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The television series Fireman Sam is an animated children's comedy series that is centered around a fireman known as Sam his fire fighter colleagues as well as friends and some other people based in the town of Pontypandy located in South Wales. Peyton-Jones plays the role of Fireman Sam who is the main character of the series and considered the hero fireman who is always ready to assist anyone in need of the services of a fire fighter.

One of his colleagues who is so different from him is Fireman Elvis who is less competent, and also known for being a bad cook. The lone female firefighter in the station is Penny is very hardworking. Steele who is the station officer of the Pontypandy Fire Station is known for always emphasizing on high levels of hygiene at the station. Steele is married to Doris, a character who is only mentioned by Steele but is never seen. Boyce, who is the Chief Fire Officer and a friend of Steele, is a regular visitor at Pontypandy.

The initial concept of Fireman Sam was developed by two men Dave Gingell and Dave Jones from the Kent who formerly worked as firemen. They later on took the idea to Rob Lee, a renowned writer and artist who assisted them in developing the concept by selecting the characters. The concept was then picked up by Chris Grace a director at S4C who established and purchased it.

The show first aired in 1985 on S4C in the Welsh language, and later in English. Since then, it has gained popularity in many different countries and is used as a way of raising awareness about fire fighting.

John Alderton did the narrations and character voices in the original series which was made up of thirty episodes each airing for 10 minutes.

The series was co-produced by two companies which included Bumper Films and Siriol Productions and distribution was done by BBC and S4C.

Fireman Sam is still well known around the world.

3 Seasons, 10 Episodes
March 26, 1987
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Fireman Sam Full Episode Guide

  • Danger by the Double: James and Sarah are too busy competing and don't realize they're in danger when a lightning strike starts a fire in the woods. When Fools Rush In: James lands in trouble when out searching for the best birthday present for his mom.

  • Hot Air: During a hot day in Pontypandy, Trevor's bus overheats and catches fire, teaching all how important it is to follow advice. Towering Inferno: Norman and Mandy have a contest to discover who's the best at hide and seek.

  • Alarm On the Beach

  • Norman is walking Woolly and the sheep wonders onto a road.

  • The gang tries to do something nice but something goes wrong.

  • Brownywn and Sarah take Nipper for a walk, where Sarah hurts her leg.

  • It's washing day in Pontypandy and both Mike and Norman are on washing duty!

  • Mandy shows everyone that Radar is a rescue dog.

  • Elvis realizes he can help others even if his leg is broken.

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