Friday The 13th: The Series

Originally, the series was to be titled The 13th Hour, but producer Frank Mancuso, Jr. thought this would turn away viewers and instead took the name Friday the 13th to deliberately draw in audiences. Despite this title, the series has no story connections to the film series of the same name, as Jason Voorhees does not make an appearance, nor does any character connected to the films.

3 Seasons, 71 Episodes
October 3, 1987
Horror & Suspense
Cast: Louise Robey, Chris Wiggins, John D. LeMay
Friday The 13th: The Series

Friday The 13th: The Series Full Episode Guide

  • A history professor sends Micki back in time into the dungeons of the Marquis de Sade, who shows her new ways to enjoy life.

  • A grieving mother claims that an all-female cult is keeping her daughter as their own.

  • The trio investigates a terminally ill psychic whose celebrity clients are all getting killed in "accidents" involving television sets.

  • After her father is murdered, a young girl uses a jack-in-the-box to exact revenge and to see her father's spirit.

  • A firefighter in the middle of a drawn-out divorce uses a cursed leash to turn his wife into a dog, and his dog into his wife.

  • A newspaper columnist goes mad after running over a girl, and kills a series of people, each in order to resurrect the previous victim.

  • Jack, Micki, and Johnny visit a small town haunted by the evil ghosts of bikers who were wrongly accused of rape and lynched.

  • A grieving husband seeks help from the shop when he sees his dead wife alive and well in the care of a lonely mortician.

  • A samurai instructor offers the group the return of a cursed tea set if they help him retrieve three cursed monkey statues.

  • An author gets rich by turning innocent people into homicidal maniacs, and writing true-crime thrillers about them.

  • An aging director frolics with the female lead character from one of his classic noir movies, who convinces him to kill his wife.

  • A vampire hunter steals a golden cross that kills vampires, in order to get revenge on the vampire that turned his wife into a vampire.

  • Johnny carelessly sells a cursed car radio to the brother of a racist man. The racist travels back in time and tries to prevent his father, a member of "The Klan," from being convicted of murder.

  • A crooked cop finds the hexed coin and uses it for his own ends until Johnny steals it and uses it to restore his father to life.

  • A stage-performer with a bad mind-reading act acquires telepathic powers and murderous compulsions.

  • While fleeing from a gang-assault, a girl is hit by a car and paralyzed. She then uses a magical wheelchair to reverse her paralysis and to kill her assailants.

  • A family of ex-cultists is being hunted by a demon.

  • Jack heads to France to investigate strange events that are connected to a prophecy that will bring about the anti-christ.

  • Jack heads to France to investigate strange events that are connected to a prophecy that will bring about the anti-christ.

  • Uncle Lewis' old witches coven wants a powerful witch's ladder that will enhance their powers, and they hex Ryan to get it for them.

  • An invisible burglar kills Johnny's father, and sets Johnny up as the killer. While in prison awaiting trial, Johnny recognizes the murderer (by smell).

  • A Native American doctor uses a magic rattle to cure terminally ill patients, and to kill people who disrespect his Shamanist faith.

  • Jack's niece comes to town to dance for a prestigious choreographer, whose dancers seem prone to suicide and deadly accidents.

  • With help from Johnny Ventura, Micki hunts down a hexed pool cue.

  • The Devil (Satan) sends three dead souls back into the living world, with orders to lure Ryan, Micki, and Jack out of it.

  • A lonely man uses a cursed bauble to get close to a beautiful popular singer. Very, very close.

  • Jack's past comes back to haunt him in the form of a resurrected Nazi officer whom he killed and must kill again.

  • While Micki and Ryan track down a sculptor who turns her models into stone statues, Micki's lonely nephew finds a new, dangerous playmate.

  • An indebted gambler may have struck it rich with a ring that provides betting tips at the cost of a person's life.

  • A film student with a thing for werewolf films uses a cursed movie camera to bring the beast to life, and, eventually, to become a werewolf himself.

  • An aging super-model uses the cursed compact to revive her career.

  • Two abused children connected with a mysterious rash of disappearing children.

  • A beekeeper uses a swarm of vampiric bees to provide terminal patients with new bodies, and to extort money and services from them afterwards.

  • Curious Goods neighbor Dominic Fiorno asks the group to help his son Michael, who has been driving in illegal amateur car-races.

  • A rich man's ambitious trophy-wife murders him for his magical stopwatch. Two street-kids witness the murder, and appeal to Curious Goods for help.

  • Ryan falls for the wife of a jealous sculptor while investigating a series of axe-murders at a local carnival.

  • Micki falls for an up-and-coming actor whose good looks mask a monstrous agenda.

  • Ryan falls for a talented young violinist who is being haunted by her supposedly dead mentor.

  • The leader of a Satanic cult brings powerful, long-dead magicians back to life. Together, they plan to summon Satan himself, and to "rule the world, in His name".

  • Just as an ambitious psychiatrist's patients are enjoying miraculous cures, other doctors' patients are being frightened to death, literally.

  • A disinherited man uses, and is used by, a bloodthirsty voodoo goddess.

  • Uncle Lewis' ghost is back and he lures Ryan and Micki to an abandoned home in hopes of eliminating them and returning to the living world.

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