Fatal Attraction

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Fatal Attraction is a crime/reality series that documents what happens when romantic passion drives people to commit horrible crimes. The show is based on true stories and features live-action reenactments of the events. The show also includes interviews as well as footage from the interrogations. Each episode starts with a reenactment of the crime, then moves backward to tell the whole story. Each weekly episode is 60 minutes long.

One of the episodes from the first season tells the story of a preacher who is accused of cheating on his wife. Another episode features a fairy-tale in the making, until jealousy causes the romance to come to an untimely end. The latest episode features a pastor who comes up with an elaborate conspiracy to cover up his wife's murder.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on TV One
3 Seasons, 41 Episodes
June 3, 2013
Crime, Drama
Cast: Lynn Whitfield As Narrator
Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction Full Episode Guide

  • Latonya Bowman and Jamal Rogers were one month shy of welcoming their baby boy into the world when the unthinkable happened. Latonya is kidnapped, set on fire, shot, and left for dead. As Latonya fights to save her life and the life of her unborn son, detectives try to figure out who would want to harm her – and in such a violent way. As this mystery begins to unravel they uncover a selfish murder plot that sends shockwaves throughout the Detroit community – and the entire country.

  • When local actress Pasinetta Prince met charmer, Patrick Bauldwin, he fanned her flame and together they formed the perfect partnership. But the curtain dropped on their love affair when Pasinetta was found strangled in her own home. And as investigators wade through the cast of suspects, they soon uncover a sordid secret that will rattle the community to its core.

  • When Wynetta Wright met hard-nosed cop Richmond Phillips, sparks flew right away and soon they were embroiled in a heated romance. Nine months later, Wynetta had given birth to their daughter, Jaylin. But nearly a year later, their hopes of happiness are soon dashed as both Wynetta and baby Jaylin unexpectedly disappear. As investigators delve deeper into Wynetta and Jaylin’s disappearance they find themselves suddenly caught in a sordid web of love and lust, bringing them face to face with an evil that can’t be named.

  • When Kimberly Parker said “I do” to, Elihue Parker, he promised her the world. But their dreams for a bright future are dashed when Elihue turns up missing. As investigators delve deeper, they uncover a twisted ring of greed and deception that will leave them face to face with pure evil.

  • Jennifer's romance ends suddenly.

  • A beautiful showgirl looking for love suddenly vanishes without a trace.

  • Yamisha Thomas and Sylvester Davis had chemistry that couldn't be tamed. Sparks flew in the bedroom, and Sylvester was a great father figure for...

  • The story of a couple who had chemistry that couldn't be tamed.

  • When Manny and Exondia first met, sparks immediately began to fly. It wasn't long before the couple's sensual romance blossomed into something...

  • Cicely Bolden and Larry Dunn had just begun their sexually charged romance. Cicely had finally found the man she was looking for and Larry was beyond happy with her.

  • When Marie Singleton met Andre Jackson, they instantly connected.

  • Was it destiny when Reginald Daye met the gorgeous Crystal Mangum?

  • Eddy Curry and Nova Henry have a relationship that becomes difficult as Eddy is drafted to the NBA and she has two of his children.

  • A couple embark on a crime spree and believe they are the next Bonnie and Clyde.

  • Brittany Smith and Jabrai Copney were a young collegiate power-couple who had the world at their fingertips. Unfortunately, their textbook romance was cut short.

  • Two lovers vanish.

  • Examining the bizarre case of an Ohio man who committed suicide in 2011 after releasing his menagerie of exotic animals, including lions, tigers and bears, dozens of which were killed by authorities.

  • A woman's tragic killing in a Maryland field and a report of a carjacker causes police to commence a manhunt. As the investigation goes underway, evidence suggests that the killer may be closer to them than first anticipated.

  • A mother is stabbed to death in her bedroom.

  • A tragic death between two lovers.

  • Surprising details surface years after a pastor's wife dies during childbirth.

  • A woman's husband is shot; allegations of infidelity.

  • A beautiful young songstress vanishes.

  • A young man is shot outside his house.

  • Pastor Tracy Burleson and his wife Paulette's world is shattered when Paulette is brutally murdered outside their Houston home. As police investigate, they uncover a sinful conspiracy of biblical proportions.

  • Examining the murder of a grad student.

  • On the outside, this picture perfect couple had everything...

  • A love triangle turns deadly in the second season premiere.