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Fear Itself was a series of stand-alone films produced and broadcast under the series title Fear Itself; each episode is written and directed by a well-known horror or suspense film maker such as John Landis and John Dahl. The series was produced by Fear Itself Productions, Industry Entertainment and Lionsgate Television for the NBC network in the U.S.; beginning its run in June 2008, the series was taken off air for the 2008 Summer Olympics and never returned to U.S. television screens. Created by horror writer Mark Garriss, the first season consists of 13 episodes of which only the first eight episodes were aired on NBC.

Fear Itself was created by Mark Garriss after an earlier show, Masters of Horror, which ran on the Showtime Network from 2005 to 2007, was cancelled. Garriss and executive producer Andrew Deane took the format of Masters of Horror and transferred it to the Fear Itself series of stand-alone stories told during a 60-minute television play. Fear Itself was filmed in Canada to reduce costs, with principal photography taking place in Edmonton, Alberta, and other location work was completed in St. Albert, Alberta.

A good example of the format of the show is the fourth episode of the season entitled "In Sickness and in Health" directed by Hollywood horror veteran John Landis. The story begins on the eve of a wedding with a small party being held for the bride, Samantha, and the female members of the bridal party. A note is passed to Samantha telling her she is about to marry a serial killer; the note was written by the priest who is about to preside over the wedding. Samantha marries Carlos, but the tension between the pair and their close friends and family is now obvious. Tension builds until Carlos discovers the note and is told he was the intended recipient; the show ends with a strange reconciliation between the pair, giving the impression Samantha is about to murder her new husband.

1 Season, 22 Episodes
June 5, 2008
Science Fiction
Cast: Margherita Donato, Valerie White
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Fear Itself Full Episode Guide

  • A group of friends who get together each Halloween to tell horror stories find themselves trapped in a tale sent to them by an ostracized member.

  • A mild-mannered man must deal with a murderous previous reincarnation who plans to usurp his host's present life.

  • A dead schoolgirl, believed to have committed suicide, contacts her friends from beyond the grave and asks their help to bring her murderer to justice.

  • "Chance" is the classic tale of a man that is confronted by his evil doppelganger side, written in the vein of such stories as Jekyll & Hyde.

  • A man must deal with the consequences of his transformation into a werewolf.

  • After being lost in the woods for days, a rancher returns home to his family. It doesn't take long for them to realize something is wrong. Now a mortal struggle between the man and the terrifying monster possessing him begins.

  • The lives of a young married couple seems perfect. They live in a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood. But things become dark and twisted when the couple realizes that their neighbors will do anything to make them comply with their idea of conformity, even if it involves murder.

  • When a young woman wakes up surrounded by zombies in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, she has to quickly come to terms with this new horrifying world.

  • Rookie cop Danny Bannerman is one of three officers on duty when a captured serial killer, the Eater, is brought to the station. However, soon her fellow cops start acting strangely, leaving her with no one to turn to.

  • After a near-death experience, family man Dennis Mahoney switches bodies with a serial killer in this psychological thriller. When he finds himself behind bars and the murderer with his family, he must stop them from becoming the next victims.

  • A private eye stakes out a haunted house and must confront the ghosts of his past.

  • After hitting a spike in the road, four criminals seek refuge in what appears to be an old, abandoned, snow-covered fort. They soon discover this place is home to a trio of seductive sirens guarding an old secret. The men on the run quickly learn of their deadly intentions.

  • Taking refuge in an isolated snow-covered fort, four criminals find secrets, dangers and three alluring sirens.

  • Harry Seigal is a private investigator who, several years earlier, was dismissed from the police force after accidentally killing a suspect during interrogation. Now he's taken on a case for a woman whose husband she suspects is cheating on her.

  • Dennis Mahoney is an All-American dad: successful, loving, and all-around good guy. All that changes after a car accident leaves him hanging between life and death. He finds his way back to life... only to wake up in the body of a serial killer.

  • Officer Bannerman is assigned to watch after the police station with two other officers during the night. Things go routinely until a person is brought into holding, who is supposedly responsible for over thirty "Silence of the Lambs"-style killings.

  • A young couple move into a secure gated community and discover its horrifying secret.

  • Rancher Grady Edlund returns home to his family after being lost in the forest for a number of days. He is possessed by a Wendigo.

  • Chance Miller is a down-on-his-luck guy whose luck goes even worse when he finds himself dealing with his evil doppelganger.

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