Freak Show

Freak shows have been part of the American culture since the late 1700s and got their fame in the 1800s with the traveling circus. The Barnum and Bailey circus had a show of weird things and people such as a bearded lady, a blue man, and a pair of the famous Siamese twins that customers had never seen before on the side of the circus and called it a side show. This side show was affectionately named the freak show by the attendees.

What if the very popular freak show was to come back in modern times? Todd Ray, a former music producer, decided to reenact the freak show on Venice Beach in California. Freak Show is a reality style TV show that follows Todd Ray around as he gathers and creates his cast of freak show characters. It also delves into the lives of the "freaks" and allows the viewer to see both their on stage performance and what their real lives are really like. It also serves as a real depiction of a live show that customers have the ability to actually attend.

Thursdays at 10:30 pm et/pt on Comedy Central
1 Season, 7 Episodes
October 4, 2006
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: H. Jon Benjamin, David Cross, Will Arnett, Todd Barry
Freak Show

Freak Show Full Episode Guide

  • Pat Robertson and the president conspire to upstage the Jewish Messiah. Primi's discovery of the plot puts him in danger.

  • The Hartsdales agree to have Primi circumcised while performing in a largely Jewish community.

  • Log Cabin Republican has become distracted while running for his Senate position, so he calls up the Freak Squad to New Hampshire to deal with his mission.

  • Siamese twins Tuck and Benny get into an argument and decide to split. When a family of nuclear tourists threatens New York City, the twins must decide if they should reunite to try and thwart the plot.

  • After hearing that the Hartsdales have received a threat, the Freak Squad is sent out to protect them in Vienna.

  • The Freak Squad are sent to Jarbala, an island that contains the perry nut, one of the President's favorite snacks.

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