war-torn city. Elsewhere, the battle against the smaller dragons takes a drastic turn.

  • After struggling to fight effectively, Natsu puts his new plan into action. Meanwhile, Rogue learns about his future self's schemes...

  • As the dragons' assault intensifies, Zirconis unleashes a surprising new spell. Meanwhile, Natsu continues to struggle against Future Rogue.

  • Fairy Tail and the other guilds face an impossible task: defeat the seven dragons that came through the Eclipse gate!

  • The dragon swarm finally appears! The guild wizards must face the ferocious dragons in battle while Lucy struggles to shut the Eclipse gate.

  • All the guild wizards in Crocus unite to defend Fiore from the looming dragon threat. Elsewhere, Natsu battles the future version of Rogue.

  • Jellal makes an unexpected realization about Future Lucy. Meanwhile, Natsu and friends come face-to-face with the same revelation...

  • The final battle of the Grand Magic Games is about to come to an end... but Fairy Tail must face one last foe!

  • Gajeel and Rogue continue their epic battle. Meanwhile, Olga and Laxus encounter the toughest opponent in the game: Jura!

  • Gajeel and Rogue face off in an unusual, surprising battle. Future Lucy puts her knowledge of events to good use... but something still seems strange.

  • The battle between Erza and Kagura comes to a surprising end. Meanwhile, Future Lucy reveals the horrific incident that will soon unfold.

  • Erza and Kagura are forced to fight each other. During their battle, old memories take on a new meaning.

  • Erza, Kagura, and Minerva face each other in an unpredictable, three-way battle. Meanwhile, Natsu and friends make an unexpected encounter...

  • Natsu and friends teach the Hungry Wolf Knights who's boss, once and for all.

  • Lucy and Yukino team up and use their celestial spirits to battle the powerful Uosuke.

  • Lucy, Natsu, and the others continue their battle with the Hungry Wolf Knights... only to end up separated from each other.

  • Natsu and friends encounter powerful new foes while searching for a way out of their underground imprisonment.

  • Gray squares off against Rufus in a Make magic rematch. Meanwhile, Natsu and friends devise a unique way to escape from their imprisonment.

  • Mavis reveals her incredible skill as a strategist as the final event of the Grand Magic Games begins. Meanwhile, Natsu's squad tries to rescue Lucy.

  • Arcadios reveals the details of the top-secret Eclipse Project to Natsu and friends, but things quickly go awry when Lucy is taken into custody.

  • Natsu and the other Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers discover a dragon graveyard beneath the coliseum. There, they learn a surprising truth about the dragons and the Dragon Slayers...

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