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Faith is a television show that is aired at Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). The show comes up at TBN every Friday from 2 - 3 p.m. The show is mainly about the faith of the Christian. It throws light at some topics that are very difficult to understand about your faith as a Christian. Like why do you pray sometimes and your prayers are not answered. Then at other times your prayers are answered. What do you need to do, to have strong faith.

The show is very educative. It exposes the truth about many things. To make it worthwhile, the producer invite people from many works of life to take part in the show. They give their contributions and experiences in life.

People also contribute to the show through phone calls. They ask questions or make contributions to any topic of their interest.

There was one episode that the matter of how faith as small as a mustard seed could move a mountain was discussed. The contributions were very interesting.

They said, faith moving a mountain does not refer to a physical mountain that you can see. That, it refers to the various kinds of difficulties and problems that we face every day in life. How big they are and how we handle them depends on the level of our faith in God.

They said most of these problems can be solved by committing them to God first. Secondly, you must believe God can solve your problems. And thirdly, you must trust him without doubt. And your total dependence must be on Him.

This is a good show for many people who know that there is a God and even go to church. But don't believe that He can answer their prayers or solve their problems and difficulties. The show helps us to understand that God is the ultimate. He will answers anytime we call upon Him in faith. There is nothing that is impossible with Him.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 24 Episodes
August 14, 2012
Korean Drama
Cast: Hee-seon Kim, Min-ho Lee, Se-young Park, Deok-Hwan Ryu
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Faith Full Episode Guide

  • The casualties increase as Eun Soo and Choi Young make a final break for the portal to send her back home.

  • Eun Soo finds an alternative means to curing her poisoned arm. Choi Young's shaking hand worsens, rendering him nearly unable to defend anyone.

  • Trial goes underway for the queen's kidnapping. Eun Soo discovers that someone predicted her arrival... and her death.

  • Goryeo kidnaps the Yuan Dynasty's pregnant queen.

  • Eun Soo and Choi Young go on the run.

  • King Gong Min returns to the palace to take back his rightful throne, and to stop Gi Cheol from escaping to 'Heaven's Door.'

  • Eun Soo's upcoing marriage to the king's uncle bodes unwell for Choi Young and the king.

  • A coup forces Gong Min and the queen to set their palace in town, where they familiarize themselves with the people.

  • The king's uncle begins an elaborate plan to seize the throne, starting with poisoning Eun Soo first.

  • Minister Jo begins a witch hunt against Choi Young, prompting him to leave the palace with Eun Soo.

  • The king's uncle arrives under Gi Cheol's bidding to usurp the throne, and so Choi Young must strategize how to prevent this from happening.

  • Gi Cheol reveals his plans to change history, which spurs Eun Soo and Choi Young to create a counterattack.

  • Eun Soo tries to take matters into her own hands and reject Choi Young's help, which hurts him more than he realizes at first.

  • Despite Eun Soo's plans to outwit Gi Cheol, he still manages to stay one step ahead of her and Choi Young.

  • Choi Young and Gong Min plot to get Eun Soo back from Gi Cheol's grasp.

  • Eun Soo and Choi Young are labeled as traitors when they help Gyung Chang escape from assassins.

  • Eun Soo and Choi Young are tasked to heal the former king Gyung Chang to convince Gi Cheol that she really is from heaven.

  • Gi Cheol makes a bet with King Gong Min over who can gain Eun Soo's loyalty.

  • Choi Young reveals his past as a soldier to King Gong Min.

  • Eun Soo saves the queen's life, but she tries to run away, fearing that she's been kidnapped by costumed actors.

  • The new king of Goryeo and his Yuan queen are attacked by assassins. When the queen is fatally wounded, Choi Young searches for a doctor from the heavens.

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